Should i buy health insurance instead of providing food clothing heat and shelter for my family,? related questions

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Should i buy health insurance instead of providing food clothing heat and shelter for my family,?0zax for Mrs.SUE2012-08-06 08:02:46
or should I opt for the fine not be able to pay . Go to jail, lose my job , passing the burden of myself and my family in that the citizen who pays his taxes? Should we force all homeless people in the purchase of mansions.
Why are necessities, such as food, clothing and shelter mostly affordable, but not health insuarnce?1helly2012-07-26 08:40:03
Can't figure it out. Here in Tempe if a man were to work 80 hours a week and earn minimum wage with no benefits (remember, we have nine-percent unemployment now, higher than Belgium, Australia and Norway, mind you), he could bring in about $2,000 per month before taxes. He can get a studio for under $500 or a rented room for a little less; one month's worth of groceries, if purchased at the 99 Cent Store or Food City, could run him $250 per month, and a week of clothing purchased at Goodwill might run him about $100. All affordable, many options for the low-wage earner. Now, this guy actually works for a living maximum hours, so he doesn't qualify for state aid (I've looked into it, that salary is too high), and many jobs don't offer benefits, particularly low-skilled ones, so what's he to do? Let's say he has a pre-existing condition, therefore, he is either denied insurance outright or charged well over $1,000 per month (look at Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Golden Rule, Aetna, Cigna and United). So, he works for a living, doesn't smoke, no woman will have sex with him, he has no children, he doesn't do drugs, he has no gadges (iPod, computer, stereo), no car (he takes the bus), even after all that, he's still screwed. He needs preventative care, not emergency ward treatment as that's not financially viable for America long term, so what does he do: job offers no benefits, is denied or overcharged for health insurance, can't find a job with benefits, state won't provide the working man with state insurance...shouldn't he just quit working and become the welfare leach that conservatives revile because hard work is getting him nowhere?
Do food pantries ask for income /family size, etc when needing food?1icelocsgirl2012-08-11 22:04:59
Therefore, I live alone and I can make decent money . The problem is that now I'm totally wiped out the savings and the best of my credit card only for urgent family emergency . I'll be totally fine once I get paid for more than you need for bills, and then when back on track I can add to my savings account again. But until they are paid within 8 days, I literally do not have a dollar to my name until then. I posted a few adds on Craigslist to sell some items, but you have to get my car insurance and electricity to be very soon. If someone answers yet .. I was thinking of going to a food pantry to pick up some items. Do you verify income , I am NOT low income is only a temporary solution. After receiving the money , I would donate some items to the bank just for my own conscience. I know there are families with children who are low income.
What would cost the country more? Providing affordable health insurance or not providing it?0JMS2012-09-19 07:45:05
This week I have had two experiences where having health insurance has saved the lives and livelihoods of two of my family members. They both had procedures to remove cancererous growths before they had a chance to spread. Without health insurance, they would not have gone to the doctor regularly and the cancer would not have been detected in time. So instead of a $3000 procedure, it would have meant long term care and treatment, loss of income, perhaps bankruptcy. I spend $2000 a month on health insurance for my family. The average person cannot afford this. I think it is unfair. I also think it is bad economics. What's your opinion?
What do you do for health insurance when you own your own online clothing store?0sjfs2012-10-15 04:35:07
I have 22 years , not in school , MedlinePlus I own an online store MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Sooo , what I can do for your health insurance ?
What would be the cost of living in San Diego Cal for a family of 5, rent, food, insurance, schools and all?0lost2012-08-31 21:29:02
I am moving to another country or Chulavista SD areas with my family (wife and 3 children ages 16.13 and 6) and would like to somehow maintain my standard of living (house of approx . 2,300 square meters , 2 cars , medical and general insurance , scools , etc ) MedlinePlus I refer to the approximate amount per month I would need ? I have a job , but I have doubts whether the pay is enough. Maybe I should be more than $ 50,000 or $ 60,000 per year . ?
My employer is providing health insurance,but it is not good.iam taking own health ins.can i have tax deductio?0Zawar2012-09-03 10:14:02
I can take tax deductions ? ?
Should employers carry burden of providing health care benefits OR should govt. institute health insurance?0dory2012-10-14 12:15:03
What difference might this make for the inability of US companies, such as automobile manufacturers, to compete internationally when most other developed countries provide national health insurance?
Why doesn't obamacare include food? Why aren't we required to buy FOOD insurance?3tomcat2012-10-23 21:57:02
Instead of stimulas checks-How about providing health insurance to those who have none?0swen2012-09-07 15:58:01
Instead of stimulas technical controls on health insurance to those who do not?
How does providing health insurance pose a burden on employers?1Gail2012-08-25 22:21:18
And would they be better off, more competitive if this burden was lifted from them and health insurance came from somewhere else
Which health insurance provider is known for providing the best mediclaim plans?0Manila2012-06-28 13:58:02
I want a new health insurance policy but I am very confused about which plan to buy. Can anyone please help me out? I want a plan that I can use easily.

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