Someone hit my car at a parking lot and left a note?

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With your name and phone number but no plates or driver's license number , called the police and they filled the report and gave me my copy , he called and left a voice message to call the police told me that they called the next day to see if the phone call returned . Last night he called me and apologized for hitting my car and your insurance company will take over my care , also said he called the police to give information and we agree to talk again today. Today I called my insurance to see if I 'm going to fix my car channel Wich I say no because I do not want to pay the 1000 dlls deductible , say it's okay , I have to have another filling a claim on your insurance but today I calling and she does not answer my calls , I called the police department to ask for your information ( insurance information ) , but they deny it to me saying that the report will be ready in five days , including the officer there told me that I 'm harrasing and they do not give me the information until Monday afternoon , but they do have the information , but they do not give it to me until then ... I do not know if that's right or who for some reason are trying to protect her, why she had not returned my phone calls , and if she does not summit a claim to your insurance company who has the right to do so ? The police will go after her for the expenses ? and their only job is to make a report ? the only information I have is his name and his cell phone , she is a 17 year old teenager and I know that the police department has its information. I'm blind in this, this is the first accident I've been involved in my life , thank you for your time .

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