If I change my liscence to another state, will my records carry over ? such as points and accidents records? related questions

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If I change my liscence to another state, will my records carry over ? such as points and accidents records?7Vonnie2012-04-24 01:37:00
If I change my liscence to another state, will take over my records ? such as points and accident records ?
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How to check for points on driving records.?1infected mushroom 2012-07-13 04:08:02
My boyfriend was driving my car and got into a small accident . No one was injured and was given no ticket . He reported the accident to the DMV , so you would get points on your record automatically? And how can we check if he had points?
Does anyone know about the points system for driving records in Texas????1Arvi2012-04-03 06:10:07
Not long ago I received a letter in the mail saying that if I got 2 points on my driving record, that I would get my license suspended for 36 months. Today, I received a ticket and a warning. Are these 2 things will be for my last 2 points? Is my license will be suspended?
How often does Illinois insurance check out of state records?0roody2012-09-16 06:45:03
I live in Illinois and received a ticket in Wisconsin . I wondered how often checks insurance Illinois state records ?
Do driving records transfer from state to state?0jalena2012-08-31 23:03:07
I had a Texas driver's license for the past six years. I got my first rape two years ago - a traffic ticket in Texas , but I did defensive driving . I have another speeding ticket in Louisiana last October (while licensed in Texas ) and I paid it. Now , I live in Oregon , has an Oregon driver 's license and am trying to get my car insurance . Are both even on my record ? Do I have to report these two violations for an auto insurance quote ?
How do you retrieve old car insurance records from eleven years ago from another state1 Must you speak?2012-03-19 23:15:05
How to retrieve old records car insurance for eleven years, from another state
How do you find an old car you used to own if you do not have insurance records or vin number or liscense or any info except your name and state0mass noun2012-01-08 11:16:45
How to find an old car that he owned if you have no insurance records or VIN number or liscense or any other information except your name and status
Does State Farm auto insurance in California check DMV records if you remove someone from your policy1Shorty 2012-08-06 23:18:02
Has there ever been a study on how many points police have on their driving records as apposed to non police?0Quella2012-05-10 17:43:48
since the police have the brotherhood and usually I write tickets to other cops , has there ever been a study on the points of regular joes with the police. I see cars all the time with the thin blue line sticker secret or lis insignia , plate, speeding, changing lanes without signal, drunk in a bar with his motorcycle gang colors LE, just wondering if data therein.
Points on a liscence: do the transfer from state to state?0Moira2012-05-04 09:12:10
I was wondering , I just bought 3 points on my license in New York from a ticket that had been through the courts for months. however, had recently moved to California and was wondering if more transfer points . another problem with this is a fine of $ 250 must be the pain within a few days certain , that may, in fact , suspend my license. also be transferred via New York to California to obtain a license issued new state? has a suspended license prevent the acquisition of a new one in a new state?
What if your auto's bin number doesn't match the state's auto records?0lila2012-07-20 01:50:04
My daughter got a letter from her insurance company today that said the bin number on her car doesn't match what the state has for the car that goes with that bin number. She has been paying 300 a month plus for this auto from a used car lot. What does this mean? We didn't get the letter until after 7:00PM when we came home.

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