I had three false teeth in a bridge and I lost the bridge with the teeth. Will home owner's insurance cover related questions

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I had three false teeth in a bridge and I lost the bridge with the teeth. Will home owner's insurance cover1reann2012-08-09 19:45:03
any of it? (I am talking in general since I know that there are some variations in home owner's policies.) It is going to cost me $4000 to go to a dentist and have a new one put in.
Best answer 5 stars: Can I get a crown of some sort to bridge the gap between my teeth?0I am so (h) 2012-10-26 02:17:26
I have 23 years old and had keys for a couple of years in my teens . Like many other people, I do not really use my trusty retention : ( Because of this , unfortunately , I have a pretty good sized gap between two teeth near the front right .. The difference is between canine and premolars .. ( see picture here http://charmoflove.ca/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/human_teeth.jpg teeth ) I've had a couple people ask me if I was missing a tooth . ! ( That made me feel horrible .. I can not afford Invisalign to close the gap up and not have dental insurance . is it possible I could get as a bridge ( bridge ) to fill the void ? what would be the cost ( average) ? anyone with knowledge in this or in the dental field , really appreciate it! Thank you .
How can i get fake teeth to cover my 2 front chopped teeth?2Eve2012-03-13 20:25:53
How I can get false teeth to cover my chopped 2 front teeth?
Can I sue my friends home owners insurance for the damages done to my son's teeth when he fell on her porch?5noun in names2012-11-06 07:25:02
¿ I can sue my friends home owners insurance for damage caused to my child's teeth when he fell on the porch?
If I hit a deer then lose control of my car and and hit the side of the bridge, should my insurance cover it u?2badger2012-07-18 10:42:02
I was driving on I -10 when a deer jump right in front of my car and I hit the deer and, in doing so lost control of my car and hit the side of the bridge. I hope my insurance covers it on my comp and collision .
What insurance is my wisdom teeth filed under if the teeth are impacted?0Makenzie2012-06-25 09:01:31
The receptionist told me that if they are affected will be archived on my health. My dental covers 80 % of wisdom teeth, my health cover None. What decides , my teeth or dentist ?
Baby teeth decay: how is it treated on the front teeth?0Rina2012-08-05 21:55:47
I noticed some spots of brown shallow right on the front surface of the teeth of my two year old son upper front . They are near the gums , but don; t touch the gums . At first I thought they were only patches of enamel, but after a closer look and do some research , I think those are small cavities. I'll call a dentist for an appointment tomorrow, but I'm very nervous and can not sleep . How can these cavities be treated if they are so shallow ? I think the only regular fillings may fall ! Does my child need crowns? Can the process be delayed (by time of something - like a seal ) to be a little longer (3 years or less) ? If you need crowns, will have to put under general anesthesia ? We have health insurance but no dental insurance. Does insurance usually cover the anesthesia? Through her help, I am very worried.
Bridge fell out need glue no insurance what to do?0Michaelia2012-07-09 02:50:02
bridge has 3 pins that were held in place by day another dentist does not hit , said he wanted to pull teeth to 0.00 7900 I said it was moving out of state and would do so he said there could not paste I need help, thanks
What is the average cost of a dental bridge?0HELP ME PLSSSSSSSS2012-08-01 17:45:03
I recently went to the dentist and his front office lady gave me an estimate for a dental bridge and the costs seem rather high. I am missing the second to the last tooth on the upper right hand side, not counting the wisdom tooth. I have a crown on the very last one. The estimate is $2000 for me and I have insurance. Grant it, my insurance is not great but this sounds like the full cost and then some. And it
If you think things will be better under Republicans, I got a bridge to sell you?0Alex-Z2012-11-03 09:00:51
Frankly, I think whoever is in office won't be able to do much in the next four years either way (especially since the two parties can't cooperate). You think things will be any better under a Republican administration? I seriously doubt it since they're a one-trick pony and the trick is tax cuts which has been in effect for the last 10 years. What I do know is that, health-wise, many of us will be better off: -For those who have a pre-existing condition and can now be covered. They will be better off. It may even save their life. -For a college age person that finds out they have a devastating illness but has no insurance (because they're in school or they can't find a full-time job with benefits), Obama has made their life better (thanks to their being allowed to stay on the parent's insurance). That may even end up saving their life. - For kid's that qualify for the Dream Act but are being pushed into the shadows. Their life is better. -National Security: We are safe now that Osama Bin Laden is dead.
What car does Saga Noren drive in The Bridge?1:そ -2012-10-07 12:45:03
What is the make and model of vintage car that drives Saga in Swedish television program / ​​Danish Bridge ? I think it could be a Porsche, but not sure
Can i drive across dartford bridge as a learner?0Sarah2012-06-23 06:02:01
¿ I can drive in Dartford Bridge as an apprentice ?

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