Jack borrows Kevin's car and crashes it into a restaurant. Whose insurance pays for the restaurant's damage? related questions

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Jack borrows Kevin's car and crashes it into a restaurant. Whose insurance pays for the restaurant's damage?2jewels2012-09-27 21:15:03
( Vehicle owner) Kevin insurance company sent a letter to Jack (borrower 's car ran into the restaurant ) saying they are not responsible for any damage due to compensation and not have to pay for any damage and damages .
Does restaurant insurance cover damage to customers personal property?0Micky2012-10-10 03:12:01
What if a waiter poured oil on someone's expensive shoes . Does insurance cover this restaurant ?
Where can I find results of auto crashes and speeding tickets by age and the average price one pays for auto..0mimz2012-07-21 16:27:02
insurance by age.
I cracked my tooth on a crouton in a Salad at a restaurant. Can the restaurant be held liable to pay for it?6Veromca2012-09-18 13:59:12
I opened my tooth in a croutons in a salad at a restaurant. Can the restaurant is responsible for paying for it?
I rented a Uhaul and caused damage to a building. I didn't purchase Uhaul insurance. Who pays for the damage.2Coli2012-09-25 20:30:03
I went to go through the building, but the distance was too low and I caused some damage to the building, but no damage to the Uhaul . I do not think my car insurance covers it. Will insurance cover the building or I'll have to pay out of pocket .
Whose insurance pays for the damage?1Ruby2012-05-30 03:48:45
My little brother was playing with a basketball when he missed n broke the side mirror of a car. Not every case only the portion of the mirror. Whose insurance pays the damages?
I got into a car accident, who's insurance pays for the damage to my car?0Glint 2012-06-21 21:46:05
I got into a car accident Tuesday night , another car ran a red light and hit me when I was spinning. I'm not sure how this works, because I've never been in an accident before. Should I file a claim with my insurance company Geico and contact the insurance company the other driver for the funds? Or do I have to call the insurance company the other driver myself? Or do you just pay the deductible? ( I'd rather not because I am tight on money ). Can someone please explain to me how it works? Thank you.
Which insurance company pays if one car has no damage1Curiti2012-02-28 04:23:45
What insurance company pays if a car has no damage
Who pays for the damage?5Alge2012-08-17 06:41:03
Before leaving Iraq , fot my friend and I made arrangements to purchase my vehicle . I canceled my insurance and that he expected to obtain their own insurance. Your loan for the vehicle has not been approved yet, so technicaly still owned the vehicle. Last week he reached the car and I wonder who will pay for the vehicle and how I can get my money without losing a friend.
Who pays for the damage?3No,Sir2012-04-17 16:21:28
Hypothetical question. A large shock occurs at an intersection in the city. The towing service refuses to sweep all debris caused by the wreck . You drive through the wreck site
Who pays for the damage.?1family noun2012-06-19 11:40:25
With Hurricane Irene broke a power pole causing the transformer to fall right into my 3 month old 2011 Ford Taurus SHO . Now is the charred .......... PISSEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD IM ! It LIPA ( electric company ), responsible for it was here where the team ? ? Or do I have to pay out of pocket to pay my deductible
Ah! car damage who pays?8Melissa2012-08-14 17:45:02
My friend wanted to spend my sister 's car to the curb. It was in the driveway and my mom said it was fine. Then my mother left and went to put some things away. When no one outside of it decided to move. I have no idea what he did, but now there are many skid marks on the road and hurts my sisters car and our friend's car on the street. Who should pay for damages? My dad thinks we should friends because my mother allowed him to move, but my friend told me he had driven before and knew what he was doing! help!

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