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Auto accident - other driver claims injury?0J.J.2012-08-10 17:24:02
I was in an accident 8 weeks in which there is a delivery truck and brought before him. The truck barely had any damage, many scratches , and my car was totaled . The truck driver came out and said it was fine, even moving the dirt road and offers to move my car off the road. Today I learned that it took 7 weeks off work for back and neck injuries , with a draft of your Workman. The agent claims to my insurance company is a bit dubious of your claim. She finds it odd that no major damage was like when I was in a truck weighing more than 10,000, while I was in a little Chevy Aveo and I had no damage at all and my car has the worst of the impact. She said she needed to talk to him and see all your notes from doctors and keep me informed. What should I expect ? How does this affect my insurance premiums go up ( I knew that rise from the accident is my fault, but an injury accident that is more expensive? ) Moreover , I have to worry about being sued by the other driver or I should insurance cover all costs if they knew of injury is what he says he is?
Auto accident, injury claims question hit/run UMC?0tameisha2012-08-16 07:51:33
I was involved in a car accident on 5/18/2008. I was driving north on Interstate 95 heading to New York from Virginia. When the accident happened I was in New Jersey. Someone hit me in the rear passenger side that made me lose control and do 360 degree turns 3-4 on the freeway. Finally stopped when the passenger side of my car hit the back of a pickup truck in that time stopped for just 1-2 seconds and sped off. I was on the side of the road by myself. Me and my passenger suffered so much what we thought were minor injuries. An officer came wrote a police report (as there were no other vehicles that stopped he wrote it as a success / run). Then the crane took my car off the highway and the nearest repair shop local. Then I had to take a train to New York from Jersey to where my family lives. The next day I went to seek medical treatment for my neck / back / shoulder and right, so did my passenger. I have treatment 3 times a week for a chiropractor and radiographs. The following week I returned home (Virginia), where I met a chiropractor and had my medical records transferred. I've been watching since ... I have seen a doctor, was to do an MRI, and now have to go see an orthopedist. (MRI found to have a broken shoulder) returned to collect my car, finally in the shop had been that the frame / body / and painting done, but had not done anything to my car mechanically however, insisted I was ready for collection. I was furious so you end up driving my car back home to Virginia because she could not waste time / money. My car still has the check engine light, ABS light on, the speedometer does not work, the suspension was shot. the passenger side strut was blown up, I realized to make that side of the car had no buoyancy (sp?) to it. So I called my attorney and called the insurance company and took them to replace the strut. EITHERWAY the car is still not in good mechanical condition and back to the state it was before the accident. My questions are .... How do I go from here? STATUS 3 MONTHS SO FAR AND MY CAR IS STILL NOT working properly. I have contacted the insurance company told me that an adjuster would come to get my car back and no one has called or showed up. I am a trial of my insurance company? All my lawyer has done is to send letters of representation from physicians who have seen my chiropractor I mentioned ... PD Im 20 years old I have full coverage and you own a BMW 528i 2000 I know it's long, but thanks in advance I am very confused as to what position im in and what options I have ... I have a kind of just go with the flow of the search for my medical treatment ..
If an auto insurance pays for medical claims and a settlement is received from an at-fault driver for bodily injury is that to repay the insurance co0Guinea pig2012-03-20 14:31:08
If auto insurance pays for medical claims and an agreement is received from an at-fault driver for personal injuries is to pay the coinsurance
Won Small Claims vs. Insured Driver in auto accident-how to collect?0gerima2012-10-26 07:45:02
The driver was insured and accompanied by the insurance company in court . Now that the court has ruled in my favor , the insurance company is legally obligated to pay me after the 30 day appeal period or do I have to go through enforcement proceedings against the insured ? Thank you !
Another driver hit my car. Must I settle the property and injury claims separately?0Lovely2012-10-20 16:15:03
Another driver hit my car and was at fault. My car was declared a total loss. I had a large cut on my scalp. The other driver's insurance said they settle the property claim separately from the injury claim. Do I have to agree to that? Which claim handles "pain and suffering."
What can you do if your son who does not live at home was involved in an auto accident with your car but the insurance company claims he is more than an occasional driver1Phnom Penh2012-05-31 14:55:03
What can you do if your child does not live in the country was involved in a car accident with his car but the insurance company says it is more than an occasional driver
Should you have the other driver sign something waiving further claims if you are settling an auto accident without contacting your insurance company0 mei. people admire ã‚› 2012-02-13 00:26:50
Have something to drive another sign waiver of claims later if you are solving a car accident without contacting your insurance company
Auto Insurance, Injury Claims?3C/-®']['E® 2012-03-05 10:15:05
My boyfriend was beaten by a drunk driver while working. Any advice on how best to charge for an injury, etc? California
Is there a formula that auto insurance companies use for injury claims?1Tarah2012-10-22 11:06:27
What can I do if the other driver of a non-injury accident in California is now suing me?5 · ① generation zi love you -2012-09-22 10:45:02
In May this year , was parked on the sidewalk and was getting out of my car when a truck passed by at high speed and came so close to my car that hit my back door. He hit the brakes and passenger mirror broke on the street. We exchanged numbers, but I do not think I ever heard from him again because I thought it was clearly guilty and I did not think there had been no damage to my car. Who lost his name and number. Finally I had almost $ 800 worth of repairs to the door, as he was eliminated from the lineup and the door would not close. Only later I found that after losing the type number . Now, suddenly , more than 3 months later , I have an insurance company calling me and wanting to charge for damage to your mirror. I do not want to report this to my insurance, because I really can not afford an increase. If you send a copy of the bill to repair my door ? I just want it to end. So ... tell me if the accident was your fault or not ( I say yes , because of him ) and tell me what to do with the insurance people call me ?
Auto accident injury?0Milisa2012-09-26 01:15:05
I was recently in a car accident where a Nissan truck ran into the back of another car that then ran into the back of me causing $2000 worth of damage to the rear of my infiniti. I received moderate whiplash to my neck and had to be taken to the hospital. I checked out without any broken bones and was prescribed medication. I went to see a chiropractor and he has been working on my neck for a couple days which makes it feel a better. Im 100% not at fault and the insurance company has taken care of my car repair, rental, and medical bills. They ask me " How much do I think I want for this accident" for pain and suffering. I believe I am entitled to at least $3500-5000 for my suffering I live in NC. I believe $5000 is a reasonable consider the circumstances. I could have lost my life, broke my neck and been paralyzed for life. Thank the lord that I received only a whiplash. The stress that I am undergoing, the constant pain in my neck is a reminder of the accident, which I feel fearful of driving. The time I spent recovering could have been spent enjoying my life. Besides getting behind in my school work, I am absent from my student organization at school which I am a key figure ( president AGC). I don't enjoy waking up with cramps and headaches nor do I like to take prescription pills, and therapy. I don't want to be compensation a insufficient amount that wont even cover pain and suffering I went though. It seems like you people are on the side of the insurance company and not the victims in this situation. I wonder if any of you have ever been in an automobile accident and if you have must share some sort of empathy of what I am reiterating.
Auto accident injury - how much should I ask for?0Busy 62012-09-18 20:52:04
Hello ! 3 months ago was T - boned by a car that ran a stop . My old car was totaled $ 700 (91 Honda with 260K miles on it and spent a total in history) . I had to get seven stitches in his head . I do not miss work , but missed two college classes that day . I have a small scar from a half inch or so in front. My medical expenses were $ 3000 after ambulance , X -rays , points , etc. I have a police report and the witnesses were there in the report . I see no need for a lawyer , and it was not a big injury and I have not had any problems since then , but I have no idea what is a fair agreement is for a case like this . I've been kind to the insurance agent of the party - at-fault that he has been to me , but I've been offered $ 600 for pain and suffering ( he said it was the maximum) and $ 500 for damage to property. Should I accept this? Like I said , I'm not trying to extract as much as I can , but I do not want to get ripped off or ...

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