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Transportation after an injury in a car accident?0Bartholome2012-09-18 06:15:04
I was in an automobile accident not too long ago and was injured. I am having a lot of trouble driving emotionally and physically. It's too hard and painful for me to sit up in that position for as long as I need to. My husband needs to get to work though, and I am his only means to get to work. Would the car insurance company reimburse for a month bus pass for my husband so he can get to and from work since I am his only way and I was injured to where I cannot do it? I can drive him as far as the bus stop, but his work is about 45 minutes away and that is just too much with how badly I hurt.
If I lose my job and company car due to worker's comp injury, who is responsible for my transportation?0Maly2012-10-15 12:43:58
I would not have lost my job if it were not for my work-related injury . Is the insurance company liable for my transportation , because I had never lost my company car if I had not lost my job due to a work related injury.If the insurance company is responsible , for how long ?
Car accident injury help?0hawk, falcon2012-06-14 11:35:34
I was in a car accident that resulted in several bulging discs . In the last two weeks I have been getting shooting pains in the leg. On Monday, the pain was so severe and debilitating that had to be taken to the emergency room! I was shocked ! I've never felt anything like it before ! The ER doctor took a CAT scan and that's how I found out the bumps. He said I needed an MRI, my PT has been holding off. He said that the bumps are affecting the nerves. I have fear, this go away ? I fear this will happen to me again . Im a teacher and had to be taken from my classroom in tears and a wheelchair ! I have fear of losing my job over this .. Please help !
Car accident no injury?1AdskiDeAnus 2012-05-10 02:00:06
(sorry I have no poor grammar ... bear with me example ) I need help and do not know where else to look , it all started a few months ago when my boyfriend who is in the Army National Guard did not receive their monthly allowance for rent places . The reason is you have to do 3 credits per semester in college and had no knowledge that when you created your class for this semester, because they were evicted from our apartment, because we could not make any payments in the rent. I am providing this information to help you understand where we stand financially, then we remove from our department who just got a job. I was working every day and still is, but his income " +" was not mine
Auto accident injury - how much should I ask for?0Busy 62012-09-18 20:52:04
Hello ! 3 months ago was T - boned by a car that ran a stop . My old car was totaled $ 700 (91 Honda with 260K miles on it and spent a total in history) . I had to get seven stitches in his head . I do not miss work , but missed two college classes that day . I have a small scar from a half inch or so in front. My medical expenses were $ 3000 after ambulance , X -rays , points , etc. I have a police report and the witnesses were there in the report . I see no need for a lawyer , and it was not a big injury and I have not had any problems since then , but I have no idea what is a fair agreement is for a case like this . I've been kind to the insurance agent of the party - at-fault that he has been to me , but I've been offered $ 600 for pain and suffering ( he said it was the maximum) and $ 500 for damage to property. Should I accept this? Like I said , I'm not trying to extract as much as I can , but I do not want to get ripped off or ...
Auto accident injury?0Milisa2012-09-26 01:15:05
I was recently in a car accident where a Nissan truck ran into the back of another car that then ran into the back of me causing $2000 worth of damage to the rear of my infiniti. I received moderate whiplash to my neck and had to be taken to the hospital. I checked out without any broken bones and was prescribed medication. I went to see a chiropractor and he has been working on my neck for a couple days which makes it feel a better. Im 100% not at fault and the insurance company has taken care of my car repair, rental, and medical bills. They ask me " How much do I think I want for this accident" for pain and suffering. I believe I am entitled to at least $3500-5000 for my suffering I live in NC. I believe $5000 is a reasonable consider the circumstances. I could have lost my life, broke my neck and been paralyzed for life. Thank the lord that I received only a whiplash. The stress that I am undergoing, the constant pain in my neck is a reminder of the accident, which I feel fearful of driving. The time I spent recovering could have been spent enjoying my life. Besides getting behind in my school work, I am absent from my student organization at school which I am a key figure ( president AGC). I don't enjoy waking up with cramps and headaches nor do I like to take prescription pills, and therapy. I don't want to be compensation a insufficient amount that wont even cover pain and suffering I went though. It seems like you people are on the side of the insurance company and not the victims in this situation. I wonder if any of you have ever been in an automobile accident and if you have must share some sort of empathy of what I am reiterating.
Car accident/personal injury?1 Hurt: 2012-08-27 17:45:02
I hit a year ago by a drunk driver (3 rd offense) . I was told I had whiplash, but it turns out that the vertebrae in the spine had shifted to being beaten and had nerve damage . I had to visit several doctors , neurologists and physiotherapists , as well as being in the emergency room several times. When I finally realized it was related to the car accident , I decided I should talk to a lawyer. I live in MA and I was wondering if anyone knew how much you get for cases like this, or what to expect ? Thank you !
How much should i get for bodily injury in a car accident?2Tammy2012-03-28 18:46:22
A few days ago I was injured in a car accident. the other party was clearly in fault.i didn `t suffer neck or back injuries , but I suffered a stroke in the right temple and many other areas of my body. was massive swelling of my head and face of my hand and other parts of my body. Did I mention that I am 6 monthes pregant and my 22 month old son also was in the car and suffered abbraisons chin and chest. my vechile joined and now i ` m at risk of preterm birth labor.the another insurance company of the parties has given me a rental car , and although not yet responsilbilty except i ` m sure they will . i ` m not a greedy person , but I've been aware of this pain . my kids seem fine, but I'm not sure of the coming monthes . there are a lot of suffering to my son does not even look at me because my face is so badly messed up. I do not want to get a lawyer invovled but if I reach an agreement and then have my baby before or experience more problems I do not want to be out of luck that a lawyer should I do ? How much do you think the insurance company offer? the had to put a price on pain, but 3 lives could have been lost due to lack of care to others. not sure what to do?
Injury in a car accident (insurance help)?0AnonymousII2012-07-24 17:52:03
I was in a car accident exactly 4 months ago and I was wondering if I will be compensated for my injuries? Info: - I was the driver (no passengers) - Accident was my fault (Car was total-loss) - My face hit the driver side window and got cut up pretty badly - Had full coverage insurance (not sure exactly whats in the policy) - Now have about $7k worth of medical bills I was in another accident a couple years ago but I was a passenger in my own car and my pelvis was broken in that accident and I was paid for it. We had liability insurance on that car. At the time I was 17 and I didnt know about how insurance works back then either and my mom didnt tell me I had gotten paid for the accident. (I had to figure it out on my own through talking to different people) If anybody knows a lot about auto insurance please let me know. (I'm clueless about this stuff) Will add more details also if needed.
Injury Claim(Car Accident)?1Nattie2012-11-02 02:57:02
I was involved in a car accident . I was to blame , but received no injury. The other car flipped over.The two people in the other car were taken to hospital. When I asked about them from paramedics and other passers-by, said they were good, one of the officers said they were being taken to the hospital just to make sure everything was okay . They hired a lawyer, the property claim settled but are now demanding $ 125,000 (total ) of the lesions in both the people in the other car . Our insurance policy has this $ 100,000 per person or $ 300.0000 per occurrence limit . Do we have to pay anything personally or if the insurance company take care of everything ? Does the bill 1.25000 means that each person is claiming half of that?
What are my rights? Car accident injury?3 관용구2012-03-30 03:17:59
Husband and I were rear ended at a stoplight. Small compact car rear hitch impact on our truck trailer big. Both are experiencing neck and back pain. Because there was significant damage to our vehicle, the insurance company has decided not worth your time. All we ask is compensation for going to physical therapy or chiropractic. (No insurance) What now ?
Personal Injury Accident?0 형용사 2012-05-13 12:19:00
First I represent? Secondly , I received a call from the insurance company will settle and see how things go. I myself had a minor injury, but I still have a touch up . The insurance company must offer to settle with me. I ask if she was willing to negotiate and I have to have massages that occur only $ 300. I'm not sure if I should settle for me? I'm not looking for any type of primary treatment of me what the therapist told me to continue exercising and stretching every day. If I am not in treatment but may have flair ups the insurance company force me to resolve and close ?

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