So Obama would like us to "imagine a world without him". Are Ohio voters already "on the bandwagon" with this? related questions

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So Obama would like us to "imagine a world without him". Are Ohio voters already "on the bandwagon" with this?0mcn2012-09-07 04:33:02
Most voters for Mr. Obama were thirty and under.?0mykayla2012-09-17 17:16:02
Voters are not above the working class will support the economy , I think most of them do not live with their parents because they can not find work . Baby boomers kept this country will pay a bail out again and now it was time to retire , what we have to look foward to , nothing even managed to save money is almost gone , what is supposed to do now ? We are on a fixed income with no help to us because we have to pay our bills and mortgages , but that will not last long in this economy , banks are not going to help us because we are not yet in forclosure , and increased property taxes $ 4,000.00 last year , home insurance owners made thousands of dollars and the gas is still a scarce commodity . Who will help us ? If something is not done all baby boomers will be on welfare. Who will help us ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
How come Texas and Ohio voters could not get Hilary to answer these Health Care questions?1Chelsi2012-08-08 09:45:02
1) Will the IRS enforce her mandated health care via penalties and fines? 2) Will everyone pay the same price for mandated health care? 3) If not, what are the sliding scale figures for the health care plan and the enforcement fines? 4) How much interest will the IRS charge for late fees? 5) Will the health care rates and fines be capped or will they start off low to get buy in and then rise out of control every year? 6) Will the IRS fines differ for repeat offenders? 7) How will they get the millions of undocumented workers pay into this system? 8) How far will she go to enforce her plan? What
If you lose your private insurance in the next 6 years, should you steal from Obama voters to recoup your loss?0Sammi Danielle2012-06-30 16:04:02
After all , elected the man who promised he would not lose their private benefits . However, the House bill says that no private insurance for 2014. So ... I say go after the voters.
Why do socialists around the world think Obama is not 'one of them'?0Accounting Buff2012-08-19 08:41:02 -dyn/con
Should Obama introduce health insurance at US expense for the whole world?0vandana2012-07-25 06:04:03
In case of introducing a health insurance Obama on the coast of the U.S. for the whole world ?
Since Obama Care is the still the worst health insurance in the Industrial World, is it just"good enough" for?0Teara2012-07-22 16:17:02
for Americans ...... It would not be good enough for Australians , Canadians, Dutch , Swiss , Germans , Belgians , Sweden , Denmark , Estonia , Poland , Norway , Austria, France and the civilized countries .... well I guess it's good enough for Americans ... they do not deserve anything better ..... 1) Super colossally Totally agree! 2) It would have been better ........ Romneycare Oh, wait ... 3) On the plus side , it will keep more liberal solvent .. 4) OMG .. all the doctor 's out , and the dogs sleeping with cats, and politicians start speaking in tongues ..... is the end! ... In the end I say ..... 5) Read my lips ... no new taxes ... accessments fees and some more a few accessments and allocated expenses .... but none of those are taxes .... I'm Mitt Romney and I approve this message ......
Will the economy really improve or will Obama's team push us to a Socialist semi-Third world way of life?0bes2012-08-25 03:24:19
Mostly after watching the news and listening to talk radio . I'm serious . It seems that "force" companies to cover all defy the whole purpose of insurance is risk management . I support that covers the elderly and destitute , but we really risk the economy to help the irresponsible ? I'm losing interest in the whole policy in general.
When Obama was asked "how in the world can a private company compete in health care" at his town hall, why did?0theanmozhyi2012-09-26 19:11:03
to dance around the question and not respond ? Do not you think Fred Astire in old movies that do a tap dance on stage? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Here is a link to the actual question and answer MedlinePlus MedlinePlus / 0
Do you still imagine? Do you still have an imagination?1Ingrid2012-10-15 11:02:02
Throughout the Christmas holiday I saw my young cousins (13 and under) playing with dolls, cars, trucks, clothes... all imagining that they were mommies and daddies, or truck drivers, or all kinds of things. Meanwhile, the adults sat around and spoke about health concerns, insurance, the problems of the world, and how life just "isn't what it used to be." So, I'm curious... as adults, have we lost the ability to imagine? John Lennon wrote a song about how the world could be so much better if we "imagine" things. Most everything is possible anymore... and the world is still involved in wars, poverty is still rampant, and diseases such as cancer and AIDS are still touching millions of people. My question is... can you (as an adult) still imagine? It can be on any level... pretending you're a motorcycle driver with your son in the sidecar, or seeing the end of war and widespread peace and understanding across the globe. Please, appropriate answers only. I'd like to hear.
Can you imagine health insurance for a healthy family of 5 costing $18,000 a year?1passive voice2012-09-28 06:08:02
and a dental procedure that takes up an hour of the dentist's time costing $1500? or an 8 minute visit with a doctor about a cold costing $150?? At the rate we are going now...are these situations in the not too distant future?
Where can I go to get a new voters registration card?0Lanc2012-05-05 14:20:50
I'm looking to get a replacement card . I need my voter registration number for my daughter to go to college. Where I can go to get a replacement?

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