Why don't we let the market deal with health care and insurance? related questions

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Why don't we let the market deal with health care and insurance?0helpless Dad2012-08-08 00:15:44
Health care and health insurance is just a bubble as big as all bubbles that preceded it. The answer to the bubbles is so simple. Just released some kind of incentive and encourage entrepreneurs to start businesses that compete with the higher prices inflated. Allow regulation prohibiting competition in the medical field and insurance industry. When the medical industry is making billions and insurance companies are making billions . Is not it like finding a gold mine of the dam. Imagine what would happen if you eliminate the rule against small companies can compete with these giants. Wake up and do not have a health problem that we have a poster of the attention of health professionals issue. In New Jersey car insurance would be profitable. You know what happened a reporter learned the truth and spread around. Now, the car insurance is much cheaper. Do you know why ? Because the lies spread monopolistic cartels to eliminate competition . Oh yeah go ahead and everyone to buy health insurance ******. Why not pass a law that makes everyone buys apples . An apple a day keeps the doctor away . I can sell the apples so I'd love a law. Believe me I want to pay $ 10 per acre for you to become a billionaire in charge . Keep voting for idiots in the party and the party Repukiclan Demonrat and you will get exactly what you deserve !
Health Care...Mittens says that the 'Market Place" will take care of people with "pre-existing conditions" how?0Karthik2012-10-12 18:38:10
just going to take care of them ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1) cover charge so much money and so little that politics is esentially a total profit center MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 2) Adjust the cost of care across the client group and charge an average price for all MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 3) Have your " death panels " expain the facts of life to "those people " MedlinePlus 4) Explain " social Darwinism " at the time of sale and direct another person MedlinePlus Insurance Company MedlinePlus 5) Point out that it's not really " his" foul that is sick , so no hard feelings , but ..... F from MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 6) A plane ticket to Canada ... First Class ... one way .... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus ,
Does health care reform influence the insurance market?2Killa Priest 2012-09-23 06:05:03
And more specifically, how does it affect premiums and how health care is distributed, and the way people purchase it? I've been reading into how the free rider aspect can negatively influence the cost of health insurance and what that cost means to taxpayers. But does the health reform bill change how people choose to purchase insurance, such as what type? Will people purchase more short-term insurance for instance, over long-term insurance simply to fulfill the mandates? And how does this change competition between providers? Are providers harmed? Websites with information would be helpful. Thank you.
What are michael moore's views on the health care insurance deal?1Yoona2012-10-07 16:32:03
Is there a movie brewing.
If health care is too expensive then we just don't have enough competition in the market?1kalene2012-08-27 15:17:02
Nixon tried price controls and failed miserably . If what makes you think that you can control the price of health care with Obamacare ? Good luck with that . I mean if the best minds in the past socialists could not. What makes you think that is Obama ? The guy's a lawyer. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If the price of medical care is too damn high. But that is because doctors do not want HMO or insurance. They want Medicaid , because they can easily boot . My former doctor all the trash that had health insurance , and especially those who are uninsured . I stopped going to her, but I had to get a report from her a couple of months later . Guess what I saw ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus A room full of blacks and illegal immigrants with Medicaid cards . See the doctor is making so much money out of Medicaid that she did not want anyone with insurance. That is exactly what will happen with Obamacare . You will be forced to buy insurance , but when you go to see a doctor you're not wanted there. They just want government insurance because it is easier to start the Government . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If you really want to lower health care prices . Get rid of Medicaid altogether and train a lot of new medical professionals . As to medical devices . Encourage entrepreneurship in companies that manufacture medical equipment . That way you can flood the market with better equipment and a lower price. Throwing a lot of competition in the market is obvious that you can make a lot of money there .
Does anyone know the REAL DEAL about Obama's health care 'reform'?3heranda2012-10-08 19:43:03
The true free market can NOT run Health care system, can it?1Dwane2012-09-18 08:33:03
Capitalism is a wonderful thing - but running health care ? Not so . There have been studies that say that health care should not be put in the same category as other products and the free market can not operate healthcare still expect this to work ? MedlinePlus There are too many things when you have to use and how much it will cost her illness . Even if the U.S. could get all your people to lose weight and be healthy there are still many devastating diseases and accidents that happen to people all the time . The costs are so high , insurance companies health care are forced to ration care either turn a profit or increase premiums , How do you follow this system in which we have some people who receive excellent care and others get nothing or very little?
HOw can the government dictate the profit margin for the insurance companies with this health care deal?0Georgina2012-09-12 11:15:05
they say the insurance companies has to spend 8-% of premiums on health care. Health care is a little different than life or car insurance and besides if they can only keep 20% how much with their overhead cost them? What happens if they have a real bad year and no reserves? If wrong please explain links would help
How will the affordable health care act help me? i dont want to buy health insurance. i havent been to a?1Re re2012-08-08 23:37:03
doctor in years and i have a substantial amount of money saved up in case of an emergency.
Because of moral hazard, insurance inevitably leads to a loss of welfare in the market for health care.?0Rachel2012-07-14 11:24:01
True or false? Why?
Dont know how to deal with insurance company?5Miriam2012-09-22 11:15:02
My car was smashed by a crane company a while ago. The officer who arrived on the scene determined that the crane driver was at fault. After several days of not hearing from your insurance company called me to see what was taking so long. Apparently had not even made ​​yet! The next day, the assigned agent said he could not get a hold of the driver or his supervisor in the company, and it could not determine who was at fault ( I do not understand if the police have already determined that ). I am on a fixed income and need a car for work and can not afford to pay out of pocket to rent for an undetermined amount of time. Is there anything I can do to speed it up? Or is there a way to boost the company and the driver at fault in fact doing what they are obliged to do? ?
What is the most important potential source of market failure in the health insurance market?0Tharima2012-06-23 17:53:46
What is the most important potential source of market failure in the market for health insurance?

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