Is there insurance to cover foundation damage caused by natural settling of the soil? related questions

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Is there insurance to cover foundation damage caused by natural settling of the soil?0quynh2012-08-17 02:15:02
I'm looking to buy insurance to cover my foundation slab of the natural settling of the soil around my house.
Does a Homeowners Policy in Texas cover damage to house foundation from shifting and settling of the soil?2Betsy2012-07-01 03:59:03
Do you have an insurance policy to cover damage from Texas to the house foundation from shifting and settling of the earth?
Does homeowners insurance cover foundation cracks caused by soil expansion2Jacqueline2011-12-18 10:45:03
Does homeowners insurance cover foundation cracks caused by soil expansion
Can I claim foundation damage caused by tree roots on my insurance, becuz I moved in this house 3 yrs ago ...?1Benton2012-09-23 22:45:03
This house was built in 2000 and I just moved three years ago and now I realized that my foundation has sinked as 1 inch to the left front . I wonder if u guys can help me let me know if I can use my insurance claim for repairs since it was caused by tree roots .
Does homeowner's insurance cover house foundation damage0Winnie2012-02-03 22:25:21
Does the homeowners insurance house foundation damage
Does a fully comp policy cover all damage, not only the car, but other damage caused ?0Bethan2012-06-21 10:20:34
my wife 's car and drive down our semi - destroyed a large block built shed / garage on our property , the insurance company ( Elephant ) refuse to pay for the shed and they are telling us to claim off our insurance home. If it's someone elses property would pay . I thought a draft policy fully covered for all damage caused in an accident? . Im correct in taking them to court ?
Does homeowners insurance cover a leak in the water line in your yard and will insurance cover resulting damage to your foundation and inside walls1Bill2012-04-16 18:26:17
Does homeowners insurance cover a leaking water pipe in your yard and insurance covers damage to your foundation and walls on the inside
Does homewowners insurance cover foundation damage due to a leak in the city's main water line?0shawntae2012-07-08 01:50:05
We had significant damage Foundation that the result of a leak in the line of the city water main . We reported standing water in the yard, in January this year. The city sent an inspector to test the line on our side of the meter, which showed no leak. It was reported that it was just "run " due to recent rains . Since we just moved in 2 days before reporting the supposed leak , the experts knew what they were talking about. After 2 months we started noticing cracks in walls and ceilings and floors. We call an expert from the foundation, which stated that there was a leak somewhere that was washing our foundation because of the cracks and movement in the house . We called the city again and this time found a leak on your side of the meter have not tried the first time it came out. So now we have a house with a mortgage of 165,000 , with significant damage (over 70,000) and no resources to fix it. Would not it be insurance covers the damage, since it was due to a leak as it followed the proper protocol ?
Does insurance cover damage caused by yourself1 직위나 역할을 나타내는 명사 2012-08-01 15:08:53
Does insurance cover the damage caused by it
Insurance plans to cover damage to Mall of America. If $70,000 is caused in damage, does the mall have insur?1Chillie2012-09-21 03:33:02
A family freind of mine who was 17 at the time and his 19 year old freind apparently resulted in a garden hose in the Mall of America , which flooded and caused $ 70,000 in damages, I do not see possible. However, the mall says it has no damage insurance in an amount so low to cover this so they want these 2 to pay for all this again .. not sure how teens can do this. Just wondering if this is true, so I can give some input ?
Will homeowner's insurance cover damage caused by my dog?3turkey2012-09-13 17:47:03
Our dog is 6 years old and has never chewed , dug or in ruins , nothing. We left home today for about 3 hours, and when we got home, she had completely torn ruins and a large area of ​​the carpet! :? ( Does anyone know if usually the homeowner's insurance covers this kind of damage I'm going to get my policy now , but thought yahoo answers thanks .
Does anybody know if my auto insurance will cover damage to my car doors caused by my kid?1 복수명사 2012-07-21 01:02:02
My son was playing outside and accidentally damaged the door of my car. Would this be covered completely, or maybe my own domestic policy ?

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