Is there a 'general liability' business insurance? related questions

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I want to bind a business general liability policy for my home based business, what will they need?0alaina2012-07-24 00:35:03
Will the general liability insurance company require proof of homeowner's insurance, auto insurance, etc?
Is there a 'general liability' business insurance?0y912f2012-08-10 04:08:02
I am a handyman , an expert in various trades . I have a college degree in a couple of fields, and leads to jobs, thanks to the recession . Now I have to pay student loans on top of regular bills. What I wonder is whether the " general responsibility " can apply to a single business practitionier ?
How do I get general liability ins. for a business ?1Joh2012-05-28 20:18:28
I tried to get the small business general liability insurance , but my specialty ( custom build fireplace mantel / installation ) is not in the list, so I can not have any appointments. I am licensed in my state , but can not work without supplements .
Would my general liability insurance for small business cover this ?1sweetzaidie2012-10-07 09:18:07
Hi I have a small wireless store , today I was trying to fix one of the broken phone models screen with glue , but some quantities as I have spilled some glue . A lady came with her daughter , her daughter would be about 6 or 7. He touched the screen and has some glue on your fingers . She started flipping out big time and started screeming . When I said he was going to call the police on me , I suppose to report the incident if plans to sue . My question is if she claims , would be my liability insurance to cover small businesses such thing . Please give an idea.
What would be the avreage cost of general liability insurance for a business?0Cosmo2012-08-22 22:26:02
Art is a new day for summer business camp for kids in Mississauga . Operate in the office space will be leased and sales will be less than twenty thousand dollars. There are also insurance of any company offering cheap ?
What is the cost of general liability insurance for a small business?0wwps2012-07-14 15:41:02
I need a quote for liability insurance for my indoor golf facility .
What is the cost of general liability insurance for a small business?0Quiera2012-07-11 17:05:03
My history class is doing a business plan project, and I'm wondering what the cost of liability insurance for a softball training center would be?
How much will Commercial general liability insurance cost 100,000 for my taxicab business any help?0grisel2012-08-29 11:47:14
Florida new business
What is the cost of liability insurance on a small business (general/averaged)?1Judith2012-05-02 06:10:05
What is the cost of liability insurance in a small business (general / average) ?
Where can I buy Commercial General Liability insurance for my small jewelry business?0Gab2012-08-21 22:45:03
Do you need general liability insurance for a sole proprietor business for a trucking company?0Kiara2012-08-23 08:45:01
Do you need liability insurance for a single business owner of a transport company ?
Where do i get general liability insurance for a property preservation business in south central MO?0Mic2012-05-08 00:14:18
Where I can get a general liability insurance for property preservation of a business in south central MO ?

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