Auto accident - other driver claims injury?

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I was in an accident 8 weeks in which there is a delivery truck and brought before him. The truck barely had any damage, many scratches , and my car was totaled . The truck driver came out and said it was fine, even moving the dirt road and offers to move my car off the road.

Today I learned that it took 7 weeks off work for back and neck injuries , with a draft of your Workman. The agent claims to my insurance company is a bit dubious of your claim. She finds it odd that no major damage was like when I was in a truck weighing more than 10,000, while I was in a little Chevy Aveo and I had no damage at all and my car has the worst of the impact. She said she needed to talk to him and see all your notes from doctors and keep me informed.

What should I expect ? How does this affect my insurance premiums go up ( I knew that rise from the accident is my fault, but an injury accident that is more expensive? ) Moreover , I have to worry about being sued by the other driver or I should insurance cover all costs if they knew of injury is what he says he is?

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