Most voters for Mr. Obama were thirty and under.? related questions

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Most voters for Mr. Obama were thirty and under.?0mykayla2012-09-17 17:16:02
Voters are not above the working class will support the economy , I think most of them do not live with their parents because they can not find work . Baby boomers kept this country will pay a bail out again and now it was time to retire , what we have to look foward to , nothing even managed to save money is almost gone , what is supposed to do now ? We are on a fixed income with no help to us because we have to pay our bills and mortgages , but that will not last long in this economy , banks are not going to help us because we are not yet in forclosure , and increased property taxes $ 4,000.00 last year , home insurance owners made thousands of dollars and the gas is still a scarce commodity . Who will help us ? If something is not done all baby boomers will be on welfare. Who will help us ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
So Obama would like us to "imagine a world without him". Are Ohio voters already "on the bandwagon" with this?0mcn2012-09-07 04:33:02
If you lose your private insurance in the next 6 years, should you steal from Obama voters to recoup your loss?0Sammi Danielle2012-06-30 16:04:02
After all , elected the man who promised he would not lose their private benefits . However, the House bill says that no private insurance for 2014. So ... I say go after the voters.
When does heath insurance end when you leave a job, does it end right away or in thirty days ?2God 2012-06-03 03:56:13
When does health insurance when leaving a job ends immediately or within thirty days ?
Do you agree that paying unemploymeny insurance past thirty days is one cause people will not look for work?1Tammy2012-10-27 20:45:02
While getting paid for not working more than six months is like a vacation is that fair to us that work?
A certain life insurance policy issued at age 20 provides for thirty annual premiums. the benefits provided ar?0 always ふ Hui" aI multitudinous -2012-05-18 03:19:35
insurance life insurance issued at age 20 is expected thirty annual premiums. the expected benefits are RM1000 for death during the first twenty years on death rm30000 thereafter.compute annual net premium .
Where can I go to get a new voters registration card?0Lanc2012-05-05 14:20:50
I'm looking to get a replacement card . I need my voter registration number for my daughter to go to college. Where I can go to get a replacement?
Lost my GA voters registration card, how do I get another ?0Genevieve2012-05-03 08:31:50
I lost my registration card GA voters , how I can get another one?
Why does the GOP campaign on creating fear in the hearts of their voters?1dani.2012-08-12 17:36:38
The fear of not having a weapon , the fear of health inspectors have in your property , fear that their medical records can be evaluated , the fear of all the jobs going to China , the fear of business regulations killing, the fear of the costs of Medicare and unemployment insurance . The GOP voter has been afraid of his fellow citizens , especially those who need more help.
Which life insurance company has written the most term insurance in the last thirty years in the United States0SOY LOCO 2012-03-11 17:40:24
What life insurance company has written the majority of insurance within the last thirty years in the United States
Can we add Obamacare to the list of SSI, and Medicare that will be bankrupt before young voters get to use it?0jika2012-07-24 01:35:03
Adding the health care of 14 million illegals, exempted from Obamacare, to taxpayer's insurance premiums is going to sink it faster than Medicare....
When moving to another state what does the former states do to your drivers license and voters registration?0` → Qing ぐ Zuizui -2012-06-16 01:42:30
I moved to another state and I was wondering what states when closed to the information after people have moved to another state ...

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