Most voters for Mr. Obama were thirty and under.?

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Voters are not above the working class will support the economy , I think most of them do not live with their parents because they can not find work . Baby boomers kept this country will pay a bail out again and now it was time to retire , what we have to look foward to , nothing even managed to save money is almost gone , what is supposed to do now ? We are on a fixed income with no help to us because we have to pay our bills and mortgages , but that will not last long in this economy , banks are not going to help us because we are not yet in forclosure , and increased property taxes $ 4,000.00 last year , home insurance owners made thousands of dollars and the gas is still a scarce commodity . Who will help us ? If something is not done all baby boomers will be on welfare. Who will help us ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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