What is a "living needs" benefit of a life ins policy & why is it limited to aid the dying and not living? related questions

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What is a "living needs" benefit of a life ins policy & why is it limited to aid the dying and not living?0Kevin2012-09-10 16:38:02
According to my life insurance company , the " Living Needs " benefit only come into play if you have 6 or fewer months. How to help this person living with a terminal illness , especially when it is difficult to determine how long this person has to live ?
If no beneficiary named no will no spouse no children but parents are living who gets the life insurance benefit1Canny2022-05-04 20:24:17
If no designated beneficiary, without no spouse or children, but parents are living, who receives the benefit of life insurance
I saw on TV awhile back a life insurance policy you can use while your still living?0badi2012-10-06 18:17:33
I saw a while ago on TV that it is a life insurance policy that you can use while still living to pay for college kids and stuff? Do they still offer this and what company is it?
Is there anyway to find out life insurance policy info on a living individual?0collective singular noun2012-10-03 18:11:18
I worry about my sisters ex husband is enabling and contributing to my sisters drinking b / c I know it can cause death . I wonder if you have something that will come out of his death , if it occurs, because it is that kind of person . I'm worried about his alcoholism and this is weighing on my mind . Any help or advice would be great .
Cost of LIVING IN DUBAI,Specific answers please with exact or small range for middle level standard of living.?0Jonathan Baraka2012-08-02 11:12:52
MONTHLY EXPENSES in AED Electricity+Water Mobile .moderate usage. Internet Groceries for 3 adults (cooking in home) Maid School fees one child(High school Indian school) Car maintenece (petrol insurance and service) Cable tv News paper Any other monthly expenses you feel important(apartment would be provided to me so please don,t include that) ONE TIME EXPENSES Eating out Hair cut Movie Any other Eating out
Which life insurance company will issue policy for seniors who are living in nursing home ?0I am so (h) 2012-05-21 16:12:24
What life insurance company issued the policy for older people living in the nursing home ?
Is living in the country cheaper than living in the city?0Bertra2012-08-03 03:36:52
My fiance and I live in Lincoln, Nebraska and we're thinkig about moving about 15miles out of town and buying a small farm house on a few acres of land. We're trying to decide how much cheaper (or more expensive) it would be to live in the country, what costs should we take into consideration for this? Obviously we'll be using more gas to drive into town for work, shopping, hanging out, ect. But are homes in the country typically cheaper when it comes to: Bills, property taxes, insurance, ect? I know its hard to give a specific answer (unless you live in my town and are knowledgable in this area) so a generic answer is fine. Just trying to get a basic idea right now. Thank you!
How does or can a person who skydives for a living qualify for a life insurance policy/accident insurance?0Nathan Bickerstaff2012-06-25 18:47:14
I was wondering, because this man in a TV report I saw, basically made ​​his living as a skydiving instructor in Florida. It occurred to me while drinking coffee that profession must call for special insurance policy or very, very expensive and there is no coverage? Could someone explain how it would work ? Just curious that's all.
What happens when there is no living will no spouse but you have more than one child but there is only one child listed as a beneficary to a life insurance policy0Francis2012-03-12 09:50:07
What happens when there is no spouse living will , but you have more than one child , but only one child appears as a beneficary of life insurance
If you are on your parents' auto insurance policy but living in a different house are you still covered on their policy for an underinsured claim from a accident in which you were the victim1Nicky2012-01-02 05:17:19
If you are in the politics of their parents car insurance, but living in a different house is still covered in your policy to insufficient demand for an accident in which you were the victim
Can you add your father to your insurance policy even though he is not living with you4Colber2017-04-06 19:10:31
Can you add to your father to your insurance policy even though he does not live with you
Is there a cutoff age for your son to add a car in his name to your insurance policy if he is NOT living with you and is 240anoop 2012-03-15 21:32:00
Is there an age limit for your child to add a car on your behalf to your insurance policy does not live with you and is 24

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