If you are backing out of a parking stall and hit a car that was speeding down the parking lane can the other party file an insurance claim or make you pay if no police report was filed related questions

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If you are backing out of a parking stall and hit a car that was speeding down the parking lane can the other party file an insurance claim or make you pay if no police report was filed1 Prince" -2012-04-30 12:09:54
If you make a copy of a parking stall and collided with a car that was speeding through the parking lane may file other hand an insurance claim or make you pay if no police report was filed
Police report filed, other party does not intend to file a claim, will insurance rates go up?0 Mè ‖ love E -2012-09-19 22:45:03
I have amica auto insurance. I was involved in a little accident in which I nicked the side of a truck while driving. A police report was filed. The owner of the truck was not angry because it was a tiny scratch on an old vehicle. He does not plan on filing a claim on this. Will my parent's auto insurance go up as a result? (I'm 18)
Who is at fault if someone in a parking lot lane backs into someone who is backing out of a parking space?6caiman, cayman2012-11-02 17:30:02
I was in the lane of a small parking lot today, and was back up to enter a parking space that was about to release ahead of me. I was checking my left rear in the mirror to make sure someone was not driving behind me, when he collided with a car that was supported by a parking space near the right rear of my car. I did not see , and I guess he did not see me because he had supported enough for us to crash. He says he saw me, it is automatically assumed it was my fault , I said that I would get an estimate and send me a bill . There were no witnesses that I could find and we do not call the police. I filed a report with my insurance company , and is obviously work to do your own research , but I have curiosity about whether anyone has any advance knowledge of this type of situation.
Can I file an auto insurance claim even though a police report was never filed and it was 3 months ago?1Kuala Lumpur2012-05-10 20:20:11
So someone crashed in about 3 months ago during a snow storm , but caused no damage to the truck that hit me, but around 3500 my compact car. The other person decided to drive and not complain . I did not call the police to file a report and went on with my life so far ... I do not like looking at my car and want to fix it, so I call my co -insurance. and file a claim . Am I going to give you any problems? all I have is a story about someone who hit 3 months ago during a snowstorm and a car in poor condition .... no eyewitnesses .. there are no reports ... Any advice appreciated!
If a police report was filed for a single car accident will it affect your insurance rate regardless of whether you file a claim0Renata2011-12-11 02:12:13
Can A Person File An Insurance Claim Without Police Report EVEN IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE INFO FROM OTHER PARTY?3Elva2012-09-08 02:45:03
OK THERE IS A CAR ON MY SIDE OF THE ROAD coming towards me from the front and the only way to avoid being beaten up is to put me back on track next door But when you hit the brakes locked up and slide the back of my CAR AND HIT THE DIVIDER CONCRETE . FOLLOW The other car I have no license plate number.
Today I hit a leased company car backing up out of a parking lot.The guy called the police but they said they ?0Mishal Almandhour2012-09-20 16:27:03
not be able to go because the accident was on private property . The man called his insurance company and gave them the information, " cracked his rear bumper " 2005 grand prix pointiac and they said the cost of damage was 500.00 dollars.Then exchanged our information after he said his insurance company did not even bother to even call my insurance company.Should i call my insurance company immediately or wait ?
How can I make a personal property insurance claim when the police will not allow me to file a report?0Loini2012-10-19 03:45:04
Two months ago, I took personal property to an ex-friends home. He moved and his whereabouts is unknown and with him went my property. My insurance company claims that my personal property is considered Covered. My insurance company has stated that in order to process a Loss, I must file a police report; the claim forms support this requirement. Here is the problem: According to the Police Dept., they cannot take, nor may I file, a Police Report. The Police Dept. has stated that this situation is NOT a criminal matter; it is a civil matter known as a "Breach of Trust." Also, the Police have stated that my only recourse is to sue the person who took my property when he moved. And, I know that his act was deliberate as I tried to collect my property several times prior to his disappearance. I have already informed my insurance company the circumstances surrounding this Loss. Since a report is required by my insurance company, how can I possibly proceed with this matter?
If you hit a post in a parking lot causing slight damage to your car should you report the accident to your insurance company and make a claim1Coli2011-12-22 04:57:19
If you find a message in a parking lot causing slight damage to your vehicle in case the report of the accident to your insurance company and make a claim
Parking deck car accident and threatening to report to police. Please Help!?0i love you2012-06-13 21:36:10
Hello , In the middle of last week just before finals, I went to my school and parked in the deck. I was helping to fix the car. I checked and saw nothing . As I was backing up , I t -boned another vehicle that had its lights on. It also hit his horn. My car suffered minimal damage ( nothing that some paint touch-ups can not fix ), but his car received a significant amount of damage. We left our car and I said that it will treat from his pocket and apologized for what happened. He said the intention of playing the horn, but it just did not and they will contact me after finals are over and we exchanged contact information. The police were not called to the scene and there was no report. It gets back to me on Friday and says he is taking it to a body shop. He asked what I preferred. I told him we were both at fault, because his lights were not lit . He flatly denied it and said it has daytime running lights and, from the passenger door and rear quarter panel (coupe ) were beaten it was my fault for not looking. I was threatened with being reported to the police if I pay and I said send me the first estimate. ( This was discussed in a text message ). The boys said that he has my number plate , but was not observed at the time and images of some sort ( most likely damage your car ). My friend I parked next to that day, came out and said the damage, but said he saw nothing . What should I do in this situation ? It's been over a week since this happened .
Can a car insurance claim be filed without a police report?11scops_owl2012-08-12 02:09:39
Can a car insurance claim without filing a police report ?
I was hit in a parking lot by someone reversing out of a stall, who is at fault?2eljhay2012-10-25 17:12:03
So I was looking for a parking spot today, and I saw a lady back to his car into reverse as rightas passing by , I quickly shifted into reverse to allow her room, but she kept a copy up anyway. If she had turned definitely would see me. She came out and started to say it's my fault because I should have stopped there, but I heard that if someone is supporting , regardless of the status of his guilt . Is this true ?

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