Why do million/billionaires have to buy?health insurances? I mean they make multi-million dollars annually..? related questions

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Why do million/billionaires have to buy?health insurances? I mean they make multi-million dollars annually..?1Keri Ann2012-09-29 07:57:02
Why do millions of millionaires or have to buy health insurance ? I mean several million dollars a year , so I'm sure you can afford to pay a million surgery at any time. So what about to buy health insurance on their cases ?
Why do million/billionaires have to buy health insurances? I mean they make multi-million dollars annually..?0Crissy XD2012-07-28 14:51:59
Why do million/billionaires have to buy health insurances? I mean they make multi-million dollars annually, so I'm sure that they can afford to pay off a million dollar surgical operation any time. So what the point of buying a health insurance in their cases?
How many billions of dollars are the insurance companies going to make with 30 million new customers?1.zakiyya2012-08-31 11:15:03
Where to keep your 12 million dollars?0lijan2012-07-16 14:46:03
I have been checking the bank insurance through the FDIC. Almost all the banks are covered max of 100K for one single person/signature. If I have 12 million dollars cash with joint accounts of 2, should I open at least 5 banks account to insure my money? What are other options do you know besides to consulate an profession?
If you had 1 million dollars in insurance who would you choose to be the beneficiary and why?1Bennet2012-08-10 03:01:02
Here's an example of the beneficiary ( spouse, child, brother, husband, etc) I just need some answers. And I'm talking about life insurance .
Can i get a 40 million dollars life insurance policy ?3Bo2012-06-20 03:00:33
i was getting married soon and want to give this to my future wife to show her how much I love her , I did not do a lot of money, but I'll be working on the Navy soon. ¿ I can get a 40 million life insurance with my financial situation ? this is very important to me because believe it or not my future wife seems to believe that I love .
50 million uninsured Americans........Obamacare supposedly covers 30 million; so what happens to the other 20?1mal2012-11-02 07:06:02
20 million required to have coverage , but you can afford ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Supports Obamacare : Please explain to me what happens to the 20 million . MedlinePlus Are you happy with them pay a fine for not buying insurance who can not pay ?
How much does product liability insurance cost 1 million with a 4 million blanket0Madge2012-03-12 19:16:15
How much liability insurance product with a blanket 1 million 4 million
How much would it cost to have 1 million dollars in insurance for a longboard company?0title noun2012-05-09 19:41:25
We are looking to start a longboard / shipping company's long and need to know how much it would cost to have $ 1 million in insurance. For some, or our distributors this is what you need!
How much would it cost for 3-5 million dollars General Liability Insurance?1Yalin2012-06-15 11:29:10
I work in various chemical plants and refineries to repair / maintaning / calibration of instruments laborotory in these places. I am currently working as a subcontractor through another company, but that is about to change as my partner and I are breaking them to start their own business. Most of these plants require between 3-5 million in liability coverage of my knowledge. I need a ballpark figure of what that type of hedging costs in the region of Louisiana / Gulf Coast. Last year we made $ 150,000 in sales of between 3 people and income that has been growing substantially each year ( about 20 % or less). Thanks in advance for your response.
According to John McCain, to be rich you gotta have 5 million dollars, do you agree with him?0neil hannit2012-09-09 09:11:02
Not only John McCain has at least 10 properties that I can not remember , but also has a parking lot in Phoenix Arizona worth between $ 1.4 and $ 2.4 million. That's more than $ 1 million more than the average American household ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus No wonder McCain has said again and again that the " fundamentals of the economy are strong." He is living in the land of plenty , and have no idea of how terrible our economy has become under President Bush . According to the U.S. Census , 37.3 million people lived in poverty in 2007 . 45.7 million ( 15.3 percent of the population ) have no health insurance
How much would it cost to buy 10 million dollars for fireworks retailer insurance in michigan ?0ミ ミ Weinidanrui 2012-04-28 08:06:28
What does it cost to buy 10 million dollars for the safe fireworks retailer in Michigan?

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