Do i need to tell my insurance company if i change the stock steering wheel with no airbag to a custom one? related questions

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Do i need to tell my insurance company if i change the stock steering wheel with no airbag to a custom one?0Marcelle2012-08-31 20:58:04
I have a 1997 Fiat Cinquecento Sporting , which has the action sports leather steering wheel steering , no air pockets present in the whole car haha , and with it being 15 years , the skin begins to die and is constantly rubbing on my hands which is annoying , so I bought a wheel simoni x2 direction as it is small and inexpensive to replace , but it will affect my insurance , thank you very much :)
My steering wheel was stolen!? insurance deductible?2Hannah H.2012-07-29 07:02:59
I just found my wheel was stolen. It appears that the person took his time because it was made pretty neat , without leaving air pockets .. im screwed and have to miss work today. my insurance says I have to cover 500 deductible . What if my repair is the same amount as a deductible. For example , the repair is 500 ? they will not cover at all ? i have full coverage of State Farm on the way.
Driving a car with opposite steering wheel direction in Malaysia?0Ating2012-09-06 16:35:04
hiiiii , I'm a PhD student from Kuala Lumpur International . I have a Dodge Challenger R T 5.7L and I would use it in Malaysia for the next three years , but the problem is the steering wheel in the opposite direction . Is that possible ? If so , how do you think the road tax and insurance will cost ? MedlinePlus Thank you.
Another driving lesson question. how will I know how much to turn the steering wheel on a corner?4~Little_Princess~ 2012-04-20 03:54:59
I left turns , the other day for my second lesson and when I turned , I was not putting my enoguh wheels and, finally, slowly finished edges of the line of another lane main road, where vehicles are going and the opposite instructor had to dive and turn the wheel to me. So how do I know how much you turn the wheel? Also when you start the car and find the biting point , do I have or I can put gas in lifting the clutch slowly and then when the clutch is all the way up I can add gas? This sounds simple? Any advice on what to do for this? Finally, when I go , how much gas I can get? I do not want to put too much gas in and go around a corner too fast and end up not straighten the car properly .
Is it cheaper on insurance and road tax if i change my 4x4 to a 2 wheel drive?0Hobar2012-04-29 18:52:42
I'm thinking of changing my free lander td4 a 2 wheel drive , would it be cheaper insurance and fuel costs, etc, but am not sure if it's worth to change , thanks in advance to anyone who answers this
Who is a stock life insurance company is owned by0Isaac2012-03-14 14:28:20
Who is a shelf life insurance company is owned by
How Does stock/shares work for a company?0thrush2012-05-10 16:42:57
For example, if the owner of the company A123 is made public with your company how much money he makes his share price . For example , if your stock is selling for $ 25, is what you make any profit from their actions? Or is that the money used for the growth of your company? 1 . The reason why I'm confused, is that if someone buys your shares at $ 25 and then sells the shares , what profit does the owner do? 2 . How can it be able to use that money to expand their business if the shares are bought and sold . 3 . I really wish someone break it down for me so if anyone of you have free time to contact me either by email or Skype would greatly appreciate it .
Why would my life insurance company (Prudential) ask me to sell my shares of stock.?0 terror ♂ salmon → Celadon -2012-05-07 00:12:14
Is there a catch does anyone know what the top and bottom sides are to this. Its through a team share a external company thanks
How do you contact what used to be Unionmutual Stock Life Insurance Company of New York2Drane as "2nI 2021-03-17 00:36:03
How do I contact it used to be file Unionmutual Life Insurance Company of New York
Does Nationwide Insurance Company hold stock in Like Kind and Quality Corporation0 ωǒ old ぺ Public -2012-03-15 13:55:49
Does the insurance company nationwide have shares in the same class and the Quality Corporation
How to buy custom Ravens jersey without waiting 30 days to custom? Officia need 30 days to wait!?4Norbert2012-03-08 16:54:57
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Is the insurance company responsible for 'choice' items on a totaled car like custom graphics and window tinting1Charle2011-12-14 08:18:35

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