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Michigan driver's license?5SHAZAM2022-04-13 01:14:59
I have 16 years and if it happened , how I can get it? Do you print my picture soon as , or does the mail?[View Answers]
I have recently sold my vehicle to a car dealer with the private number plate still on,?1makhado asiashu2017-10-31 02:33:11
The dealer said he would put it on retention for me, but has not, and has become impossible to get hold of. Any advice?[View Answers]
Auto Accident Question?1Noa2017-10-31 02:32:57
I live in Minnesota. About 2 months my wife had an accident. We had a bad winter storm , and the roads were covered with ice and snow. She was driving on the freeway in the morning, in the left lane and hit some ice and took her to get out. Was 30 mph zone in a 60 . He stopped in the middle lane facing the wrong way. About 2-3 seconds after it stopped was beaten by another vehicle. The insurance company says it is her fault, but not the other driver has been able to stop in that amount of time? The other car tried to swerve around and hit the right front of the car. In addition, the insurance company has yet to pay for time lost from work . What's the story with that?[View Answers]
How to get through the questions at ?1Christo2017-10-31 02:32:45
in step 5 of getting a quote they ask "We need the details of any points added to your licence within the last 5 years....blabla" BUT i have no points etc, and this does not accept this fact, i cant go to the next step! and no tel. number to call them and ask what to do :([View Answers]
Can my insurance company sue me for having car garaged in different state?1M.Logasubramanyam2017-10-31 02:32:37
I have my insurance in 1 state and I'm residing in another state for a short time while husband is deployed. The insurance company wants me to fill out a survey (after 8 months) to verify where the vehicles are garaged. Can they sue me for having the car in another state even though it's not where I'm legally residing??? I'm concerned they will sue me for fraud. I believe they have been driving by to see where the car is. I've noticed on a few occassions someone stopped in front of house looking up my driveway and have seen Geico vehicles driving by.[View Answers]
Will minor accidents stay on my DMV liscense?1Nikki-Ole2017-10-31 02:32:28
I live in NY and I had few small accidents and made police report on all of them. None of them was a major accident. Two of them I hit on the back bumper of other car and was not much damage. But they called cops and filed a report. The other was a guy hit my car while he was backing and I called cops and filed report. Will those accidents affect my driving record or how long will it stay in my DMV liscense?[View Answers]
Would I be able to take a Driver Accident Prevention Course more than once in order to reduce all my points?1vaseva2017-10-31 02:32:19
Points in a licensee. - I have 6 points and a single course will take off 4. - How do I get rid of the other two points? THANK YOU![View Answers]
How can I get my dad removed from my title?1chocolate2017-10-31 02:32:11
My car was paid off and I now have the pink slip and want to get his name removed. The title reads john smith or john smith jr. Our DMV is a joke and can't really find a good answer.[View Answers]
I want a new car from the insurance company?1Yaun2017-10-31 02:32:02
My car 05 and the transmission is starting to go and reheated from time to time. If I can buy the best safe to wait 2 months to run my car into a tree. Do you think the insurance company that covers all costs ?[View Answers]
Driving question don't know what to do help!!!?1chana2017-10-31 02:31:53
Okay I went to give my drivers exam and I failed because my birth certificate wasn't in the proper condition. They accepted it when I went to get my permit I didn't agrue with the lady so I went to get a new birth certificate and the last name caused a problem so my last name changed. My bluecard, permit and all the other papers have my old last name so what am i suppose to do. I need a new permit and a new bluecard and identification I am a teenager not even 18 yet so help please I am in New Jersey[View Answers]
I have no car so I have no insurance right now, can I still rent a car using their insurance? ?1Johnthyn2017-10-31 02:28:34
I have no car, so I do not have insurance right now, do I can rent a car with your insurance? ?[View Answers]
Will my insurance drop me over this.?1kelvin2017-10-31 02:28:26
So a couple of weeks ago i was driving, about 30mph, i slow down to make a right turn, sun glare into my eyes, and i struck a woman crossing the road. I was going pretty slow and she was alright, but the police were called and I had to file a claim with geico, i was of course at fault. This had been my first car accident since i got my car. Just the other day I was driving in heavy traffic to get to a bus station. I was going straight at a light whilst the car in front of me was turning right. Several pedestrians crossed the road, and then the "walk single" turned to "stop" and the light was green. The car started to turn, sped up, then suddenly stopped. I rear ended the car because i didn't have quite enough time to stop. Seconds later, a drunkard runs across the street, through traffic, stumbles and runs away. Because i rear ended, i'm probably at fault. Is that fair? 1. It was moments before the drunk guy ran across the street, he was not in the road nor even in the lane when the car infront stopped at a GREEN light. 2. Is it normal to stop for people crossing the road when they aren't supposed to be crossing the road and there is a designated cross walk? IDK but i feel so screwed by all of this.[View Answers]
How would you know if hospital put a medical bill lien on my Emergency bill?16 math2017-10-31 02:28:18
I went to the hospital last month for a single car accident in whick the person who was traveling with had only liability insurance and in that time I was not sure if insurance would pay for it does not give any information about people insurance or anything, but now the insurance company says they will look at the bill and if you have a lien on that are going to pay the hospital .. I'm loooking at the bill now and I see nothing that says taxes and there is blank where it says insurance information .. So how I can know if there is a lien on it or not.[View Answers]
My truck was back into by this women who lied to the police and her insurance company about what happened.?1N-VAR 2017-10-31 02:28:07
Can I sue? Damages are only $300. but its the fact that she's a liar. Both of our vehicles are 2011's[View Answers]
What was your first car and how old we're you ?1rajvir2017-10-31 02:27:57
Mazda 3 2007 I bought yesterday. I have 19 years of age. I love the car and since I paid from my pocket I love even more. What was your first car ? How old are we to you?[View Answers]
Minor in accident?1Person2017-10-31 02:27:47
if my biological son got into my car without my knowledge and hit another car while I was visiting him in a foster home and I am his legal guardian and not living with him or have any legal resposibility for him as decided by the court , am I responsible for damages?[View Answers]
Please pray my daughter's b-day 2marrow and my car just got impounded..?3fadi2017-10-31 02:27:38
I'm crying and saying I need help I'll miss I feel as if my car is impounded by the stupid that I have solved my license now I'm totally lost and confused , my boss gave me a bonus and I would use in my daughter and I now I can not because I have to pay the impound fees mute police and why it is a failure of hate this life why me ? Please pray thank someone I am a very loving single mother trying to do for life going to school and work to support my daughter , why I am a good person[View Answers]
no insureance22017-10-31 02:27:28
 Got stopped for no insurance just before the 2 year was up that if you get 6 points you have to retake your test but now I have not had a summons yet and it is over 2 years I have had my liesence plz help will I have to retake test[View Answers]
no insureance22017-10-31 02:27:08
 Got stopped for no insurance just before the 2 year was up that if you get 6 points you have to retake your test but now I have not had a summons yet and it is over 2 years I have had my liesence plz help will I have to retake test[View Answers]
Is driving a car really hard?31Dark Cloud2017-10-31 02:26:52
Just wondering . I will not be a bad driver lol.[View Answers]

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Car Insurance Faqs

  • Car insurance is a type of insurance that protects both you and your vehicle in the event of an accident.Car insurance is purchased to protect against damage caused from an automobile accident. In most states, car insurance is required in order to register a vehicle at the DMV, however, if your state does not require that, it's still important to get insured as the repercussions could be extensive if you're in an accident with no insurance.

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