Want to buy cake decorating stock (wholesale) to sell as trade? related questions

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Want to buy cake decorating stock (wholesale) to sell as trade?0jeniza2012-08-06 02:00:03
Want to buy stock in cake decorating (wholesale ) to sell the trade?
I want to bake a big cake like an american flag to support the troops but i dont now how to make a cake look?0randall2012-06-22 12:09:00
as an American flag wut I do
Should I sell my Principal Financial Group Stock or hold it right now?0Rosedala2012-09-25 23:33:03
I did not pay anything for it . Complete with a life insurance policy he had with them . The website says it might be preparing to make a purchase again and wonder what I should sell or keep .
Why would my life insurance company (Prudential) ask me to sell my shares of stock.?0 terror ♂ salmon → Celadon -2012-05-07 00:12:14
Is there a catch does anyone know what the top and bottom sides are to this. Its through a team share a external company thanks
What should I do with my 1999 toyota camry if I get a new car? Trade it in,sell it or donate it?1Dobly2012-03-17 07:27:43
I currently drive a Toyota Camry 1999. Has 160,000 miles on it. The car was bought new in May 1999. Im the only owner of the car. After more than 12 years I am thinking of buying a new Honda Accord or Ford Fusion . Trade in my camry offers 1999 have been very, very low new car dealers . Dealers have offered me $ 700 , $ 800, $ 1000. For a car like mine , this is too low. Sorry I can not accept a trade in the supply of this low. New car dealers unwilling to give much of the price tag of the new Honda Accord or new Ford Fusion. This is a Double Wammy . Should I sell second privatley car? My car air conditioning , heating , radio all works as good as new.The interior is in excellent shape. The exterior is a bit bubmper scrapped. However, his survey of minor importance. I am located in California. What about donatingthe car to charity? I think the new car dealerships that my Toyota Camry 1999 for free in practice. New car dealers must think I'm stupid ! I'll just conisder toyota camry trade in my 1999, if the new car dealer willbe willing to give me $ 2500 for it. I refuse to settle for $ 700 or $ 1000. How I can negoitaite the dealer for $ 2500 in trade? If the dealer is stubborn and often move more than $ 1000 , what should I do?
Is it possible to get painting and decorating insurance for an individual job?0rajdeep2012-07-05 20:50:03
How much does it cost to start your own business? painting and decorating?1sexy_gal 2012-07-25 15:14:03
im 22 and just finished doing painting and decorating so now that im qualified im thinking about becoming self employed and starting my own business. Its something ive always wanted to do and i think i could secure a decent future if i stick in at it etc etc. Was just wondering how i would go about it all to make it a legal, registered company. and does it cost to register your company name. Also being self employed i would need to advertise to get customers to get money and make ends meet. I have already done lots of customers houses (over 100) in the past few month and still getting plenty. (i have a facebook page, a free website, 250 business cards and 500 flyers) thats just at the moment. So say i did become a "registered company" what do i have to pay? and how often aprox? like insurance, and anything a business needs to pay yearly? as you can tell i have very limited knowledge in the area at the moment so ANY help or advise would be very helpful :)
Buying new vehicle with trade-in - owe $ on trade. What do I do?0Rina2012-07-28 01:36:02
I want to purchase a new vehicle, out of town, on a Saturday. I owe money on my trade-in with a local credit union. Will I be able to take my new vehicle home with me that day? How do they handle this type of situation? What about insurance driving the new vehicle home?
I want to learn to trade stocks. Are there any free websites where I can learn and trade with fake money?0Love you like I 〆2012-05-26 20:15:50
I found weseed.com . but wondered if there was good websites out there to help me learn the process of buying and selling shares ? Are there any decent sites that allow you to "fake" trade in the virtual stock market ?
Is it possible to make a cake by own?1JackCollinson2017-03-22 03:33:17
Is it possible to make a cake by own?
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You Can Have Your Cake And Blush Farms, Too0SkilySmith2020-06-26 00:47:29
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