Is alistair darling as thick as a short plank or is it a ploy or sop to appease the voters? related questions

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Is alistair darling as thick as a short plank or is it a ploy or sop to appease the voters?1Dav2012-10-13 17:45:02
I n his plan to put a 50% tax on bankers' bonuses , Alistair Darling , said managers of hedge funds. and people in exempt bonds . As for those who do not fall into this category too dear has given them a way out by claiming that the tax on on the bonds is made ​​by April 5, 2010 . So all you have to do to not pay tax until April before collecting their bonuses. There is no clause in any getout descision to charge an extra 0.5% in national insurance payments , or the fact that VAT will rise again to 17.5 % in the January 1, 2010 . Why land line phones be taxed only to increase broadband speed primarily for the benefit of big business . Everything goes to show that the work has become or is becoming like the Conservatives, and the USDA couple of them do not deserve our vote in general elections .
Would you agree to this insurance settlement or is it just a ploy?7NEXT_OF_KIN 2012-06-24 01:25:49
My car was rear ended and totaled . Insurance adjuster came out and the other company is estimated at $ 6000, which is roughly what is estimated . Now they are offering only $ 2000 claiming that they were only 1/3 at fault. There is no doubt that the rate was 100 % at fault , because my car is completely stopped when it crashed . So it's just a ploy by the insurer to pay as little as possible ? I consulted a lawyer and was told that no doubt should sue for the full amount after looking at all the facts and the police report . Furthermore, when the adjuster looked over the car, checked my car has no air conditioning but it does. But that mistake deduct $ 100 off the value of the car ... so I should sue for that extra amount too?
Why Did (R) Tea Party Darling Joe Walsh call a Amputee Iraq Vet "Not A Hero"?0CARIBE2012-07-18 09:09:02
Joe Walsh Person Republiacn new Tea Party of Illinois, said Tammy Duckworth is not a "real " hero lost both legs in Afghanistan in the service of the U.S. and was a commander or something in the military Walsh tea party person has never served in the military and why he is the judge on what is a hero of this type does nothing and not even pay child support and using media on Obama's attention for your child insurance available at 24 ahypocrit why this guy is attacking everything that uses
Light brown, spotty, thick period for about a month now?0theanmozhyi2012-10-27 18:13:49
I have fifteen years of age. I live with my dad , no, I can not talk to my mom , and no, no health insurance , and no , I have no money to go to a doctor . I can not ask my father about it , either. No, I can not get birth control right now. I can not drive . If I had to make my dad got angry and I think I'm having sex . MedlinePlus No, I have a friend or friend mom , you can take or that I'm wondering comfortable . I have no way to get to a medical or childbirth . MedlinePlus Now that that's out of the way . MedlinePlus Over the past month or so , my period was very viscous , ranging from black to light brown , and very irregular . It has been going for a month or so now . I have my period when I was ten and has almost always been irregular type , but never this bad . No, I'm not sexually active . No, I have not had sex . MedlinePlus Thank you.
Missed period, white thick (not chunky) discharge, itching and irritation?0Darius2012-08-01 15:42:02
Hi! As of lately, I have been experiencing some weird symptoms. First, I missed my period this month, and I have taken numerous pregnancy tests, and all came back negative. When my boyfriend and I have sex, it is always protected (condoms). For awhile now, I have had this thick, mucous like discharge of white color coming from my vagina... and it is especially noticeable after intercourse. It dries on the skin, leaving a clear film that chips off. To start, it didn't have any foul odor, but lately there is a little bit of a smell, but only I can smell it. It just doesn't smell clean. I take showers (not baths) and wash with Summers Eve vaginal wash. Now, I am noticing itchiness and irritation along with the discharge. It is rather annoying, and makes me feel really dirty. I got some of the Equate brand Monistat today (3 day suppositories) with the miconazole nitrate cream, and also got some vaginal itch cream as well, and plan on using it tonight after my shower before bed time. Is this leaning more towards BV? I am sort of scared that I could have left a tampon in or something a month ago, and that that may be why this is happening, or why I am not having a period. I am trying to cure it at home since I don't have any medical insurance at the moment. I've had one really bad infection before which accompanied a really bad sore on the inner lip of my vagina (does that make sense?) I know I didn't have an STD, because I was a virgin at the time. It was really horrible, and so painful... I had to miss school. I could hardly walk, and to urinate was excruciating, and when I went to the doctor they diagnosed it as a yeast infection and prescribed me lidocaine (which helped) and suppositories (which only seemed to make it worse). I also had fever, chills, and tremors. So, for my current condition, does anyone have any thoughts on what this could be, and what action I could take at home before heading to the doctors office? Thank you! (I am a 20 year old female, never been pregnant, not overweight, but my stress is moderate)
Most voters for Mr. Obama were thirty and under.?0mykayla2012-09-17 17:16:02
Voters are not above the working class will support the economy , I think most of them do not live with their parents because they can not find work . Baby boomers kept this country will pay a bail out again and now it was time to retire , what we have to look foward to , nothing even managed to save money is almost gone , what is supposed to do now ? We are on a fixed income with no help to us because we have to pay our bills and mortgages , but that will not last long in this economy , banks are not going to help us because we are not yet in forclosure , and increased property taxes $ 4,000.00 last year , home insurance owners made thousands of dollars and the gas is still a scarce commodity . Who will help us ? If something is not done all baby boomers will be on welfare. Who will help us ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Where can I go to get a new voters registration card?0Lanc2012-05-05 14:20:50
I'm looking to get a replacement card . I need my voter registration number for my daughter to go to college. Where I can go to get a replacement?
Lost my GA voters registration card, how do I get another ?0Genevieve2012-05-03 08:31:50
I lost my registration card GA voters , how I can get another one?
Why does the GOP campaign on creating fear in the hearts of their voters?1dani.2012-08-12 17:36:38
The fear of not having a weapon , the fear of health inspectors have in your property , fear that their medical records can be evaluated , the fear of all the jobs going to China , the fear of business regulations killing, the fear of the costs of Medicare and unemployment insurance . The GOP voter has been afraid of his fellow citizens , especially those who need more help.
So Obama would like us to "imagine a world without him". Are Ohio voters already "on the bandwagon" with this?0mcn2012-09-07 04:33:02
Can we add Obamacare to the list of SSI, and Medicare that will be bankrupt before young voters get to use it?0jika2012-07-24 01:35:03
Adding the health care of 14 million illegals, exempted from Obamacare, to taxpayer's insurance premiums is going to sink it faster than Medicare....
When moving to another state what does the former states do to your drivers license and voters registration?0` → Qing ぐ Zuizui -2012-06-16 01:42:30
I moved to another state and I was wondering what states when closed to the information after people have moved to another state ...

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