What would you have done if you had a 26 year old son who stole $400 from your credit card to buy video games? related questions

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What would you have done if you had a 26 year old son who stole $400 from your credit card to buy video games?0jessic2012-08-05 11:27:47
Online? He still lives at home with me , and too lazy to get a job. You can not afford to buy video games for my son. I feel like I already spent too much money on it. I have to pay for their food , clothes , car, health insurance, and a cell phone . I have 58 years and I have to save money for retirement .
video games social isolation0nollia6622020-11-21 09:09:47
video games social isolation worldwide on line gaming industry in 2010 became really worth round $fifty six billion! This is bigger than both the magazine or the tune industry and approximately two-thirds the film industry's size. In step with a 2011 record by way of amusement software program affiliation, the common age of a gamer in the u.S. Is 37 and 42 percentage of these gamers are female. Considered one of the biggest tendencies today, in live streaming isn't always track (as you may have formerly assumed), however aggressive gaming. E-sports activities these days, attracts thousands of viewers. A number of sites nowadays, catering in particular to gamers and their lovers stream e-recreation events. Several e-game websites have exploded all over the net as live webcasts take competitive video gaming to a totally new stage, reworking it into a game this is considered by way of tens of millions from one that turned into confined to just insiders. Video game Streaming: The massive players Among the large players in video game streaming today are Own3D.Television and TwitchTV. Own3D.Television commenced on line video game streaming in 2010, and at gift, the website receives over four million particular viewers a month for video game live streams. In March 2011, electronic sports League (ESL), the world's largest gaming league, broadcasted the Intel extreme Masters event, which is many of the .A level electronics projects    which, if observed, will help to restrict the negative aspects of a number of the video games. Finally, if video game players are able to play carefully, and stick only to the categories of video games appropriate for his or her respective a while, they are able to derive a number of blessings as referred to above. These are a number of the blessings of gambling video games. In case you want to have a greater exciting playing experience, there are special web sites that you could go to.  http://sbcmworld.co.uk/   
Are video games covered in insurance claims0Kimberley2012-03-04 18:28:08
Video games are covered in insurance claims
Why do I get headaches when I play certain types of video games?0plz help :)2012-07-22 22:02:07
Ever since I was a kid and I played Spyro I'd get really bad headaches, and then when I got older I couldn't play World of Warcraft, pretty much the only game I could play is Toontown (I still love it even though it is for kids), but I decided to get off of toontown and play this RPG called Wizard101 until I started played it for two minutes and couldn't bear the massive headaches. Spyro, WoW, and Wizard101 all seem to have the same kind of graphics. Do I just have some extreme sensitivity to the light? Maybe a form of epilepsy? Also I don't have health insurance and yahoo answers is always my last resort for curiosity reasons.
Damaged my glasses,purchased on credit card,under 12 months old, home insurance said claim from credit card.?0Da dog fart;m1ng-3; hard love her, 2012-09-04 12:25:02
Credit card company said insurance.Who claim I can go home . Thank you.
Purchased a laptop using Credit Card, now stolen and Credit Card company are unable to help?!?1Alan Zamora2012-10-12 01:55:04
I bought a laptop from Dixons in June
I can no longer pay my credit card debt. What legal actions can credit card companies take against me?0Eleanor2012-07-28 17:45:59
I am a 61 year old single woman, self employed ($0.00/month), with $80,000.00 credit card debt with an average 6.5% interest rate. I acquired about half of this debt from 1999 to 2005 when I was caring for my elderly parents who were ill from cancer and Alzheimer
Can a 17 year old get a loan/overdraft on debit/ credit card.?0shammy2012-07-10 07:39:03
Right I'm a 17 year old male, still in full time education and work 24 hours a week. I have around
Someone stole my wallet containing my ID, debit card, SS card, spare car key, etc..?0V.2012-09-20 03:54:02
First ... let me tell you how terrible my week has been ! Within a week I got into a car accident [ fault ] , I started to feel sick , I have learned that appendicitis , and now someone has stolen my wallet with everything important! From pictures of me and mom [ that were important to me ) : ] for important things like .. my ID , debit card , SS card , my card work, school ID , and spare car key . I have no credit card ... MedlinePlus What should I do ? ? ? ? MedlinePlus I fear that whoever stole it could try to credit cards in my name and as ... since they know my address from my ID , they'll use my spare key , stealthily at night and steal my car here ) : ... my insurance card was in my wallet too! seriously, everything was there ? ! What should I do ? MedlinePlus I leave Florida in four days and really needed all there ...
Your mother died in Colorado leaving credit card debt and she also had a life insurance policy with her children as beneficiaries do you have to use the insurance money to pay the credit card1Gail2012-04-27 03:54:44
His mother died in Colorado leaving credit card debt and also had a life insurance policy with your children as beneficiaries have to use the insurance money to pay credit card
Credit scores burearu pull questions and secured credit card points?0SA2012-08-21 14:35:03
The credit scoring system is all very confusing to me . I have read and studied the FICO scores from TransUnion and Equifax are supposed to be the most used by major lenders of car loans and home mortgages that are real results. This compares with other companies that offer free sheet music is not real Fako called FICO guard identity as that used last year . Experian and TransUnion scores Fako supposly are already using Vantage Score . But what is not explained is what insurance companies , companies that want to rent a cell phone companies and credit grantors use etc ... For example , I got a Verizon cell service in 2007 . Going out in late 2008 and spent apartments instead of using TransUnion credit . A credit card company denied me credit card through Experian . My bank used Innvois a credit bureau approve new room for me to get a checking account . So what scoring system used in these cases ? As no Experian FICO and all others are FAKOs . I want to build my credit using a secured credit card , but want to see accurate results to see where I am before I get the secured card . Then check my results next year . Also how much will my score go up when all my items negitive out my reports for the year 2013? That is the period of 7 years for credit debt / charge offs . Did anyone get a charge of credit card $ 300 30 % or less per month for at least a year and see your credit improve ? If so how many points ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus http://www.creditscoring.com/creditscore
How do I cancel the "credit insurance plan coverage" on my Bank of America credit card?0sammi2012-07-03 14:24:02
I'm tired of being put in a vicious circle automated voice . I tried to call but I will get you nowhere . I'm sick of paying for this coverage stupid that I will never use because I have home insurance that covers this at no cost . Please help !

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