Need help making general ledger. May1Paid rent (80% selling space, 20% office space)S&P Management Co.2? related questions

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Need help making general ledger. May1Paid rent (80% selling space, 20% office space)S&P Management Co.2?0luie2012-08-30 10:15:03
2 Issued credit memo on returned merch. Knox, Inc. Apr. 28 175 MedlinePlus Total selling price (gross) Knox, Inc. Apr. 28 4725 MedlinePlus 3 Received credit memo on returned merch. Peyton Products 798 on April 29 MedlinePlus 4 Purchased merchandise on credit Gear Supply Co. May 4 n/10 EOM 37,072 MedlinePlus Store supplies purchased on credit Gear Supply Co. May 4 n/10 EOM 574 MedlinePlus Office supplies purchased on credit Gear Supply Co. May 4 n/10 EOM 83 MedlinePlus 5 Received payment less discount and return Knox, Inc. Apr. 28 n/10 EOM 4459 MedlinePlus 8 Paid inv. minus 2% discount and May 3 return Peyton Products Apr. 29 3411? MedlinePlus 9 Sold store supplies for cash at a cost 350 MedlinePlus 10 office equipment purchased on credit Gear Supply Co. May 10 n/10 EOM 4074 MedlinePlus 11 Received payment less discount Hensel Company May 2 5978 MedlinePlus 11 Purchased merchandise on credit Garcia, Inc. May 10 2/10, n/60 8800 MedlinePlus 12 Received credit memo on returned merch. Gear Supply Co. May 10 854 MedlinePlus 15 Check issued for sales salaries Payroll 5320 3412 MedlinePlus Check issued for office salaries Payroll 3412 3150 MedlinePlus 15 Cash sales for the first half of month (cost $ 38,200) 59,220 MedlinePlus 16 goods sold on credit (cost $ 1,890) Hensel Company 8786 2/10, n/60 17Purchased 3990 creditFink merchandise Corp. May 14 2/10, n/60 13,650 19 Paid invoice less discount Garcia, Inc. 10 May 3413 22 goods sold on credit (cost $ 4,990) Lee Services 8787 2/10, n/60 6850 MedlinePlus Discount 23 invoice amount minus Fink Corp. May 14 3414 13 377 MedlinePlus 24 Purchased merchandise on credit Gear Supply Co. May 23 n/10 EOM 8120 MedlinePlus Supplies purchased on credit Gear Supply Co. stores May 23 n/10 EOM 630 MedlinePlus Office supplies purchased on credit Gear Supply Co. May 23 n/10 EOM 280 MedlinePlus 25 Purchased merchandise on credit Peyton Products May 23 2/10, n/30 3080 MedlinePlus 26 goods sold on credit (cost $ 8,230) Crane Corp. 8788 2/10, n/60 14,210 MedlinePlus Paid 26 April 3415 Electricity bill 1283 Perennial MedlinePlus 29 wrote the check to the owner for personal use Jenny Colo 3416 7000 MedlinePlus 30 Received payment less discount Lee Services May 22 6713 MedlinePlus 30 Check issued for sales salaries Payroll 3417 5320 MedlinePlus Check issued for office salaries Payroll 3417 3150 MedlinePlus 31 cash sales from the second half of month (cost $ 42,500) 66,052 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Additional information: MedlinePlus one. MedlinePlus expired insurance $ 553 b. Store supplies MedlinePlus 2632 ending inventory c. Ending inventory office supplies 504 MedlinePlus d. 567 Estimated Depreciation warehouse equipment MedlinePlus e. Estimated depreciation of office equipment 329
I am using theater space to put on a show. The space is asking for a certificate of insurance.?2motor_angel 2012-11-02 10:24:01
I am not a business. I have no liability insurance . if that is not covered by insurance ? I'm just doing a performance. Can not be profitable for someone to write a policy for a show . also not sure if I could do anyway. How should I proceed?
What type of insurance do you need when renting office space1Cheer2011-12-22 03:55:53
What kind of insurance you need when renting office space
When office space decreases, should property insurance premimum decrease?0Donna2012-08-01 07:06:02
I own businesses. One of my businesses downsized its office space. We didn't move. We just reduced the space we occupy within the same building. When my company's office space decreases its square footage from 5,000 to 1,000 within the same space (same building/floor), shouldn't my property insurance premimum also decrease? Why?
Help my car rolled out of its space?4Darcie2012-05-02 06:55:12
I parked my car in the parking space to put handbrake and went to the store half an hour later I cam out my car was in the middle of the parking another car was in my room and there was a car behind me. when I approached a woman started to say that my car rolled out and hit his car again and noted that the car behind mine was a different Mans said his car was good and I have said musnt handbrake i I said I have only had def my two-week trial conducted bt for a year and I always put it on. the woman said, then come and see his car had drove the car park and excavated and have seen the result is not so bad plastic cutter of your car the car is worse than its lost all paint in a corner my car is 10 years old , sax and paint was peeling off anyway. he asked for my insurance details that I have as I was expecting. So I gave him my name and number. What do my insurance is high now and never want to go through the insurance was not even my fault that asked how long ago you said happend to 5 minutes so that my car was sitting for 25 minutes before moving on ? I really miss not take responsibility for that BT do not mind paying myself I know somone to fix it I spoke to a police officer and told me I did everything I could , but if she gets an appointment with do you get one from someone i kno. I need advice! What rights I have is not like I was driving ?
Ad space on your site02021-06-09 03:21:25
"Hi, We need an advertising space with do-follow links on your blog • We provide 500+ words • no copy article • the duration will be a minimum of 1 year Can you please write to us if possible to place an article with a link leading to betting related site and how much it will cost? Please let me know if you are interested. Stay safe and healthy."
Why cant you insure against space debris?0collective count noun2012-06-01 11:59:39
Why I can not insure against space debris?
I was backing out of my parking space at work and someone hit me?1cock2012-06-25 13:12:38
I was out of my back at work and the space that was pulling back I looked (I know plenty of people to lie and say this, but I really did look) I've worked here for a while and have never been in an accident. As I was backing a car out of nowhere that he must have been going fast and quickly turned the corner because I do not see at all, its passenger side door and my left back passenger side again received a loud bang and the car has some scratches and maybe a small reduction, but my jeep also had some damage to the passenger side right about the defense indents the body: (He says it was my fault and I I do not think I'm not sure, I said maybe it was because that's what I felt, but now thinking about it I know it was an accident and it was not my fault. A security guard was there and gave no comment on the accident. he asked if we wanted to call the police we said yes and called and said they were sending them do not appear to come from minor accidents. So I gave the other person any information about me and gave me his badge number and that's all. There are cameras that I know I've seen that I work at Sears, parking with cameras. I will present a report after work, but is there any way this was not my fault, I mean that was supported enough in which I see and feel that he was one of those fools who thought Id stop and I could keep going when he was the culprit. need help. And then proceeded to tell me who has a jeep that was made to obtain *** *** up! like what the **** this is my first car that I do my best to keep it perfect: (do not know what to do can someone please help me I've never been in an accident before I had no idea what to do or what I was doing. (
Is backing into a parking space legal?1jhedrione2012-09-14 20:15:03
The other day I was parking in front of my office as I always do. The road is a residential street, but it can get very busy around rush hour. It was 10 am, because I always wait for traffic before going in. As always, I stopped, checked the right, stopped, checked to make sure there was nobody around me and when I saw it was clear, I began to support my parking space. There are eight spaces and parks around the world supported it, because it is almost impossible to get out sometimes. Anyway, that's my last memory. When I was in a full angle and almost backed into my space, I was struck in the driver's side door and the front axle by a driver coming from behind. Forty feet left tire marks and caught my attention enough to get my unconscious and hospitalized me for the night. Judging from my experience with the parking in that space, so most days, the driver had to come from the bottom of the hill crests and provide a comprehensive view of the road about 10-15 seconds before my parking space. The speed limit is 35. It should have been ale to see what he was doing waaaaay before he fell to his brakes. I was well into my parking maneuver, so it was not right behind me when I started. Of course, I was driving my new car 2012 with a very good insurance and was in a 99 Chevy Ruster with the minimum insurance. I thank God no insurance at all. My insurance company said "looks good" for me, on the basis of the details in the police report. Your insurance adjuster however, called me and told me that the other does not have collision coverage and you want the mines to pay your car ... I'm sure is a total loss. He did 13k damage to mine and hers was worse and very old. I told the Salt pounds, he was beaten by the insured crazy. Your adjuster asked me to take 50% of the blame (fit, not mine). Said backup in a parking space is illegal. He said he was parking wrecklessly. I explained that the two people I work with both the unity of the Cadillac brand new and I park between them every day. If I was a wreckless Parker, would have my ass on a plate. He said I have to take half the blame. I said good luck with that, and hung up. I know he is trying to reduce your company's liability for my harm and injury, but still want to know if it is illegal to back into a parking space on the road, provided they do not impede traffic and make all as possible within reason to avoid causing a problem. My question is, can I break a law support in my space? We all do every day, so you need to know if we are breaking the law and take responsibility. I have always believed that it is safer than a backup in a space.
Can i put a space in my private number plate?6yak2012-08-07 14:01:02
¿ I can put a space in my private number plate ?
What do i do if someone hit my car by getting out of a parking space, and drove off without me knowing.?11Clemen2012-05-01 12:53:15
If I find the person who was driving, (easy because it's someone who works on the road and your car will be there on Monday, and I have the paint marks on my car to see what color is your car) What can to do ? If the person does not have insurance, then what should I do? Furthermore, that person may get into trouble or something, because I said so, and just walked away ?
If you are looking for a exceptional seat for your living space02020-09-19 19:22:37
Animal Crossing: Greatest DIY Recipes You Can Get From Celeste, Ranked The Animal Crossing Bells  of 2020 is full of tons of enjoyable and furniture to craft DIY recipes. Players will trade tens of thousands of bells for the recipes which they want. The ones you receive from Celeste, though, are a few of the most wanted DIYs in the game.Each other recipe is a unique thing that has to be crafted with celebrity pieces. These star pieces can take some time to gather, and Celeste just shows up at night on clear days. This makes the recipes hard without using time travel, to collect. Below are some. If you are looking for a exceptional seat for your living space, then the Aries Rocking chair is the thing to do. This item sells for over 12,000 bells, also takes two arise fragments, one gold nugget, three-star objects, and five rocks to create. The design of the seat is worthwhile. It is supposed to go to form a room. This is the most unique looking lamp in the sport and will go in almost any sea or beached theme room on your house. The cost to purchase it is the price, although the lamp just sells for a little over 20,000 bells. You will need four stones, two Pisces fragments, three celebrity fragments, and two nuggets to create the Pisces lamp. The crewed spaceship is desired by a lot of players to decorate the outside of the island with. This is a product which can be sold for 20,000 bells and will cost you 80,000 bells to purchase. As you will need to forfeit 20 iron stoves and 10 star bits, the DIY recipe is also pricey. Depending on how much you require star fragments, if you want to make more, you might opt to buy this one. This is one of the luxury wallpapers of those game and may be paired. The price for the background is 7,500 bells, while the purchasing price is 30,000 bells. The thing you need to craft these items is star bits, as you may have figured. This DIY takes one star fragment and five star star fragments. It is almost a bit sad that your character can't just jump inside and revel in a nice bubble bath. This piece of furniture will cost you 49,400 bells and sells for bells. You will need two Taurus fragments, one golden nugget, three celebrity fragments, eight stones to make the Taurus Bathtub. Animal Crossing: Things You Didn't Know About Chrissy In the last couple of months, villagers have become center stage from the Animal Crossing New Horizons community. Since most players have completed their initial challenge of bringing K. K. Slider to the island, the principal goal for many now would be to create the ideal island with the best possible inhabitants.One of their very popular villagers, and also one of the cutest, needs to become Chrissy. This pink bunny villager is becoming popular due to her enormous expressive eyes, cute pastel coloring and total cutesy design which will fit any pink, pastel-colored island motif. However, there is much more to Chrissy than meets the eye, that every participant should know before Cheap Nook Miles Ticket  inviting her to their island. 

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