Please! HELP! Environment Issue?

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I recently learned of some things going on where I live and I'm not sure what to do about it ? At the same time, I think everyone who lives near a service station we should all be aware of it too. There was a gas leak Gas next door , which was once an Arco and the city were closed for about two years. Then Mobile / Exxon brought it and put in new tanks. Now he hired a company to come and clean up the mess / gas where I live and is an apartment complex . Here is my problem I have been sick and I think it may be caused by toxic chemicals they are using. They also told me that is toxic when water comes into contact with it . Well ! It has rained here and the chemicals that are in the property and have pumped the round and some of it comes out after the rain , and the pump on the floor so that the gas is mixed with it and then pump more than above it . Some of the chemicals found in plants of which some have died , some of our cars , some on the floor , etc. What I can do I live and work here ? And I do not care about me , but other people exposed to these things ? What I can do? I do not want to get fired . I have no health insurance , whether it off . Help ! Please !

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