Minor car accident, is the othre party of the crash allowed to personally call you? related questions

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Minor car accident, is the othre party of the crash allowed to personally call you?0Ncinah2012-08-18 04:54:03
In the state of California is not the auto insurance company of the person who allegedly struck and talk to you ? is the person who hit allowed to call demanding money? regardless of whether you are at fault and not politics at the time of the accident, so does the other party has the right to personally call you saying they will sue and they want you to pay out of pocket before your insurance even speaks to you? ? ? should not call your insurance company and talk to you ? ? not their clients to make the call?
What happens if your auto insurance gets maxed out after an accident and the other party sues you personally?3Warren2012-04-21 21:45:13
What if your car insurance is the most after an accident and the other party sues you personally?
If you were at fault in a car accident and have full coverage can the other party sue you personally or does your insurance company take care of that1Cleva2012-01-07 02:06:29
If you were at fault in a car accident and have full coverage of the other party can sue you personally and your insurance company to take care that
Car accident: the other party is trying to rip my mom off for a minor scratch?2N-UNCOUNT 2012-09-06 00:36:03
My mom barely touched someone else's car parking at IKEA . His car was completely intact and I doubt there was some damage to the car of the other party at all. In fact, she has just sent off (people did that as well) , but she got out as a nice girl to investigate. She did not give details of insurance at the time because he could not remember who was insured. The photo of the "scratch" (that could have been there before the accident) was taken. But the other part has been cited more than
MINOR car accident, other party says it is major?1Hale2012-05-22 23:59:01
it was raining , my husband was trying to stop, maybe going about 5 to 10 mph in the car in front of us. the damage was very slight to his car, bumper reflector was broken. that was all. My husband wanted to keep it out of the insurance. the other party agreed and they exchanged phone numbers after the police left the scene. Now , a week later my husband noticed that the other party now wants to present as a major accident. What can we do ? My husband took pictures of the scene, the police did not even know why he was called because the damage was so small ! and tried to call the other party to try to deal with things, and never called again. What do we do ?
Car accident - other party wont call insurance co...what to do?0Thembi2012-10-22 21:42:46
I had an accident about a month ago . She backed into me and made over $ 2000 of damage to the front of my car . There was no damage done to his. I called his insurance company and again and she and her parents (coverage is in thier names ) . She stopped answering my calls , parents would respond . I have even begun to call his father at work, he's a doctor. They have insurance, but for some reason did not make his statement . Since we are in school all I got was a written statement from her. Do not call it illegal in demand ? insurance wont pay for repairs until she makes her statement . What I can do? ? ? ? I live in Arkansas so if anyone has any advice for me , please tell me !
I was involved in a minor car accident and now Im having problems with the other party...?1Twila2012-09-12 02:45:04
I was in a parking lot . I went out and this lady behind me zip . that notched bumper. I apologized for the inconvenience and gave her my information. she was like 'Oh, no big deal "and that was it. few weeks later I called and harassed me saying I owe money. I filed a claim with my insurance. claim agent was supposed to back to me within 24 hrs. their status 48 hours and now can not get in touch with my agent or any agent in the claims department in California. im gettin so angry . now the co-insurance ladys call me saying that its all my fault and I owe him . is not that harassment ? I'm so stressed . What do I do now ?
If you have accident , do u have to call ur claims department to claim from the third party?7 ﹏ 1s, 2012-04-27 06:02:13
another question in my some1 said u do not hav to go through your insurance company. u hav to claim, even if you do ? insurance and get ur money from them.
I was involved in a minor car accident and the other party is trying to get me to pay a ridiculous amount!?8wolf2012-03-10 19:34:21
The accident was minor, I lightly resting on the rear bumper of an "Access NJ" vehicle ( possibly a state vehicle ). We exchanged insurance information and the police came and presented a report which says " minor damage " to vehicles. I saw your bumper, it was hardly any damage to you. I thought the situation was over until I heard about a "third party" , the agency that is hired to handle claims by the owner of the vehicle. They are trying to get $ 700. They sent me a written estimate and that seems crazy. There is no way there is not much damage. I told him this and " negotiated " their falls to $ 600, which is fish! What I can do here? Definitely I can not get invovled insurance due to previous accident history and other factors. If you do not pay I'm afraid I'm going to be sued. Does the legal obligation to obtain some estimates , perhaps one in a body shop of my choice? What course of action that I have here? I do not feel worth it to get a lawyer invovled for a little accident. HELP!
I got into a minor car accident and now the other party is filing a injury claim, how much will this cost me?0Cora2012-06-16 10:15:02
Last Saturday afternoon, accidentally hit another car from behind. I was standing on a small intersection , and when the light turned green , I thought the other car was moving slowly. So I let my foot off the brake . Unfortunately , I turned for a second, and the car ahead of me had left , so I hit him. I acknowledge that the accident was my fault. However, the other party is filing a bodily injury claim against me. I was driving within 5 miles an hour , I just let my foot off the brake and I was not even pushing the gas pedal. The paint on my car came out much because it is a cheap car and another car had some scratches , along with painting my car in the rear bumper. The lady in the other car had two kids in the car with it , unfortunately. She did not talk to me about his condition, which is to my disadvantage , knowing little English , told me he was waiting for her husband. And when he arrived, refused to talk about anything and was only willing to exchange information. I think they are exaggerating their injuries , because the people involved seem perfectly fine, but even if demand does not go my way , how adversely affect me?
Leaving the scene of auto accident, no injury or other party involved, do I have to call the police?0latrice2012-10-06 20:45:02
I was driving a block from my house when I swerved to miss a raccoon and went into the ditch . And damaged my car hit the curb and drive home a block . I was the only person in the car and was not injured at all. I knew my car insurance does not cover my vehicle to deviate to lose an animal . And do not think there was a reason to call the police if it was turning on my car insurance. This just happened 7 hours ago . my car is parked in my garage and a policeman came to my door seven hours after the incident and asked why my car was in immaculate condition . the bumper is broken and the air bags went off. I explained and gave me an appointment for the Minnesota statute 169.09 and told me that I have to appear in court . ( Leaving the scene of an accident ) . Do I have to report it if there is no injury and I turn my car insurance, and no other persons or property involved ? I have a certain amount of time to file an accident report ? Should I submit it? What do I have to do to get through this . It seems as if I had not had the right to come to my door and ask for my damaged car that is in my property when there was no evidence or reason to come to my door ? Should I get a lawyer . I looked and days maximum fine is $ 700/90 in jail for this. What is the best way to go about this without getting a ticket or a summons against me . I want to fight this, because it does not seem fair .
Minor crash with permit driver?0Claire2012-03-04 19:07:12
Lower I recently got a permit in a small accident involving a parked car. The driver license was accompanied by an adult and exchange insurance information with the owner of the damaged vehicle . Police reported the accident. No one was injured and the affected car sustained minor damage. If the parent driver's license to accident insurance , it affects the driver's license eligibility for auto insurance in the future? Would rate higher? Would it be a better idea to cover the damage without the need for insurance?

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