Does homeowners insurance cover water damage from a water heater

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Does homeowners insurance cover water damage from a water heater
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Only if it was an accident and were not aware of any problems with the water heater before it can cause water damage . It is your responsibility as a homeowner to be aware of their appliances. Therefore, if you have visible rust in your water heater and water stains on the floor , it is likely that the agent will say that you were negligent . Of course, not everyone knows what that looks like rust or water heater should not leak. Good luck ! ;-) Home insurance and coverage of water heaters really depends on your type of politics and the cause of the leak of the water heater . Note that your home insurance policy does not cover normal homeowners and expected costs of home maintenance and does not provide warranty coverage for appliances. The water heater leaking If your water heater is leaking due to damage caused by sudden loss of a covered peril (fire , wind , hail , lightning, etc. ) under your insurance policy , your insurance company will cover repair costs and damages resulting subject to the policy deductible. If your water heater is old and in need of replacement (generally every 12 to 15 years), then it is considered a problem keeping the house normal and expected , and is not considered a covered loss. As a result of water damage If your policy has coverage for accidental discharge of water , the resulting damage , even from a defective device would be covered after the water heater has been repaired or replaced subject to any deductible, but the water heater itself can not be covered depending on the cause of leakage as described above.
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