Why don't we let the market deal with health care and insurance?

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helpless Dad
Asked at 2012-08-08 00:15:44
Health care and health insurance is just a bubble as big as all bubbles that preceded it. The answer to the bubbles is so simple. Just released some kind of incentive and encourage entrepreneurs to start businesses that compete with the higher prices inflated. Allow regulation prohibiting competition in the medical field and insurance industry.

When the medical industry is making billions and insurance companies are making billions . Is not it like finding a gold mine of the dam. Imagine what would happen if you eliminate the rule against small companies can compete with these giants.

Wake up and do not have a health problem that we have a poster of the attention of health professionals issue.

In New Jersey car insurance would be profitable. You know what happened a reporter learned the truth and spread around. Now, the car insurance is much cheaper. Do you know why ? Because the lies spread monopolistic cartels to eliminate competition .

Oh yeah go ahead and everyone to buy health insurance ******. Why not pass a law that makes everyone buys apples . An apple a day keeps the doctor away . I can sell the apples so I'd love a law. Believe me I want to pay $ 10 per acre for you to become a billionaire in charge .

Keep voting for idiots in the party and the party Repukiclan Demonrat and you will get exactly what you deserve !

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