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Banks taking property wrongly?0Delores2012-09-03 19:58:02
My two best friends are starting to lose their homes to the bank . It makes no sense . They make their payments and are homeowners and have for years , since childhood actually . Somebody 's grandmother is charging a fee for 44k and she 's not even the one with the house . She lives in another and as far as I know , he could collect life insurance. The other is too young , she knows it's the bank , but partly blames Obama . God knows what he thinks. If he 's not stupid , then he is against us, because everyone in any working group or you can say that if not followed by many plans , will cost more than it's worth .
When banks own foreclosed property, do they pay the property tax, insurance, and maintance?0christian2012-09-20 04:58:02
It's kind of fun making banks squirm watching all costs associated with home ownership .
Can I challenge my town's tax assesment of my property based on a banks appraisal which came in >100k less?1Latishia Holder2012-09-18 04:34:03
I just put an addition on my house. The bank's appraisal came in lower than expected . I'm trying to refinance a result of a " soft market " that occurred in low. As a result , the loan you qualify for not covering the total home equity and first mortgage . Because my LTV exceed 80 % that the bank wants to charge my private mortgage insurance. A couple of weeks later, after trying to avoid PMI receive a property tax assement of the municipality. It is estimated that the value of my well above what the assessment says . This will ultimately increase taxes in my area. So I have to pay more taxes because the city rating is much higher and private mortgage insurance because the valuation is very low. What recourse do I have? ? ?
Do US banks have default insurance on credit card accounts protecting the banks from loss?0Stephanie2012-05-10 05:56:20
Is there any evidence of banks in the U.S. have a safe default for each credit card bill to protect the edge of the loss, as they may have in Germany? (See link below ) ( Consumer credit insurance protects banks and financial service providers of the risks involved in credit lines and installment loans , credit cards and electronic cash . Replaces the precautions taken so far to compensate default risk of both existing customers and new customers. All debts due under its retail banking business are covered by the policy. ) I am told that the U.S. banks do not suffer any loss when a customer defaults in payment of his credit card account with a balance because the bank is secure by default on each credit card account , which reimburses the bank in case of default , protecting the bank from loss. If this is true , where can we find evidence of this insurance default assumption underlying each credit card account created which reimburses the bank in case of default by the account holder credit card ? Sincerely , Robert -----------------------
Question on taking legal title to a property?0Tyra J2012-10-21 22:06:26
a woman is in foreclosure and want to buy the house, I can take deed to the house with only his deed recorded with the clerk of the court? I'll leave the mortgage in his name and in place. I 'm willing to take the risk that they do not call because of the sale and I will not buy title insurance . so it would not be possible for me to record his writing signed ?
Navy wrongly deducted from my pay?0sparrow2012-08-01 12:56:03
After canceling an automatic insurance deduction from my monthly pay, the change was approved but not made for 7 months (despite my repeated follow-up). I took it to a higher level and the deductions were finally stopped, but not before I had been charged nearly $200! I WANT THIS MONEY BACK but the Navy is telling me they cannot do refunds on this. Seems to me they should find some other way to compensate me. Does anyone know under what regs I can be compensated for such a loss? I know that when service members lose personal property due to Navy negligence, they can be compensated. Any feedback is helpful, thanks!
Taking my Property and Casualty insurance licence in 14 weeks....?0Lourdes2012-07-28 21:34:59
what can I do with it?..... What are the qulifications to taking it? (good credit)..drivers licence..whats involved? Thanks
Property Theft Claim, Insurance is taking forever?0Shanaynay2012-08-10 19:53:02
A month ago I found out my site storage unit was broken into and stolen everything. It was things like clothing, baby clothes, (off-season material), all of my Christmas decorations including trees, my bike and stuff misc home I had no space at present, or things that used only Daylight Saving Time. It took me about 2 weeks to sort through my other storage drives and find out what was stolen, the details and sent it to the insurance company. He had requested that all receipts / canceled checks that had, or pictures, so whenever I could (not much, because if I have the intention to keep something, do not keep receipts usually unless it is an element of value under warranty etc, and actually has pictures of your clothes?) It has been 2 weeks since I became, I gave the police report, and ....... NOTHING. I can not get email me again, did not return phone calls, etc. Should I be concerned? At first, no big deal, I knew I had a deductible (which I used to replace Christmas items 2 weeks before Christmas), but it is getting annoying, I would start replacing things before it is absolutely necessary, and more expensive to replace in the season. My agent and the adjuster asked me to give them a value before I had made the list, which I refused because I had no idea, I'm covered up to $ 6,000 for storage, and until I made the list t I did not think I'd be nowhere near that, which I told the adjuster. When the list was completed, the total cost was $ 7500 (replacement), even though I know I'm over my limit and will not be covered by any of it, I get anyway so if my stuff is recovered , I can get back, only to be honest. Could it be that what is holding? Or is avoiding to negotiate? I'm perfectly willing to substitute items of settlement prices, or last year's models, etc., but the rate of this type is going to change everything in the season (and more expensivly) I hate insurance companies in general, and Don 't trust them.
I feel like my mom was wrongly accused in car accident.?3Jeffre2012-06-09 14:02:26
A couple of months ago, my mother was wrongly accused in a car accident in California, a couple of days before she was to go on vacation. My mom had my two young nephews in the car and had already backed the car and was in a position to bear. This young man came speeding down the street in a residential area and she was on her cell phone and completely not paying attention to the road. Police arrived after my mother had taken her car to our road and immediately assumed it was her fault since it was backing up. Since English ISN
I'm at fault for a car accident. But I believe I've been wrongly billed. Can I fight this or do I have to pay?1Elaine2012-07-27 22:41:00
¿ I can fight this or do I have to pay? If so, I can establish some kind of payment plan with the insurance company ? I have not got around $ 828 .
Insurance company wrongly denied my claim?0Keon2012-07-16 21:32:03
My car was hit by a car that had been speeding and lost control flipping his car over into my lane. 100% not my fault nothing I could have done. The driver dead on the spot. I filed a claim at her insurance company but was denied because she supposedly she had an expired Drivers license. Her birth day is November 20. the date of the car wreck is June. that mean if her license expired it had been for 7 months. the Agent told me she got it in June (Not sure if that same month or the year before). Either way is it legal for them to 'insure' her if it was expired? Are they not liable for that? also I was not seriously injured just more or less a headache. What kind of lawyer should I get if I need one?
Insurance company wrongly denied my claim?0joel la2012-10-27 20:29:57
My car I was beaten by a car that had been controlling speeding and lost his flipping the car over into my lane . 100% not my fault that I could not have done . The driver died on the spot. I filed a claim with your insurance company , but was rejected because it supposedly had an expired driver's license . His birthday is November 20 . the date of the car accident is June. which means if your license had been expired for 7 months. The agent told me that she got it in June ( not sure if that month or the year before ) . Either way is legal for them to 'secure' if it was your charm? MedlinePlus Are not they responsible for that? Also he was not seriously injured only about a headache. MedlinePlus What kind of lawyer should I get if I need one ?

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