I have a bad problem and need you guys help about where i'm living!!!?

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Hae Soo Park si so hot!
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I moved into this rental home on March 15 this year, so I've only been here one last month paid my rent and deposit (which is not cheap, I might add) When I signed the contract ... the "Property mang." said I was going to fix things quickly ... as our inground pool (it looked like a swamp black), also did not know the garage filtering (huge as a workshop) and seven days after we moved in. .. came the rain and all the things of my children and all our family photos (not replaceable runied). I called her, she said I should have renters insurance ... I just completely moved in on 17 march.She is rude.Then waited two weeks in my refrigerator and stove ..... finally got it after muti-calls. My things have gone, I have 5 children, I am a mom of 33 years and very upset about this below matter.The heat did not work and said he would fix it ... but nothing has been done, that's when it was cooler, air units now do not work! Finally I got tired and called the health department. on it and code enforcement as well.They did not have lightly.They took pictures and uses it papers.Then had two workers here draining my pool, smelled horrible and looked worse! It was this last Thursday ... so I left there things in my backyard and never returned, I called and sought actual owner of the house (he lives in cali.) I said to him to address the problems and also knew that they called code so that the property is not being treated ... mad.But so I was the person I should be mad here, I mean my kids can not do anything, no pool (big hole in the ground now) and backyard.I recently went to move some jars of boys pool called left at the premises of the way of my dogs and young children, and when I went to move the ... It was dark outside and I did not know that the lid was not screwed and was acid .... she poured it on my left arm in a cascade, i inhaled fumes ... I could not breathe, she felt dizzy ... 911 calls and fire department. and the ambulance arrived ... They kept coming soultion bags on my arm, I have acid burns .. This was the night of 12 .... so I had to go to hospital, has oxygen and being in intensive care burn unit, he stayed two days ... was released, said he was all bandaged left arm to my appt.follow-up in 7 days.Well occurred while my husband was at home with our children (we have no family here) had a letter in the mail telling me I had 10 days to move because my dogs done all this damage inside and outside the home.If i did not leave in 10 days ... would have to get out! ! Seriously, I took pictures of this property when I moved, I have also a copy of the application code to the photos and more up.Plus my dogs are on the lease ... and have not bothered anything in this insult home.That 's in the wound. There are seven in all of my family, my next rent is not due until May 5, she said she would give me my deposit ... and wants me out 1st.What May she is crazy! I'm sitting here in pain and that feeds me a lot of shit / she 's hot as all get out of the house now.I found this house on Craigslist, noting pool / large garage included (I mean FULL PAY RENT without all the extras). Oh also sent another letter to her two pages ... something seems wrong, a Memphis Police seal is copied.Saying i was excluded from the premises in which I have to pay my rent.I always paid in cash and there she got a paper copy by signing it recepit . Also the same letter has been written about him, which was delivered by hand (NO), put in my email inbox, and also under the hand that says give a copy was sent out via U.S. CERTIFIED MAILwith a tracking # ... but it seemed that the online tracking # exist.Please not help with some answers, it's hard to pick just get up and move again and pay another months rent and deposit.Plus 2400.00 50.00 cost just to turn on the lights and I just had my cable and custom installation. I'm not rich, but I pay my bills and this is not fair to me or my children! Please try to guide me through this.

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