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How long can an insurance company make you wait to be approved for Long Term Disability?0Sian x2012-09-05 19:45:05
So here it is. My husband has MS and was diagnosed 2 years ago. He is on infections and within the past 2 years has gone on short term then long term since Jan. Anyway every 3 months he gets reviewed and then waits approval for his long term. He also has been diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety. Well Prudential is is the company that deals with the long term. He hasnt been paid in 3 months!! They have conviently not recieved the medical records that were sent out twice, then finally got all of them the third time. Now we have been waiting them to be reviewed for the last 2 weeks. I have talked to the person that is going to review them and she keeps saying it will be done tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes and she never returns my calls. When I do talk to her she just says she is sorry the doctor has not reviewed them with her yet and I get a line of excuses. This has affected my husbands health for the worst and he cant deal with her anymore, so I take care of it. She said one day the computers were down and today she said that his files were on back log, in short they havent got to them. How long can they make us wait? We are struggling terrible as we have 2 children and lots of bills. If there anything I can do. He did apply for SSD and they said they will have a decision in another month, I just dont know what to do about Prudential in the mean time. Can they make us wait and if so how long before I can really do something. I feel like I am caught between a rock and a hard place, as I dont want to be rude to this lady from Prudential because she kinda holds our well-being in her hands, but I am so angry. She's just giving us the run around. She did say once the review is complete he will get back pay, and promises that it will be complete by next week,but she is just a liar in my book. Any advise would help. We have even had my husband Disability Advocate contact her as well as his therapist, and they too have gotten the same story.... it will be complete by tomorrow. Please help our family is really struggling.
Long-term care vs. long-term disability insurance?1stumped2012-08-04 09:16:03
After 36 years in a blue collar work (probability of disability, ie more than 90 days to less than 10%), I'm thinking it may make more sense to get long term care insurance rather than long-term disability term. Bring in 30% of our household income . If you become disabled , I have very little of our total spending (obviously the food, but I would not be doing much in the way of leisure / entertainment) , but the additional costs of caring for me, would be too much for our budget to bear. I also think it would be very difficult to qualify for disability for Class 1 ( a desk job sitting at a computer all day ). Think it would be easier to qualify for two functions of daily life . I know that technically cover two different scenarios , but there is a lot of overlap here , in terms of when you actually have a payment? Trying to understand. Thx in advance for your help!
Paying back long term disability insurance company?1Yolanda2012-10-09 00:45:03
I've been drawing long-term disbality my former employer for 2! / 2 years and recently had a hearing for the government of disablility I read that you must return the company's long term insurance , how much do I owe? This is a percentage or I owe all the money I paid if I win my case ? I have read, not to collect and spend on my back pay from the government until you receive a bill from the insurance company long term. I have a lot of bills to care for and I've been out of work , what would happen if he did not pay it all back if I owe them ?
After you get approved for disability how long before the check comes in?0Allen Turner Love's Pussy 2012-05-08 05:31:51
I'm from Massachusetts , applied in June just got it, but only one card to verify that ? when that comes ?
What's the difference between Long-Term Disability Insurance and Long-Term Care Insurance?0Scole2012-10-11 08:15:03
I'm 25, which one should I get, if any?
What's the difference between Long-Term Disability Insurance and Long-Term Care Insurance?0Jacklyn2012-07-24 12:55:04
What is the difference between Disability Insurance Long-Term and Long Term Care Insurance ?
What are the reasons to get both Short-term and long-term disability income insurance?1Gonzales2012-09-07 21:55:02
I'm thoroughly confused as usual. But, if you have the option to get both short and long term disability insurance why would you? Does the short term cover things the long term doesn't? Doesn't long term cover the short term period as well anyway? Or do you have to have both to be covered in the immediate future and long term??? Why does everything have to be so complicated why cant there just be one kind of disability insurance its soo annoying....Which one would you get or would you get both???? arrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggggg. I'm only 28 so don't know if thats a factor, in relatively good health...but in a profession that can be dangerous. Mental health field, direct care. What about individual policies, should I consider paying outside of the company if they dont offer both of these..... thank you for any assistance
Short term or long term disability insurance?0The Dark Network 2012-05-28 15:38:27
What company offers the best short-term disability insurance or long term? (Price and coverage) I recently learned that I may be blind in the future and the need to have some income to support my family when I lost the job. I am having trouble understanding the system, but it would be great if someone could help me . I do not even know if you are sure what I can pay with your blindness. Thank you.
Regarding long term disability, some direction please?0naiya2012-10-25 20:50:36
my wife is about to enter the permenant disability , long term . she is dealing with brain cancer and can not return to work . How does the government. disability / social security / medicare benefits program apply to us ? she has insurance where you work and your plan is really taking care of her and their 200 + coworkers. but their income is halved and the development of a limited income , can qualify for these and other programs ? websites that may be helpful. Thanks in advance.
Long Term Disability Benefits?1Kin2012-06-19 23:43:02
How long will I receive long-term disability from my job? what is the difference between the government's inability and my inability to work ?
Is my long term disability insurance which I pay for payable after I leave my job?1Rolanda2012-06-11 14:25:03
Is my insurance long term disability , which I pay for pay after they leave my job?
Can I get long term disability insurance and social security?0Hyma2012-05-23 03:10:52
Disability insurance long term company where I work. If I get that I can apply for ss?

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