Fitness trainers liability in home I do not own.?

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valua patterson
Asked at 2012-08-12 05:24:03
I'm starting a personal training certification and was planning on doing outside my house where I live, or whether at home or gym . The question I have is that if I am "leasing" , this house I'm living is a problem? I 'm liability insurance , but keep the landlord from any liability if it so happens to be any ? and be right in that I am the master of my own business here? or am I suppose to contact the owner of the house before doing this to get approval ? I do not want to raise red flags if necessary.

I do not know if any law, written or unwritten that a customer can go after the "owner" of the damage and not just me , or I 'm breaking the rules for the formation of a home I do not own technique. For what is the difference between me and have a trainging freind someone else?

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