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My son was in an auto accident with we need a lawyer?0cymber2012-09-15 13:18:04
My son was sent to the hospital by ambulance , where they did a CT scan , many x-rays , and an electrocardiogram . He was sent home and told perscriptions see your doctor in 3-5 days. He went to his doc , and still has pain in the neck and back and right knee fluid .... Translation dr ... more stories and more medicines . My son is 22 years old , fresh out of the Marine Corps with plans to go to college in the fall ... he has a part time job that does not come with sick leave , so every day is missing from his pocket . MedlinePlus Some facts : My son was not at fault (it was not fined for any violation ) MedlinePlus The other car / driver thought it was a 4-way stop and pulled in front of him . He also was in a company van , so it is an insurance company that we are working . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I guess my question is , will he receive a settlement of the insurance company ? Do I need to hire a lawyer , or is it too early to tell ? When should we get a lawyer if necessary ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for your help .
When injured in a auto accident and you use a injury lawyer once the doctor releases you how long should it?0Rich2012-08-30 03:35:12
take before hearing about your claim settlement of the insurance cooperative .
How long does it take a lawyer to settle a auto accident case involving an 18 wheeler with 1 injury?3Alfre2012-06-16 09:02:22
How long does it take a lawyer to resolve a case involving an auto accident with an 18-wheeler injury?
Can a personal Injury Lawyer get the info about a person's auto policy amount after an accident?0Ms. Lisa2012-08-03 14:41:02
I was in an auto accident and hired a lawyer to represent me. The insurance companies are (mine & the other motorist) are investgating in order to determine who is at fault... Meanwhile, I'm asking my attorney to see if the other motorist has full coverage, liability, etc... so I can have an idea as to how things are going to play themselves out in regards to my medical bills, and other compensation, etc... The attorney claims that he can't get the details of the other motorist's insurance policy to answer my questions. This doesn't sound right to me. Shouldn't he, not only be able to obtain their policy, but be working diligently, early on in the process, to obtain this information so he can guage the "possible" compensation that, not only myself, but the docter & himself (the lawyer) may receive? injury is a life altering injury and I need to know what options I have in regards to my medical & all other compensation I may be entitled to. I am not the type to blindly allow my lawyer to do as he chooses, while I remain in the dark as to the facts regarding my situation. Please enlighten me...
Should we get a lawyer for an auto accident?0Algerno2012-09-01 19:31:02
My wife had a car accident this weekend . She was not to blame . His car , we paid off , add . She is in pain , but nothing was broken. Is it worth hiring a lawyer , or just take what the insurance company gives us ?
What should I do, get a lawyer (Auto accident)?1Lindsay2012-06-28 16:18:03
On July 23, 09 ' on I- 84E in the TC was in an accident , my car was destroyed, the other driver was found guilty. My car was towed to a local shop and the police officer gave me a paper with the information to obtain an accident report . Following the accident I heard nothing of the other Ins. the company finally tracked down a phone number for them ( Safeco ) and started the process. They told me to get a lease and asked briefly about how to obtain medical care which I received no clear answer long story short have not yet received medical attention because no one calls me back . What should I do, my insurance company has already tried to call with little more success ? Today is August 14, 2009
Should we try to get a lawyer for auto accident?0guru2012-08-17 14:15:03
on the 23rd of this month a friend and I were in a auto accident, we were driving in two different motorcycles side to side, i was a little ahead, we came across a 3 way intersection and we didn't had a stop sign and in the intersection a lady had a stop sign, she did stopped but when we got closer she continued and got in our way and we didn't have time to stop, my friend got a dislocated shoulder and a busted knee, he was released from the hospital the same day. I got the worst of it, blood in my head, injured spine, broken rip, hard for me to move, they had me on the ICU for 3 days. I can't go to work, I can't do anything. well my question, what is our best option? to get a lawyer and let him handle everything or try to work it out with the insurance??? this is my first auto accident and i would like advise
Do I need a lawyer to get an auto accident settlement?0BIO?!2012-10-05 00:40:58
I was a passenger in a car where the driver suffered a stroke and took us to a brick wall , I lost several teeth as a result . There is no doubt who is to blame . Do I need a lawyer to get the money I need to fix my mouth to the driver's insurance company ? I worry that with a personal injury lawyer taking 30% I will not have sufficient funds to pay the implants . Do insurance companies automatically add more money to an agreement when an accident victim has a lawyer , to cover the contingency fee of 30% ? Although I have also pain and suffering - compensation , I fear that attorney fees will eat it all and I have to fix my mouth .
Auto accident and getting the run around(agent or lawyer help)?0Anonimos2012-09-08 02:52:03
Ok we had an accident on July 08 . We did not get a lawyer . I think we can handle ourselves and get case closed and over with soon . Anyway the other person employed van hit my car from behind and her husband was at fault . We faxed everything to them and now they said they have to verify that we had insurance at the time. I think we did but we did (long story ) but our old insurance company told us reqardless if we do not, the other person is at fault and who should pay, but sure the other person said if they have no insurance what will not. Our old agent told us to call the health department , and you just turn around . Should we get a lawyer to deal with this? told that if they do offer to offer than to be $ 1700, but I do not think it's enough. My husband hurt his back and lose a day of work and having two jobs are canceled that day for $ 1700 that was canceled the day of the accident . My question is what do I do ?
Should I hire an auto accident lawyer?0Renell2012-09-27 15:50:03
The other driver was cited and is clearly guilty . However, my companion was injured , went to the hospital , need treatment .... I understand that sometimes caused crashes down and not get screwed . The most important thing is that I worry that the other driver is fighting , and they did not accept . This could hold things . Any other driver's lawyer pressure and your insurance company to step back and make things right ? If the odds of everything working in my favor is that 80 % , you may bring it to a lawyer like 90-95% . In other words , can a lawyer help the driver guilty / her insurance company to confess and to make it faster ?
I was injured in a auto accident and have a lawyer...need help?0cierra2012-08-03 17:32:02
I was in a car accident and I have a lawyer that has received the check from the insurance company , I asked that he pay the doctor with it..He said he has the check but he is redirected PIP reserved for lost wages. I didn't have a job..Legally can I demand him to pay the Dr. or do I have know rights when it comes to that. This lawyer is not a very good lawyer but this was new to me and he half the time doesn't even call me back. Please advise what I should do and if I can demand he pay the Dr.
I just got into an auto accident should i get a lawyer if I was injured?0HELP??????? thanks!2012-07-26 18:26:02
The reason I 'm asking is that I can be able to negotiate with the insurance company for a settlement on my own or should I hire a lawyer to contact the insurance company for me? Any advice ?

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