Drove into a pothole and would like to be compensated.? related questions

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Drove into a pothole and would like to be compensated.?3liquid ice 2012-02-05 00:11:16
Do I have any right to compensation for the city or the Ministry of Public Works This is the story . I was crossing the railroad tracks and had a hole that was not visible due to visibility in low light at night. My left front tire went into the hole and threw out the bottom of the vehicle, which is the depth of the hole is . The air bags did not deploy , but made the impact sensors are now the airbag light is on. Also blocked my seat belt and does not retract or extend the length. Now I need the strut replaced and the award of one. I feel I should not have to pay for all this. Let's keep in mind that there were no street lights or any sign or mark indicating that there was a bump or a hole here . Becaus I was also going 10 miles per hour was reduced by passing the railroad crossing. Also I have full car insurance for this to be something that can atleast pay a deductible and not have my insurance go up, as it was not my fault? Please do not respond with immature responses . Thank you.
I accidently drove into a car and then i drove off, will i get any points or a fine?10Nora2012-04-23 20:19:56
A police car came with their sirens in the car in front of me stopped suddenly and went to the back of them, I did not know what to do so I panicked and went : (< br> Im not sure if you have my number plate, but if they did I get into big trouble and get the points? : (
Pothole damaged my car, how to claim?8Sarah2012-05-29 17:10:58
I recently hit a pothole while driving and now my car seems to be pulling to the left. ¿ I can claim against the Highways Agency or advice for my monitor / check the alignment / redo ? If so how do I do ? thanks
Auto insurance question - I hit a big pothole..?0ratios2012-08-13 14:15:02
Saturday night falling into a large bump and a few miles later my tire was completely flat and actually had holes big enough to stick a couple of fingers through. I took it to a repair shop tire and the rim was bent as a result of the tire goes flat. They found a spare tire, but does not match the other 3 in the car .. I wish all matching tires, but a complete set with tires is about $ 800. It would be something like this covered by insurance? The cost of replacement tires do not match and 2 new tires is $ 350 , General deductible is $ 500, but I would pay $ 500 if the insurance covers wheels 4 results .. So basically I'm wondering : 1) Is this something that car insurance cover? 2) Is it just any spare tire cover , even if they found the other 3 or 3) you pay for a new set of wheels? If someone worked for an insurance company and may know the answer it would be great ..
Who does the voice of the pothole in the Geico commercial?0Loneliness. ⒏ Qi 灬 -2012-05-21 10:31:28
I wanted to know who does the voice of the "bumps " in the Geico commercial ?
I hit a pothole and lost power steering?0georgeanna2012-06-21 20:34:36
So last night on my way home I hit a big pothole . Of course, I drive a Hyundai Tiburon 2001 as my car sits low to the ground and is considerably smaller than most cars. Next thing I know , I have no power steering. I got home, my neighborhood and came across the steering fluid was gone. My oil and coolant and the engine is fine, the brakes still work and the direction makes no noise, just no power behind it. This morning I did a little test and put the power steering fluid in it. The liquid was left in the tank as it should, then, when I started my car all spray out on the floor. Any idea what broke? Thank you.
How much money could you sue a business for damage on there property from a pothole?0pheasant2012-06-26 21:58:03
I was walking and my foot went into a slump and I have a ligerment Tawn at the ankle .... How I can sue the company ? And my doctor says I have to do the surgery.
Passed over half of a white line on road and went into pothole, should town pay?0Annabelle2012-05-21 08:17:22
I was driving on a road , coming around a curve. A truck was widely distributed on the other side of the road, and was a little folding of the double yellow line , which forced me to approach the white line on the right side . The white line was not a complete set straight white like the rest of the others it was, was only half because the other half began to break and crumble into a hole filled with dirt and chunks of asphalt. The hole was deep and my car was stuck in the hole and my rear rim was dented and the tire had appeared. Should the people pay for this, since it was not a whole white line on the right side of the road and it was evident that a bath and I have seen other tire tracks of other cars that had probably been through it or what would happen if ? I will try to send them to estimate and then has to go through the city.
Should I file the claim to my auto insurance company if my car was damaged by the pothole?6, ignorant -2012-06-11 19:36:20
Will this affect my premium next year ?
An insurance adjuster called me because i fell in a pothole. Did I admit fault by saying i didn't see it?1Sylvia2012-06-23 11:06:04
I sure hope that did not hurt my potential case , if I want to sue
How do I get compensated?1Samuela2012-06-05 14:46:47
Yesterday I used a new Nivea product called "radiance boosting moisturizer and overnight I had an extreme allergic reaction , my face is swollen, bright red , painful , hot and itchy . I have never had a reation as this before, I sent a complaint email to Nivea, but now I think it will only be refunded with what happened in the product would be pathetic compared to my suffering. I have 3 small children, but do not want to leave the house . anyone has been in a similar situation or can suggest anything?
How can I get compensated for an auto accident?2Suli2012-10-06 18:45:04
Acar without a driver rolled into my parked car.A police report was made, and I was told by my insurance company that his car is registered out of state, and that he has no insurance. I do not have collision insurance. Should I inform his state that he has no insurance.

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