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Must home insurance be in the name of joint owners?0Udi2012-09-16 09:15:05
My brother and I own a house as joint tenants. Can we ensure that the house in my name only, instead of putting the two names in politics ? Or is his name on the policy as required co - owner ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My brother has a mental disability . We divide the property taxes , but I'm willing to pay for home insurance , it will save you some money . Thank you !
Are there any home owners insurance company's that insure home owners with horses in the state of Florida?0Albert Minner2012-07-15 04:40:02
I am looking for home owners insurance since State Farm is pulling out of Florida. I cant seem to find any that insure your home if you have horses. HELP PLEASE!
Are there any home-owners insurance companies left for new home owners in south Florida?0some2012-10-01 20:55:02
all companies we checked with says he no longer insuring homes in South Florida.
Would being a member of a home owners association decrease the home owners insurance?0LILI2012-09-09 07:11:02
I'm getting a security system . What else I can do to lower my rates ? Sources ?
Can a home owners association force me to buy home owners insurance?0Maliza2012-07-27 11:54:01
I have no insurance on my mobile home way too much for little the home is worth. my hoa insists i get insurance, Can they force services on me that i dont want?
Did the british companies act of 1856 limit the liability of owners of the joint stock company shares1Veronica2011-12-11 14:59:52
Why is my home owners insurance company(auto owners) sending out an Fire investigator ?0Amey2012-08-01 06:15:02
The Fire Dept already determined the cause.
Pittbull owners - is your home owners / renters insurance comp. aware ??0saul2012-09-27 04:30:07
Poll simple here - simple yes or no , please . If so , was it difficult to get and what was the extra cost ? ? ? I do not own the race, but could not help wondering ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Joint auto application requires joint insurance?0Goldie2012-04-25 20:02:02
Is this true ? I want to make a joint auto loan .... but I will be forced to be on the safe too?
My husband and I have a joint life policy to cover our joint mortgage, if one of us dies can the kids claim?2Thera2012-07-13 07:26:03
Can any of our children to make a claim on part of it , we have no other assets and are not currently
Should joint applicants separately seek insurance for home loan?0tommy evans2012-11-05 01:23:03
In case two applicants receive a home loan (both supposed to repay the principal and interest equally), how should they insure the loan (NOT THE PROPERTY, which is totally different) from unforeseeable cases like death of one applicant? I learn from internet that only one of them can sign for the insurance and need to pay the premium. What does that mean? Suppose the first borrower signs for the insurance, may be because he is younger so premium is smaller for him, but it may happen that the second borrower dies before the entire loan is repaid. Since he did not sign the insurance, I guess, there will be no compensation and there will be huge burden on the first borrower. Is that correct? In such cases will it be better if both borrower take life insurance separately to cover the home loan?
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