Mom broke leg, now shes in a nursing home?

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Im hoping for a little help and knowledge heres some info : MedlinePlus My mother broke her leg last Saturday and went to the hospital ot it'll take about 6 weeks to heal and now discharge to a nursing home rehabilitation indicating that there's there, that 's where you need to go for the leg . MedlinePlus Shes not ill or sick in any way except for a broken leg / fractured. Theres another facility that is supposed to be fantastic also insurance contracts with but theyre full and have a waiting list of two weeks . MedlinePlus This nursing home is absolute crap . There are no phones in the rooms , a bathroom for 6 people , hardly any TV , old hospitals without beds , etc. It's a nursing home even says so in the name . I can not stand being there and me I do not know how my mom is staying healthy . MedlinePlus Tomorrow I'm calling the insurance they ask what they can do to become a better place to rehab . Does anyone have any suggestions ? MedlinePlus Thank you very much . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus She is 56 , has a medical insurance .

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