If you have accident , do u have to call ur claims department to claim from the third party? related questions

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If you have accident , do u have to call ur claims department to claim from the third party?7 ﹏ 1s, 2012-04-27 06:02:13
another question in my some1 said u do not hav to go through your insurance company. u hav to claim, even if you do ? insurance and get ur money from them.
Does my no claims bonus/discount get affected if i have accident but neither party makes a claim to insurance?2Ophelia2012-09-07 20:29:02
Does my bonus no claims / discount be affected if I have an accident , but none of the parties submits an insurance claim ?
Car accident - other party wont call insurance co...what to do?0Thembi2012-10-22 21:42:46
I had an accident about a month ago . She backed into me and made over $ 2000 of damage to the front of my car . There was no damage done to his. I called his insurance company and again and she and her parents (coverage is in thier names ) . She stopped answering my calls , parents would respond . I have even begun to call his father at work, he's a doctor. They have insurance, but for some reason did not make his statement . Since we are in school all I got was a written statement from her. Do not call it illegal in demand ? insurance wont pay for repairs until she makes her statement . What I can do? ? ? ? I live in Arkansas so if anyone has any advice for me , please tell me !
Minor car accident, is the othre party of the crash allowed to personally call you?0Ncinah2012-08-18 04:54:03
In the state of California is not the auto insurance company of the person who allegedly struck and talk to you ? is the person who hit allowed to call demanding money? regardless of whether you are at fault and not politics at the time of the accident, so does the other party has the right to personally call you saying they will sue and they want you to pay out of pocket before your insurance even speaks to you? ? ? should not call your insurance company and talk to you ? ? not their clients to make the call?
Leaving the scene of auto accident, no injury or other party involved, do I have to call the police?0latrice2012-10-06 20:45:02
I was driving a block from my house when I swerved to miss a raccoon and went into the ditch . And damaged my car hit the curb and drive home a block . I was the only person in the car and was not injured at all. I knew my car insurance does not cover my vehicle to deviate to lose an animal . And do not think there was a reason to call the police if it was turning on my car insurance. This just happened 7 hours ago . my car is parked in my garage and a policeman came to my door seven hours after the incident and asked why my car was in immaculate condition . the bumper is broken and the air bags went off. I explained and gave me an appointment for the Minnesota statute 169.09 and told me that I have to appear in court . ( Leaving the scene of an accident ) . Do I have to report it if there is no injury and I turn my car insurance, and no other persons or property involved ? I have a certain amount of time to file an accident report ? Should I submit it? What do I have to do to get through this . It seems as if I had not had the right to come to my door and ask for my damaged car that is in my property when there was no evidence or reason to come to my door ? Should I get a lawyer . I looked and days maximum fine is $ 700/90 in jail for this. What is the best way to go about this without getting a ticket or a summons against me . I want to fight this, because it does not seem fair .
Would my home insurance pay the fire department if I need to call them?0Verna2012-05-04 12:20:46
or if I have to pay , ?
Husband had auto accident in my car claims someone backed into him at work did not call police.?0Melusi2012-10-24 14:44:25
husband has a warrant in that state but live in another . What do I tell the insurance company to file a claim
Rear end accident not at fault party can the insurance company of the at fault party legally deny to pay any medical bills until claim is settled0?, hard to Him. -2012-03-08 21:06:39
Accident on the back , not the party of failure can the insurance company 's legal ruling party refuse to pay medical expenses until the claims are
I got into a car accident weeks ago, should i be talking to the other party's claims adjuster?1Jess2012-08-24 03:24:02
you want to know my version of the accident. I already told my claims adjuster what happened. both parties are insured by the same insurance .
How do you start an insurance claims department0iguana2012-01-12 01:14:32
How to start a department of insurance claims
I was in an accident three days ago, yet still no call from their insurance company about a claim?0julianna2012-10-07 22:59:55
It was my fault , but there was minimal damage . The front bumper of his car fell apart shortly . MedlinePlus It was not my car , so it was not my insurance . There was no call on a claim or any other news . MedlinePlus What's going on ? Is it possible that they forgot to report ?
Car accident: What about diminished value & how to claim it (3rd party)?2Marjorie2012-04-19 21:50:23
I invovled in a car accident not my fault. The other driver accepted 100% fault and your insurance company (State Farm ) is to pay my car repairs and rental cars . How I can claim the value diminsihed in my car due to collision of State Farm ( claim 3 part ) I have Nissan Altima 2005 with 39k miles on it. Accident in Texas. Any suggestions ?

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