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Hi i would like help coming up with my thesis for this essay i have written?1JAMIAH2021-11-14 13:12:52
Drunk Drivers Should Get No Sympathy Getting behind the wheel after even just one too many drinks can lead to disaster. In Canada alone drunk driving accidents are the single highest auto mobile related accidents. Yet most people don[View Answers]
Auto maintenance insurance, are they worth it?0DINGZHENG2012-11-06 06:52:11
I would like to know if the auto maintenance insurance sold by manufacturer are worth it? If they are should i get it from the manufacturer or another company, if from another company recommend two or three companies.[View Answers]
Why are we seeing so many more car insurance commercials than we used to?0sheep2012-11-06 05:43:35
Amica, State Farm. Allstate, Geico, Nationwide and Progressive are all bombarding me with commercials all day long. I don't remember the auto insurance market ever being this competitive. How come?[View Answers]
Auto insurance question in Michigan?0Jamie-Lee2012-11-06 04:35:12
i am making monthly payments on a brand new 2008 colbot that i got in dec 2007. I have shopped around for cheaper full coverage auto insurance, that what i already have. I can't seem to find no car insurance cheaper than what i have. My car insurance is more than my car payment. I have talked to a few insurance companies and we went over different things that could make it cheaper. But, they can't beat the price that i already have. My credit isn't the best, but shouldn't a car payment be more than insurance? Anyone have any ideas where and how i could get a cheaper car insurance policy?[View Answers]
Can rot/rust on a carframe be fixed on a 1989 auto?0seena2012-11-06 04:32:01
I have a 89 Ford Crown Vic....this car is my baby, has 184,000 miles on it and still runs fine. a mechanic had it on a lift and noticed some rotted out piece of the frame on the drivers side.....he pokes more holes into it ....something that I wasnt pleased with.....can this be fixed? Either I invest in a car I have invested in for over 16 years or pay for an unknown headache in another used car and pay more insurance...seems like a win lose situation.[View Answers]
Can anyone tell me how do you get cheap auto insurance rate and from what company or any website or link?0mhaidar91082012-11-06 02:17:55
How do you get cheap auto insurance rate and from what company?can you tell me?[View Answers]
Why do some institution ask for Copy of Proof of Auto Insurance when applying for job?0lianna2012-11-05 21:43:38
I want to tutor but this company is asking for copy of proof of auto insurance. Why is that?[View Answers]
Auto Insurance Claims : Insurance fraud?0HelpinMath2012-11-05 20:13:43
My wife had an accident earlier this year. She was exiting through the exit in which the gate is broken, so it is always open. As she was coming out there was a truck blocking her view as the truck was almost in front of her. Behind that truck was a big Houston Metro bus, blocking even more the view. Well my wife felt compelled to go because she felt "in the way"..She drove Very carefully before proceeding to make the left turn when all of a sudden, a car hit her on the side (t-boned her). The other car suffer minimal damage to the front, and would still turn on and drive. My wife's car had the whole driver side beaten up and the right front tire was pushed inside and we could not push the car. The other girl was most likely speeding due to the tremendous impact and damage that my wife's car sustained. Okay, so both parties had no insurance. So we came to an agreement that my father in law would pay for the damages (because he thought his daughter was at fault) but these body shop repairs were to be at a place of our choosing. The lady's mother came to the scene and made the agreement by making my in-law sign a piece of paper (not notarized). Okay so the following week she is bitching that her daughter needs the car to go to work and school. Hello, so does my wife! And I had to take my wife to the hospital because the following day she was feeling bad. Anyway. The other lady took the car out of the shop and choose to do her own thing. And then she was saying her car was un-repairable, or that it would cost $900 to fix?! When her car sustain only minimal front damage. Can you believe that?! My wife's car cost $700 to fix, but only the mechanical...the body shop damage will run in the 1,000+ The lady's daughter had 2 kids in the backseat when the accident happened. They were playing fine, jumping and climbing (we were with them for a few hours)...and the following days we get a call from this lady saying her grandson's arm might be broken?! Don;t you think a lil 5-7 year old boy would be screaming in pain if his arm was broken? Now she filed an insurance claim and the insurance company is wanting to talk to us about the claim. The thing is, the lady got car insurance AFTER the car wreck. And besides not wanting to get the cops involved at first, I also do not want to go along with this fraud because I have no idea what she is trying to do. She has called and told my in law that her lawyer wants to talk to us. I don't know if this is true or just trying to threaten us.... What could be some of the possible consequences? Is she bluffing? Could the cops get involved, could she take us to court even though it was her daughter who hit my wife? btw: this happened in Tx. and I did get photographs of the accident recording the damages to both cars.[View Answers]
Are auto insurance claims public records?0daisie2012-11-05 19:43:47
I just want to know if you get a settlement can anyone find out about it????[View Answers]
Auto insurance for a sixteen-year old girl that drives a Saturn 2001 sl?0annomous2012-11-05 17:42:09
To be able to drive I need to look around for insurance. I need four different insurance companies. Help I want to drive! I already have a licence![View Answers]
Auto insurance in bc?0Meli2012-11-05 16:39:51
The company I work for is finally leasing me a vehicle they are in toronto and I am living in bc the lease is approved and now I am having a hard time insuring the vehicle. The company is liscensed in burnaby, surrey whiterock etcetc. but Icbc still is giving me a hard time.The truck was leased in BC and is through gmac my driving record is good I get the max discount if anyone knows what I need to do to insure the vehicle please let me know I will be the primary operator. thanks[View Answers]
How to insure my used car auto dealership?0x-y-zzz2012-11-05 15:42:24
I just founded my own used car dealership and I was wondering what kind of insurance I need to cover it. I understand that I will need general liability of course, but I also heard a lot about blanket coverages. If anyone can help if you can give me just an overview of what kind of insurance I need I would highly appreciate it. And also what are some carriers that would insure me? Thanks![View Answers]
How much will auto insurance typically cost?0Paisley2012-11-05 11:05:10
I'm 22, a new driver and I've never been in an accident plus I completed Drivers Ed. How much would auto insurance cost monthly for me?[View Answers]
Burned clutch...would my auto insurance cover any expenses?0aranza 2012-11-05 09:33:23
well i have a 2009 subaru wrx with 38k miles and i just burned my clutch... i was wondering if my auto insurance (state Farm) would cover any expenses or would i still get covered by the manufactured ... if not what would be a good price website where i would be able to find a clutch kit OEM for it..[View Answers]
What is the best auto insurance company?0Nick Ross2012-11-05 06:56:01
[View Answers]
If i change vehicles on my insurance will I have to pay the difference or a whole month again?0Lela2012-11-05 03:20:26
I have progressive auto insurance and I just paid my month a week or two ago and I dont want to switch vehicles if I'm going to have to pay the entire month again[View Answers]
How do i get a copy of my CA driver's license record?0LX Size: Big guys 2012-11-05 02:54:48
I have an accident on my driving history. I don't think it is showing up on my drivers license record because I was not at fault. do I have to report it when getting auto insurance auotes?[View Answers]
How much is 21 century auto insurance?0cici2012-11-05 02:28:36
[View Answers]
Auto Insurance Inclined Person ?0Darryl2012-11-05 01:02:03
My Husband was in a auto accident back in May 2009 He was in a friends car ,And they were rear ended by a old lady that mistook the gas for the brake they all substained back injuries and after therapy,steroid shots in my husbands back he now has to have back surgery... we found out this procedure costs like 150,000 - 200,000 dollars the ladies insurance is 250,000 per person and 500,000 per accident can someone please shed some light on this for me We already have approx. 40,000 in existing bills and this back surgery puts a max on the 250,000 per person .. So does this mean that there is no money for compensasion from this accident for my husband how does this work when medical costs exceed the persons insurance ???[View Answers]
If I Didn't Have Auto Insurance, Can I Still Sue The At Fault Driver For Totaling My Car, Meds, Pain, -Wage?0pepi2012-11-04 20:26:31
[View Answers]

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Auto Insurance Faqs

  • Auto Insurance Cover yourself and your vehicle against damage from accidents and also for liability towards other drivers or their property. Don't waste your savings with cheap insurance policy for your vehicle. Blend price with proper protection while looking out for insurance quotes online.

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