Assisted living or group home for non-elderly, but depressed, family member?

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The mental health of my sister has declined steadily in recent years. She has always struggled with this since the early years of adolescence. She was on antidepressants and do better for a little while, but last year began to not go to work, abusing sick leave, and understandably lost his job. Leading up to that point, she was obsessed with doctors and went to a specialist after specialist convinced he had an undiagnosed illness, but literally hundreds of trials and thousands of dollars later, she is convinced that no really wants to help her and that no one believes that your symptoms or running the right tests, etc. After losing her job, she also lost no health insurance. She stopped paying the rent, and understandably lost their home. She is imprisoned, not eating, bathing, and wants to stay in bed all day, and the experiences of the times of delusions or hallucinations. To talk to her, she did not seem depressed or sick even if only in a casual conversation. But every time I mention his acting to nothing at all, not even to take a shower or call your doctor or wash their own dishes, she starts saying she feels bad and not a good day for her, etc. She was taken in by a cousin, helped financially, were very supportive of her, and took her to appointments, helped get her in the system of social services for food stamps and counseling, but after nine months of any initiative her cousin has given us a time frame for which she must take the initiative to try to get them to really help or leave. They have been wonderful to her, but understandably are at their wit's end. She wants to stay in his room and stayed there alone, she goes out alone at night to eat a bit, otherwise it tries to avoid the stench of your bathroom it is not horrible, so many friends try to call and visit her and avoid them. My mom and I do not know what to do. I am a single mother working for my 9 year old and son and I live in a very small house subidized rent, which would require a long and complicated process of re-use for my sister to stay with us, that without income she and her mental health history, which could easily reject the new application and we could lose our house if we let him stay with us, not to mention that it would have her own bedroom. Our mom is retired, also with limited income and a tiny shoebox apartment 1 bedroom, although it has been very generous to financially helping my sister when she can. We do not know what to do. And without insurance, my sister options are limited. And social service options are limited, only admits to a hospital if she is "immediate" danger to herself or others, they do not consider it. We do not know what to do. We love her and do not know how to help her. We want to live close to us so we can be close support and assistance, but simply can not afford for her to live with one of us. Are there group homes for people with such problems? Any other suggestions?
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I work in the mental health field , and I'm not sure what is available in your area . But I suggest looking for a county mental health or a private mental health . Most can provide advice psychiatric medication control , and in most cases the housing . I would suggest placing your sister in a supervised group home all day . Again, I do not know what is available in your area , but you should be looking for a mental health treatment services with high intensive case management . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus You have done a great job doing what I can , unfortunately , do not want her to get better. And if this continues , you and your family can drain and be yourself miserable. How was linked with intensive outpatient services , ASAP Good luck .
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