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Im SO Depressed, Advice & Inspiration Is Needed Desperately...Can You Help Me?0Walk road of life2012-09-05 13:43:04
[READ] MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Before the summer I was so happy and I thought I was getting a car now I am not. My grandfather owes property taxes in the car and he still has not paid which means that you can not get transferred in my name and not have any insurance on the car.I do not have a license that permits expired because no one in my family will cause your too busy! It makes me very sad! I cry all the time. My friends are out partying, basically going where they want because they have adequate transportation and I'm stuck at home! the only way out is that when I go to chemo with my grandmother! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I've been trying to get a loan and get my hopes up and then i am not accepted! I can not even get approved for a payday loan! I need some money so bad to get a car so I can be me again, out of the house, enjoy myself, get a job, take my grandspanywhere they want without having to pay me as do my family members , who barely have any moenythey to give my cousin whos only carry on the street. I would like to use public transport, but their days are so dangerous and since I live in the suburbs stop going my way at 5pm. I have no job because I have no transportation. I need a loan for exactly $ 8880. The man who would be as good. Since I have no transport my family does not have any. always have to ask family members to take us to the store, going to pay bills and it's like you can sometimes feel that they resist and do not want to. But my grandfather does not care and is not putting forth the effort to get the car straight sistuation. I feel very bad and depressed. I even felt like killing myself sometimes. Its like im wasting my life away. I feel so angry that I attacked in eveyone in my family and even had an altercation with my grandfather, who is very oldmean, MedlinePlus PLASE CAN HELP ME or give me some tips. get money, loans, inspiration, etc.
I desperately need some advice! Should I move my kids to a new place so I can make more and get insurance?0Zan2012-10-08 06:35:30
I am a single mother of two teenage sons and I have been trying desperately to stay in the same city we have been living for 10 years. This is home to my children ! However, I 'm going to spend an additional $ 1200 a month to be here and I desperately need insurance . I've been sick for three or four years and needs an operation . I feel so guilty and bad to move, but I need help and this is having a tole on me . I do not want to leave my children as they love it here and I know that I want to graduate here . I wish I could find a way to keep us here . I have always tried and I do not know what else to do . If something happens to me then that would be terrible, but the thing is that kids do not see that .... They only see what is in front of them to make things happen . Either way I feel like I 'm the bad guy ,Thanks !
I desperately want a natural birth, but I can't afford to pay the midwives in cash ahead of time, any advice?0Dean2012-11-04 02:53:37
I really truly 100% believe in natural birth without medical intervention (except in extreme, emergency situations) and I am just so afraid of the hospital experience. This is my first baby. My husband and I both have health insurance and I am covered under both plans--which means everything will be free if we stay with our in-network OB and have a hospital birth. I desperately want to give birth at a birthing center or at home with the care of midwives but we can't afford the up-front fees even with the partial reimbursement we could get from our insurance companies. Does anyone have any advice? I want to go as natural as possible at the hospital. No IV, no fetal monitor, being able to walk around and stand up during labor/pushing, etc.
How to help a depressed friend, I need serious advice from serious people?0micy2012-07-29 17:09:58
My best friend is depressed, I knew that before she told me. She is taking to self-medicate, she knows not to do so, as we talked about it before. She is having a lot of financial problems and the point of becoming evicted from her rented house with a roommate. She lost her job and find another, but took a pay cut and not happy with her as her roommate is her manager and uses that power against him. She is looking for another job that is, but in this day and age could be a while. He is currently enrolled in school working on a title. His dog died recently in an accident and depression really started to go downhill from there and is at a point where I'm really worried about it every time. She seems to be losing the motivation in everything, including their education and housing situation, especially after his dog died. Prior to his dead dog that was running, but now is beginning to lose. She has said many times that just wants to give up and go to another state. It has seemed to be farther away from me and is becoming more and more. Is isolated, because she did not want anyone to know that something is wrong with it, does not want people thinking she is weak. I worry about her and have no idea on how I can help. She can not afford health insurance and because of their financial status can not afford to seek professional help. I can pay for her first visit, but I see how it would help if she is not going on a regular basis not to mention the cost of drugs. Let's take a road trip in August for his sanity, but not only mine too, but I think as a temporary solution to the situation. I'll be getting some money soon, but I worry it will not have time to prevent the eviction. She is also going to get some money but not until later this month. I feel like I'm drowning and I can not do anything but watch. There must be something else I can do for her. It is compiling a list of things she is not happy with your life and let's go through them and find ways to change them, but I worry that she has no motivation to change because it is already in the " I really do not care "stage. I know she did not commit suicide, had an argument wev'e very profound about that too, but I worry that if things get worse it could become an option for her. How I can fix things? What I can do? I have really wanted to get her caught up with the rent and explore the possibility of arguing with her to get another dog (Once financial problems are fixed) to help with depression since she was doing well before your dog died . I do not want their answers like "all you can do is listen," because there must be something I can do.
Advice needed! Reasonable and realistic advice!?0Bondie2012-09-02 17:52:02
oh my name is Emily and I have 17 years , I am currently in my first year of college doing performing arts and the course is two years and I absolutely hate. I finally finished this year , I also work part time at McDonalds . I have a boyfriend of the same age as me and has a very good job with his father who gets a lot of money and even more in the future . My friend who is also my age went to work directly for Admiral Insurance Company immediately after school and she said it was the best thing I have done , she is currently in
New Car Advice Needed!!!?2Leopoldina2012-06-17 21:54:32
Hey guys, I think I need to know " views " rather than purely advisory . I just bought my first big car and although it is my dream car I think it has its advantages. Kia Shuma is a 1.6 and Reg . I have been informed of his car OK to learn to drive and parts are pretty cheap , so do not have to sell a kidney if I crashed ( knock on wood ). So, now I 'd like to hear peoples' perspectives on this particular car .. pros, cons, etc. . Thanks for taking the time. Ashley
Advice needed?11Jaso2012-06-24 11:49:42
my bike was stolen from the couple took it to garage for repairs , they said that 24 hours after it was stolen and at first the owner was very apologatic and said I could choose between replacement or cash for the amount the bike anyway told to come bk in the next day to discuss what he wanted to do, wen my b / f was bk there were 2 men who said that there had changed thier mind if the bike was presented , as it would be out of pocket, but certainly not ' matter to them as insurance covers it ... I go down and talk to them or go directly to a lawyer
Car accident advice needed?7shamorty 2012-10-04 12:28:02
This is an honest question. Please answer honestly ! I rear-ended a lady. That's my fault. His car had some paint damage , my plate was bent. She called the police, I got a ticket . Now, almost two months later , she is asking $ 500 for their " medical expenses " , car bills , and general frustration . (Yes, said frustration as one of the costs ). I'm not trying to be stubborn or uncooperative, by any means. My insurance rates skyrocket, making it cheaper for me to drop $ 500. It's not just unfair that she asks for more than you need ? Especially since she is middle-aged , and I have 21? I mean, I 'm barely surviving financially. Grr . What should I do ? ?
Totaled Car -Advice Needed?6Princess_17 2012-04-25 21:54:21
Ok , I know I'm stupid - scold all you want , but please give me some advice . Bought a new car, the INS time - got into a car accident and was totaled totaled Since it has been my idea was to take it to the auction at least get some of it, pay the bank and I guess I continue to pay the rest so, but the bank still has the lein . What are my options if I have ..... I know I screwed up. How I can get through this with the least impact of the portfolio and the credit?
Help please......financail advice is needed!!! please.?0linna2012-10-27 19:15:03
Okay, ive never been the best at managing money, or maybe ive just never had enough money to manage? But heres alittle bit of my problems......I will soon be taking on a mortage and lot rent as well .....wich is adding an extra 424.00 onto my monthly bills. Theres no turning back on the arrangment and i know that i am going to struggle more...i was hoping to just put it all out there and get some responce on how to organize my mess. trailor/lot rent 424.00 1rst auto loan 299.00 14th auto insurance 160.00 14th power 200.00 14th cell phone 200.00 20th motorcycle 161.00 20th house phone 20.00 20th loan 100.00 20th television 50.00 20th this comes to 1,614.00 wich i dont suppose is a whole lot, its that i dont have any money in savings ,i basically have found myself living from paycheck to paycheck, i never have enough left over to save. and most of these places i owe call regularly and im behind on most of them....i get paid weekly every thursday around nine hundred, but i need a hundred for gas each week and a hundred for grocreys so seven is whats left. and it dwindles away so quickly that i dont know where and how it allways broke, i really want my bills paid and alittle in savings...i dont ever spend money on myself shopping trips or credit cards..... i dont know what to do, i get so stressed out...i shop at good will for heaven sakes....i do the best i can and i caint afford to eat most do i organize this?
Car accident advice needed, someone hit me?1heifer2012-11-01 20:36:02
I was in a car accident last October 2010, when he went straight through a green light from the side opposite the driver turned left right in the opposite direction causes me me go off the road and touch a tree. The police report said he was not at fault and the fault was not imminent drivers to yield right of way. Since then I contacted my insurance and my lawyer who is helping me through the process of which I am a young driver. I have neck injuries and back injuries that persist to date and I went to physical therapy a week. I live in Ontario, Canada, where we have a fault insurance system based on your own insurance covers its own costs and costs not covered by other people. PS I never was speeding and I had my lights on. I was obeying all the laws of the road and not drive like an idiot. I worry about the safety of people around me. The car that was driving the car that gave me my father, but it was under his name. When we receive money for the car was everything to my dad and I had to save and save for the work of the body shop to repair the car by myself without help. I was quoted around $ 3500 repair, probably because it was through images only. About my problem: I feel like I have stolen my car and can never be recovered and if I do I'll have a big hole in my pocket because I'm in college and need that kind of money for tuition and books. My lawyer is going to help me sue the person who hit me, but it is taking so long. I have not tried to contact the person personally and see if they offer to repair my car or not, because I realized. I need a car to get to 50 miles away from me. Prefer not to sue because I am not that type of person, but also do not want to pay for a repair of $ 3500 + I never had too. My insurance company said they would pay for the repair, as not worth it, but it's not as if the car has frame damage or turns. On my question: I really loved that car and I put a lot of money on it almost every mechanical replacement from the dealer to various parts of the engine and such and has been in my family for a long time. 1) Should I ask the person and see if they are willing to repair my car? 2) sue for damages to my car and long-term damage to my neck and back? 3) Anything else I can do? Forgot to say, I am very emotionally attached to this car. I had nightmares for months about what happened until February 2011, where he began to fade. I've been through a lot with this car since I was a little kid and I really do not want to lose.
Legal advice needed...?0rijula2012-06-24 00:43:07
I was involved only in my first motor vehicle accident.The another motorist involved in the current traffic left and side swiped my '98 Mazda 626 messing up my Impala.I with his 2006 Chevy suffered a leg wound and jammed finger of the incident, how do I have to do to get compensated for my vehicle and injuries ? I have a police report and insurance information, just need to know due process.

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