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Should I rent from seller or stay in apartment?0Godswill2012-08-22 11:40:03
I'm in custody and the house is tied up in probate court (owner deceased) . It will be at least another month until we get to close . My lease on my house in town is 8/31 . It would cost just as much per month to extend my lease, as it is to pay the full mortgage the house . He said he would like me to pay all the mortgage , but is worried about not having homeowner insurance and the property has been vacant for a year . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I do not want to pay the whole mortgage from their fault I'm not in the house yet. They should have straightened this before putting the house on the market . I was thinking I could offer to pay 60% of the mortgage on the house , do some repairs , and get renter's insurance for a couple of months (which really should have in the first place) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What do you think ?
Discount on rent for my apartment?0Draco2012-10-08 15:44:45
my neighbors have caused many problems in the community in just three months since moving , problems with drug traffickers who bring , dirty apartment , littering , property damage , signal yelling at each other through ear the walls , and in my opinion should have already been evicted . well , Thursday took the kitchen on fire and pulled the whole apartment was completely destroyed . fortunately , did not spread to others . but my neighbor across and I were displaced from our apartments due to water damage and smoke in the last three days . i may be able to return on Monday , but my neighbor will have to wait longer. Is there any way maybe we can get a discount on the rent of not being able to live there during that time ? I do not expect anything significant but any amount of help , especially considering that he had no insurance to cover my smoke and water damaged goods .
apartment for rent in berlin0officewebmaster3532022-05-12 02:52:00
apartment for rent in  berlin Urban Ground helps tenants all around the world to settle down in Berlin in a faster and simpler way. Urban Ground was started in 2017 when our founders Praneel and Alessandro came to Germany from India and Italy and realized how harsh and inconvenient renting a place in Germany can be. To make the renting process more convenient for others like them, they started Urban Ground. With Urban Ground, the endless viewing queues, language barrier, and the gathering of hard-to-get documents are a thing of the past. Our company is built on customer-centric values therefore we provide support throughout the home renting process and even after that. What sets us apart is that our whole process is digitized. Our 360-degree virtual tours of the apartment allow the tenant to browse multiple apartments online to find one that they love. Digitally sign the bilingual rent agreement. The German credit history and other such documents are a major headache for ex-pats to arrange when renting a new apartment. We accept other equivalent non-german documents to tackle this problem. Our ultimate goal is to make the apartment renting process more delightful and exciting for the tenants. 
Is rent for an apartment higher when you are married?0proud. Juewen â¿´ -2012-07-31 23:17:54
Well, my story is I am 18 and I am pregnant. I am due Oct 20 and I currently live with my grandparents (they raised me), an my bf lives with his parents (hes 20). We are both going to school, him to be an automotive tech and myself, a medical assistant. We don't live in the town that we are going to school at because our town is very small so we drive back and fourth everyday. We are planning on getting our own place but for now we are saving up because the only income we have at the moment is through him. He will finish school in August and I will not finish until Feb '13, which is when ill be able to start work for that. I have been thinking of where we could live because I dont want to live with family after the baby is here. And where we live there are a lot of income based homes and I was wondering if apartments charge more if you are a couple, or more if you are single? We want to get married but want to be financially stable first and cheaper rent is just better for now. We both have our own cars so thats even more that we'll have to give up monthly. So, is rent cheaper single, or married? Or does it not matter? And also, I am currently on my cars insurance policy, only my grandpa is because Im still young and it will be so expensive, is it true that some insurance companies will insure you for less when you are young and married (becase they will consider you as being more mature) other than just young and single? I read that somewhere online and to me that sounds good being that I am young. So any answers from the older and wiser people? Thank u
How much income do I need to make to rent an apartment?0shafika2012-10-11 08:02:57
If a room (1 bed, 1 bath . 670sq ft) goes for about $ 553-749 per month with a deposit of $ 150, plus the cost of food , gasoline , car insurance , phone , internet connection cable / electricity , clothing , household essentials (toilet paper , napkins , tampons , etc. ) , taxes , and some extra money to spend on extra fun and activities , how much income would you need to bring the luxury of living on my own? Approximately ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Approximately , how much does each cost ? (gas : $ 200 a month , phone: $ 60 a month ) What other expenses should I forget and how much will that cost MedlinePlus ? MedlinePlus This is all new to me , so I do not know what to expect . I'm not sure if there are many surprise charges or additional bills are also essential to rent an apartment . If you do not mind sharing so much information to help give me a better idea of ​​what other things I have to think and hope . Just think general / approximate cost . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for your help :) It helps more than you think .
Do you have to have house insurance to rent an apartment?0Boy2012-06-15 17:17:15
i was woundering because I am before you rent a place and was woundering if this is going to be a problem if I do not. I know it would be better for me to have but do not need it ?
Homeonwner policy sufficient for rent-back to seller?2goldfinch2012-08-08 02:37:02
We bought a house in California recently. The seller wanted to stay home after closing for 19 days. The addendum was added to the contract to ensure that you leave on the appointed day . He is paying us a daily rent in the meantime. However, I have my doubts about whether a homeowner's policy typically covers me is enough in the event of a loss as I am now technically an owner. I know the possibility of significant loss is remote, but still creates a fear. More information on other real estate agents : < / a>
Is there any way to get umbrella insurance if I don't own a home or rent an apartment?0sam mcneal2012-10-02 18:22:21
I want to get insurance umbrella but I live with my girlfriend , so I do not own a home or rent an apartment .
Is it better to rent an apartment or buy a home if you are going to relocate after one year?1Akhona2012-09-28 19:29:02
home cost is $ 280.00, monthly utility costs , $ 220. , Maint - $ 100. , Property taxes , $ 380. , Home insurance - $ 50. 30 years costs -8% mortgage interest rate , 20% down payment and closing equals $ 1,000. plus 3 points. Rent would be $ 1400./month plus $ 220. utilities and renters insurance $ 25 per month. house prices expected to rise 3% , supplies , taxes, increase by 3% annually.
Can you rent an apartment for the first time with no credit if you have nothing under your name but your car insurance1Bertha2012-01-11 18:23:52
Can I rent an apartment for the first time without credit if you have nothing under his name, but your car insurance
Will it be financially advantageous to rent out my home and move to an apartment? What do I need to do?0djimon2012-10-25 22:15:03
I bought a home with an ex. I like it a lot and it is the perfect home for a family; 3 bedroom, 2000 sq ft with a fenced in yard. Unfortunately at this stage it is too big for just me. I'd like to hold onto the house as I could see myself living here again in 2-3 years. I have an awesome mortgage rate (5%). If I sell and then buy a new place in two years, I'd have to eat the costs of selling, buying and closing. Therefore, I'm interested in renting out the house and moving to a small 1 bedroom apartment. Would this make sense? Would i have to change my loan since it is not my primary residence? What about my home insurance, would that cost more because I am renting the house out? What else do I need to do?
Credit score 575, husband passed away, trying to rent an apartment, can I can get one?0b rad2012-08-16 05:42:03
My husband has just died , leaving nothing but "in their name only" bills that I am not responsible . We have nothing in common except electrical . My credit score is 575, and I have a stable work history , except that we must move forward , and I will be in the SS, out of work temporarily. Do not transfer me. ¿ I can rent an apartment? Do I have options ? No life insurance.

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