Life insurance trainee underwriter roles in London? related questions

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Life insurance trainee underwriter roles in London?0a bell2012-09-03 03:22:02
I was offered a position as a trainee underwriter in Melbourne in 2007 , however after much thought declined the offer and moved to London with my partner . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Still in London now I have a cushy job in a role of management investment manager , but would like to try and go to the subscription of new ( especially life / health insurance ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Can anyone offer some helpful tips on how I could make the transition ? Seeking roles , agencies etc. , courses - anything would be helpful.
How much does an 1. Insurance Underwriter and 2. Assistant Underwriter make annually?0Patricia2012-05-18 20:07:43
How much is a 1. Insurance Underwriter and 2. Assistant Underwriter make a year?
Bankers Conseco Life Insurance Company Management Trainee Position?0Gordo2012-05-30 07:16:19
I received a voicemail from a lady in the company tells me that wants to try to get me an interview for a sales agent position or the position of management trainee . I'm worried about the salary for a trainee management position , which is a wage or salary basis of payment of payment of commission? I want nothing to do with the sale of insurance and make a living out of commission . The salary basis of payment is the only type of payment rate I want, so it is necessary to clarify that if I were to have that position would be a salary base pay.
How to become an Life Insurance Underwriter? What are the procedures to be followed?2rfvv2012-10-13 15:45:02
Becoming a life insurance agent ? What are the procedures ?
How to become an Insurance Underwriter(both General & Life)? What are the procedures to be followed?0Linsu2012-09-25 02:15:03
Please explain the no. of exams to be written and the corresponding eligibility? Also detail about the basic requirements needed? What is the maximum duration to become an underwriter?
What is the required qualification for the position of an underwriter in an life insurance company in India?2DeAr_2012-06-21 15:58:51
I am a B.Com garduate following the degree program, associate india.And Insurance Institute have been working as an insurance agent from March 2005.Will I get that position.Thank .
What are the roles of insurance in the Nigerian economy0Dolores2011-12-21 18:25:32
What are the roles of insurance in Nigeria's economy
I am a german citizen, live in London and want to sell Life Insurance in the USA. Is that possible?0zebra2012-06-04 16:15:38
Is that possible? If I can not sell in London? How I can obtain a license from life in London ?
The roles of insurance in the development of Nigeria economy1Freda2012-04-04 11:11:12
The role of insurance in the economic development of Nigeria
What is life like for a non-white immigrant in London, Ontario?0Angel of 82012-10-24 11:57:29
I have to go to school in London , Ontario , offering a great cooperative insurance program . I learned that right-wing extremists like Ann Coulter have great support there. I am guessing all day will be an exercise in humiliation and looks hideous ? Its only 8 months, but I'm scared .
Islamically what what do you think the roles of wife and husband are?0Izeck2012-08-08 06:45:02
Personally , what do you think are when he says that the husband has to provide maintenance Do you believe that food , housing , health insurance etc . ? And what are women's rights certainly not because it says in the Quran that has to cook and clean, or for details on what they think their functions are specifically every day or, in general , so they can fulfill their role as husband and wife would be good In your opinion, or has conducted research
Roles played by insurance companies in the promotion of international business1Jocelyn2012-04-02 22:21:55
Roles of insurance companies in the promotion of international business

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