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What is "fair" compensation for my Auto Accident Injury?0Rakshana2012-09-02 23:43:03
About 1 month I was in a car accident where another driver rear ended me and threw me to the driver ahead of me . I began to see my chiropractor immediately and have seen him 3 times a week since then. I'm starting to feel better and know that the insurance adjuster will call you soon to resolve the complaint . My question is what would be fair compensation . I suffered soft tissue injuries to severe strain on the back and neck . My vehicle has all ready been repaired .
How much compensation should i ask for a neck injury auto accident?3Hannah2012-04-17 18:17:26
I was in an accident not at fault, and someone was in my car. I had to have my vertebrae examined, with severe whiplash and a 14 "long bruise on the stomach from the steering wheel . I had a passenger in the car, and she had lesions less than me. Neck pain I have yet to turn the head in any direction, and the effects of my daily whatnot. recently talked to my passenger , and she said she was claiming 30k compensation for pain and suffering. not know what to claim , and I can not afford to hire a lawyer until you know whether it is legitimate to ask a number . Should I order more than what it is, and I got more injuries in the accident, or is too much?
How do i get compensation for a personal injury accident?0julee2012-09-22 08:45:03
I was snowboarding and a skier plowed into me and knocked me unconscious. I had to get airlifted off the mountain and spent 2 days in ICU. I have extensive injuries and no insurance. I cant afford to go to the doctor for follow-up appointments. I have accumulated over $50,000.00 worth of bills and have no way of paying. The man at fault has no job, insurance, and does not own any property. How can i get him to compensate me for loss of work, bills, and pain & suffering? I have contacted a few attorneys but would like to know if i have any luck on a case. The guy could be lying for all i know, but if its all true, what am i facing? Will i have to file for bankruptcy at some point? Im a little scared.
Trying to recover fair value for my auto an accident (not my fault).?1[email protected] G |/|()||3y 2012-09-20 05:46:02
Was searching on the internet for good advice about getting fair value for a vehicle that the insurance company deems unrepairable and cuts you a check instead. I came across Autoloss.com. Has anybody ever used this service? How was it and how much does it cost?
Is this fair compensation or not???3Belinda2012-09-25 00:45:03
My wife recently had a slip and fall , and has a diagnosed concussion (mild ) has been suffering from terrible headaches and neck pain . Dislikes noise and feel generally unwell. The accident was caused by slipping and then hit his head , the administration accepted responsibility and offered compensation insurance of $ 12,000 CAD . She does not know whether to accept the offer. Is there an experience in insurance companies or anyone who knows if it's a fair offer. There were no other injuries other than head injury . He had a CT scan was normal , but she is not the same person and is much weaker. So does anyone know in view of what I have written here, is just $ 12,000 ?
How do I determine what would be a fair settlement when my husband was in an auto accident?1Adrien2012-09-10 14:30:02
He was not at fault in the accident. Our auto insurance paid all my medical bills totaling around $8,000.00, but the at fault insurance company won't accept all the bills and only paid my insurance back $3,000.00 of the 8,000. They are saying that if chiropractic care wasn't curing the pain after 3 months then we should have stopped treatment, and tried something else. As far as the bills go I'm covered and really don't care who paid them, but because the other insurance only accepts 3,000.00 worth of my bills they are only offering 1,000 for "pain and suffering". Truth is we shouldn't have closed on this when we did. My husband is now doing trigger point injections, and working with a pain care doctor. This is the first accident we have been in, and didn't know what we were doing. Please help
How much is a fair settlement for a catagory 2 ppd injury on the job?0Plato2012-04-27 19:21:09
How much is a fair deal for a Category 2 ppd injury at work?
Hit and run, no injury to my son, but the insurance company is trying to give me $500 is this fair?4┆ o `residual Que 2012-04-25 23:55:08
The woman was charged with hit and run.
Is this bodily injury claim settlement fair....?0Sehr2012-09-14 17:51:04
I was in a car accident in the early part of 2010 I suffered an injury to the lower timber with lumbar disc herniation in the lower ... with L4 - L5 and S1 are injured . I made steroid injections and physical therapy lower. The clinics let me go without paying in advance and my PT would not let me go if not paid in advance , as I had no med pay my policy . The insurance company insured was not willing to pay anything until I settle so I had to stop going to PT . The injury has affected my life in a variety of forms such as daily activity , intimacy with women , and my overall physical behavior has decreased since the accident . It's been a year and five months since my injury and illness admit it's not as bad as it once was, but I am by no means healthy . My neurosurgeon does not work to treat severe pain and numbness as I am only 26 years old. My hospital bills are 17K and the adjuster called me today and offered me 26K to resolve what has been his first offer from my account to an agreement . My question is your opinion on whether this is right and if not what is your opinion of what would be reasonable . I am in no way trying to get rich off of this, but just want to be adequately compensated for the damage and disruption of daily life . thanks
Auto accident injury?0Milisa2012-09-26 01:15:05
I was recently in a car accident where a Nissan truck ran into the back of another car that then ran into the back of me causing $2000 worth of damage to the rear of my infiniti. I received moderate whiplash to my neck and had to be taken to the hospital. I checked out without any broken bones and was prescribed medication. I went to see a chiropractor and he has been working on my neck for a couple days which makes it feel a better. Im 100% not at fault and the insurance company has taken care of my car repair, rental, and medical bills. They ask me " How much do I think I want for this accident" for pain and suffering. I believe I am entitled to at least $3500-5000 for my suffering I live in NC. I believe $5000 is a reasonable consider the circumstances. I could have lost my life, broke my neck and been paralyzed for life. Thank the lord that I received only a whiplash. The stress that I am undergoing, the constant pain in my neck is a reminder of the accident, which I feel fearful of driving. The time I spent recovering could have been spent enjoying my life. Besides getting behind in my school work, I am absent from my student organization at school which I am a key figure ( president AGC). I don't enjoy waking up with cramps and headaches nor do I like to take prescription pills, and therapy. I don't want to be compensation a insufficient amount that wont even cover pain and suffering I went though. It seems like you people are on the side of the insurance company and not the victims in this situation. I wonder if any of you have ever been in an automobile accident and if you have must share some sort of empathy of what I am reiterating.
Auto accident injury - how much should I ask for?0Busy 62012-09-18 20:52:04
Hello ! 3 months ago was T - boned by a car that ran a stop . My old car was totaled $ 700 (91 Honda with 260K miles on it and spent a total in history) . I had to get seven stitches in his head . I do not miss work , but missed two college classes that day . I have a small scar from a half inch or so in front. My medical expenses were $ 3000 after ambulance , X -rays , points , etc. I have a police report and the witnesses were there in the report . I see no need for a lawyer , and it was not a big injury and I have not had any problems since then , but I have no idea what is a fair agreement is for a case like this . I've been kind to the insurance agent of the party - at-fault that he has been to me , but I've been offered $ 600 for pain and suffering ( he said it was the maximum) and $ 500 for damage to property. Should I accept this? Like I said , I'm not trying to extract as much as I can , but I do not want to get ripped off or ...
Compensation from an auto accident?3Power2012-05-18 11:11:29
Moreover adjuster insurance said it was to me if I wanted to go see a doctor, but he would seek compensation for the accident, even if I was not . Today, I told him I had gone to the doctor and said clearly " when you have completed your doctor visits , present their accounts so that we can reimburse doctor visits , prescription drugs, the cost of vehicle repairs and compensation for the accident. " I did not ask how much it ..... and I have no idea either .... any idea what the amount might be? I'm in Houston , the other driver's insurance is AllState ...

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