Would you buy a white car instead of color car? related questions

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Would you buy a white car instead of color car?0Myolie2012-08-15 15:45:03
Are they cheaper cars and will the insurance rate be lower by driving a white vehicle? Eg: Red cars get stolen, the insurance rate is higher, and the car is expensive
How do i apply color to hair that has old color grown out?0 â¿´ s. 2012-05-24 11:06:56
How I can apply color to hair that has grown out of old color ?
Title say different color?0Shaggy 2012-01-29 08:00:28
I am thinking of buying a car , a cheap, and could care less , but we need to know if this is a problem. The title says SIL as color, but the car is white . A car is 12 years old, difficult condition . I pulled the carfax and was the car. Also coincided with vin vin car title , no problem . Is there any other possibility other than that it was painted a different color before?
What is the color of ca 2012 tags?0buffalo2012-03-17 07:23:34
What is the color of ca 2012 labels?
Driver's license eye color?8Adai2012-05-01 12:03:11
ok , my natural eye color is gray . Gray could put in a driver's license? I hear you do not have gray as an option for eye color and instead of gray turns blue ... I need help please! thanks :)
Can I change with the color with insurance?0proud. Juewen â¿´ -2012-05-21 19:19:11
Currently I have an iPhone 4, and want to send a replacement. I have the black and white wants . I'm on Verizon Wireless. Will you let me change the color with the insurance?
What is the best candy paint color?0Jazmine2012-09-21 04:15:03
I have a 02 Honda Accord Ex V6. It has an Organic Green Candy job on it. I bought it this way off a car lot. Come to find out the paint job wasn't done up to standards so to speak. Car people and Auto Shops knew right away. Not average Joe. Some guy back into me and now I'm having to go to all kinds of body shops to see about getting it fixed (insurance claim his fault). So a lot of the body shops Ive gone to (5) have all said the same. So the paint is irreplacable... so Im wondering what will the insurance company do? Will they pay for the car to be completly repainted? Or will they be butts. Hmm what do you guys think
What is the least expensive color of car to insure?6Power2012-03-25 13:27:53
I know that red is the most expensive. I heard that white is the least of a person and the green is the least of another.
When you get your car painted a new color do you have to get it registered at the dmv?5i want a guy with a v.c.r very cute rear 2012-05-05 04:34:25
LL Cool J DMX DJ Quik Lakers
Is it possible to get a new blackjack 2 in a different color if you have insurance?0Halalisanio2012-07-14 22:07:04
I accidentally dropped the phone in the sink while washing dishes, and now some of the features are not working. I'd like a new color. I had the black , but I want the pink and white. Is it possible to get it if I have insurance on my phone ? Thanks in advance !
If I paint my car to a different color. Do I have to reported to the DMV ?1 fish curry -2012-09-28 05:07:02
If I paint my car a different color. Do I have informed the DMV?
Does the color of a car affect the insurance premium?8moccasin2012-05-30 11:15:01
Does the color of a car affects the insurance premium ?

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