How difficult is it for a new independent insurance agent to receive an appointment frm Progressive Insurance? related questions

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How difficult is it for a new independent insurance agent to receive an appointment frm Progressive Insurance?0Michea2012-09-11 08:54:03
I'm in the process of creating a new independent insurance agency and realize that I can go through a broker at the expense of a portion of my commission , I was told in this forum in the past that could be a good first company Progressive contact for vending . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Does anyone know how hard it is with new appointments ? MedlinePlus - Thank you for all your help !
What are the steps to being a insurance agent(independent)? And how hard is it to get a job as an agent?1Frankli2012-06-23 13:36:03
What are the steps to be an insurance agent (independent )? And how hard is it to get a job as an agent ?
Why is it so difficult to receive health insurance for my son? i am an American citizen and so is he.?0Cesar2012-08-10 16:36:02
and again I tried to get health insurance for my children and me, but to no avail . Why is it so difficult? I've been in this country for 25 years, went to school to get my certificate in early childhood education teacher , married , working in the same place for 17 years , pay my debts , not in the range of $ 70,000 but not can afford private health insurance . Why is it so difficult to get health insurance for my son, if not for me . I do not mind paying anything something like my contribution.
Is it difficult to receive Medicaid?1Bray2012-07-10 17:49:47
My health insurance is too expensive and since I am a student who can afford it . How difficult is for Medicaid ? How long does it take?
How difficult is an insurance agent job?2cat2012-11-02 07:20:02
How difficult a job as an insurance agent ?
Being an independent insurance agent vs. Company insurance agent? Pros and Cons? Please answer!?3u_r_fat 2012-10-12 21:26:02
I am an insurance agent for a company. I've always been intrigued with becoming an independent agent, but I really do not know much about it. What are the good and bad things to become independent? What is the potential revenue / income? Any advice or negative information is appreciated! Thank you !
I got in a car acciednt 5 months ago and my ins company progressive wants an independent doc to look at me?1Dorothy2012-05-25 18:46:25
my main ortho put me out total disability for 6 months and do not think they wanted to hear that this totally surprised when I called I feel I do not want to pay me my monthly benefits was a server andi hurt my trap muscle right up my romboids what should I do ? anyone who feels in the muscles I know somethings . I've been going to a chrio . for a time but not ever more important in the same manner . my car was broken it was t boned by a Dodge Ram and I was in a sports car I have always enjoyed good health with no history of being sick or anything, but all I know is ins. Companys do not like paying money for anything I can find another way I want to return to work, but no way I can bear any weight with the shoulder has not healed please let me know what I can do
How do I become an independent insurance agent?3Cathine2012-11-03 03:02:01
I want to start my own independent insurance company , or at least become an independent agent for an established company. Where do I start ?
How do you become an independent insurance agent?0aldwin2012-07-05 06:10:02
Now we'll be forced to buy health insurance policies want the best possible way for me and my clients. Becoming an insurance agent will help that happen. How I can do ?
How come I do not qualify as an independent to receive financial aid?0sowah2012-09-02 17:30:04
I have 21 years , global me 20 + hours a week in a resteraunt , I have to pay rent and do not live with my parents , and they did not tell me for tax purposes , or health insurance . I'm trying to get financial aid for college , but it says to qualify i should " Be at least 24 on or before December 31 of the award year , an orphan ( both parents deceased ) or ward of the court , be a veteran , be a graduate or professional student , being married, having legal dependents ; . receive a waiver of a financial aid administrator for the unusual circumstances MedlinePlus Would you be able to appeal and say that I have unusual circumstances ? MedlinePlus I do not understand or agree with your definition of independent at all ... I pay my own rent , the work of my own work , I pay my own insurance , go to school and pay for my books and classes , and I have 21 , do not get money from my parents to the school . How 'm not independent ?
How to become an independent insurance broker or agent1Ronald2012-03-11 05:45:55
How to become an independent insurance broker or agent
Independent Insurance Agent San Diego?0Demie2012-09-09 21:52:03
I'm looking for a good independent insurance agency to work in San Diego for auto and homeowners insurance . I've heard that 10-15% commissions are good if you can get them and also looking for the renovations . Does anyone know of a good company ? ? ? It is also common for insurance companies to pay directly in opposition to the agency ? I work for a company I know that I will continue to receive waste and if I 'm going to be able to take my clients with me and still get paid for my business . Is that too much to ask ? ? ?

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