How do you become a certified car alarm installer in the uk? related questions

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How do you become a certified car alarm installer in the uk?0therese2012-09-13 00:44:03
To be a qualified self-sufficient ? The vsib gone, no longer offer courses or state thatcham Thatcham approved? How do you go about alarm systems certification for insurance companies ?
Is it possible to sue a car alarm company if car is broken in and alarm didn't sound?1christal2012-11-01 19:12:02
Can I sue a car alarm company if the car is broken and the alarm did not ring ?
AM I INSURED- alarm off... help!?1Hard2012-05-05 20:51:18
Hello, today I had a break in the HSE , we were all up , asleep, and heard they were going very espensive with a guitar and my wallet! we have a house insurance , but because we were in our house alarm was not on .. ¿ I can claim insurance ? pls help!
How to start a car without the alarm?0myth2012-11-04 12:39:36
Well someone has my car, since my boyfriend lend it to her. She won't return it and is mad her ex gave it to us, now they're back together and she feels she has a right to it. She lied and said she was in Fresno and she drives pass me! So I find the car And call the cops they end up letting her take since my registration is in process and the last processed registration is her husbands, and they can't make her to give the keys up. they told me finish my registration. AfterI get out of school ill get the insurance which is why my registration is incomplete. They also said if I got keys I can just drive off with it because its a civil matter they won't help. I might get a key from a previous owner that I kept in contact with if he finds it. The thing is she lives 4 hours away, since I don't have an extra alarm if I open the car the alarm will go off and not let me drive the car, is there anyway to disconnect the alarm to allow me to drive the car or will my only option be tow it and I don't know her home address just one of her jobs since says to have 2 jobs I called one place And she works there so I will have to go drive 4-5 hours until she goes to work if she even takes my car if not find out where she lives and when she's not home take it the cops said I have the right to take it like she did to me she can't report It stolen since not even me the rightful owner could and I she doesn't have tags since I'm barely going to pick them up, I just want to know how to get it to turn on any step by step guide would be greatly appreciated, I don't want to take her to court I just need the car ASAP and towing it all the way home is not an option that's at least a 4-5 hr drive or should I rent a u-haul that I can attach the car to and drive that back? And again cops won't help and if she crashes or does anything illegal it will come back to me so no bashing please just anything that will actually help!
How much does a car alarm cost?3Lily2012-03-31 15:13:33
Basically , I thought that if I can install a car alarm in my car , I can hit the insurance premium a bit. Does anyone have any recommendations? I have a Renault Laguna 2002, and I'm looking to spend as little as possible . Let's say I pay for
Low Car insurance/Car alarm?0Jeni2012-08-31 23:18:02
Im a 21 year old male and I know that car insurance is going to be high . Can ne1 recommend a company that will give me a low rate and I'm interested in getting a car alarm .
Why buy an alarm system for a car if you got insurance?1nautia2012-08-26 15:44:07
Any system of mass production of alarm has already reveresed designed by robbers, and the insurance company has to pony up if your car is stolen ... Why buy an alarm ?
Motorcycle alarm insurance 09:45:05
My bike does not have an alarm on it, (suzuki gsxr 600) but i told my insurance company i did because they would not insure me with fire and theft if i did not have one. If my bike happens to get stolen, would they want to see proof of purchase for a motorcycle alarm? i can easily get a reciept for one since my friend sells them at his store, (but they are 500 dollars i dont really wanna buy one) and even if i get the receipt, and the bike shows up after a while with no alarm, will they still give me money for my bike being stolen?? not sure how this works.. might as well just buy one but they are expensive thats not including install.
What car alarm does a citreon xsara forte have?0Johnny Lee2012-09-27 06:45:04
what Citroen Xsara car alarm makes a loud have , as I 'm trying to do car insurance , and asks what the alarm is equipped .. not a lot of information in the hand book either
About how much does a car alarm save on auto insurance?0Mulalo2012-07-22 12:39:03
I know this depends but just give me a GUESS. or how about; use yourself as an example. How much do you save, or would you save, if you had a car alarm?
What would happen if I tell that my car has an alarm system to the insurance company ?0bravo2012-11-05 11:25:46
when in reality it does not? is it a way that they will find out?
How much will my premium for home insurance drop if i get an alarm system?0issac2012-10-22 18:45:02
cost of home insurance with alarm system MedlinePlus

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