How do you feel about your car insurance being rated by your credit score instead of your driving record?

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Asked at 2012-01-24 14:58:16
How do you feel about your car insurance can be qualified by your credit score instead of your driving record ?
Answer1*'}{'o'][' §']['uFf* Answered at 2012-01-27 18:50:51
That is crazy! which has a perfect score not one day ? ? is just another way for insurance companies to make more $ $ and not pay when the time to use the policy! !
Answer2【ポ ポ. the injury -Answered at 2012-01-29 03:35:09
I think it really sux ! today, not a lot of people have good credit and car insurance is expensive enough as it is!

Are they really trying to do that ? its stupid because it has nothing to do with the other .

Queen B: actually agree with this policy? How credit has nothing to do with it ? is simple, if you do not pay your car insurance , be canceled ! if you cancel and get caught driving, going to jail ! I think a sufficient incentive to pay your insurance ! can not say that because someone is behind on their bills for a short period due to the great economic crisis , which makes them a bad driver! doesn't make any sense at all!
and if you have bad credit, which means that these insurance companies that the person may pay a higher premium ? It's a lose lose for sure buyer !
Answer3BlossomAnswered at 2012-01-30 00:01:50
Michigan also uses a score that is on your driving record . State Farm had when I lived in MI and my credit score affect me, but that the insurance score .

MI is an extremely expensive to live and make you carry very high minimum by law ( I'm not saying that that part is completely bad either, but it's true ).

But to answer your real question I think is fair and not just when credit scoring is used. I do not think insurance claims and credit accounts have relavance to each other .
Answer4JeremiahAnswered at 2012-01-30 22:02:10
and its nominal actaully both. its proven that people with better credit are at less risk than those with bad credit. Credit makes the world go in the world. You can not do much with bad credit , so insurance companies finally jumped on board to use this.
Answer5BaldwiAnswered at 2012-04-05 18:28:49
Well , the rates are based on many factors , the credit is only one. Driving record , city and state where you live , the vehicle , coverage , sex and age , claims history (including comprehensive claims ), how the vehicle is used - the pleasure , travel , business , farm, etc. If it was only credit score, you would be paying the same as a man of 16 years old with a sports car and crashes 2 if I had the same credit score , sorry, just does not work that way. Insurance scores are based on credit score more than just - it is very complicated and not enough space to explain here (2 people with credit scores can have different scores exactly the same insurance due to other factors) - I have a company using the security card and other AL scores using scores number 1-44. You never see a real credit score in politics. Do not even know what credit scores are. Some states allow even a refusal rate of the score or hit not to be given a score rate "average" credit.
As soon as people hear credit score , they jump at that and assume it 's all based on that and it is not.
As to their insurance companies change your score, insurance scores are "soft" financial successes to his credit and should not affect the outcome in any way. Pulling your own credit (which you can do for free if she is not getting the best insurance score , which sounds as if it is not) and speaks of the credit reporting agency must tell her this .
Answer6ElsaAnswered at 2012-05-10 07:13:42
This is the same as in my state and I think it's a sad way to the insurance companies get richer in bad situations. I know very few people these days credit there has not been affected by the economic difficulties the country is at present . With that said ... Government and business is defenitly a GREAT find a way to leave the United States to its knees. I say also because polititions Government will not intervene to regulate insurance companies because these companies billions of dollars polititions lace pockets .

I know more than they care about the laws and insurance companies. As I was in a car accident near fatial with a truck tractor- trailer carrying pipe for 4 years and I'm still fighting it , your insurance carrier and lifetime of injuries. By the way: he was the culprit.
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