How much money do insurance people refund on closing the policy. {india}? related questions

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How much money do insurance people refund on closing the policy. {india}?0sklfjs2012-08-04 23:45:03
i have two insurance policies i have been paying premium of 2400 for past 38 months for each of the policies i would like to close it so how much refund will i get on closing it , the company is max new york life insurance .
How do you calculate the refund due on a cancelled business owner policy My refund was only 58.4 percent of premium after cancelling with 75 percent of the year remaining0Mona2012-02-12 00:37:14
How do you calculate the reimbursement due to company policy landlord canceled my refund was only 58.4 percent of the premium after canceling the remaining 75 percent of the year
How much money do i need in bank account at closing for my first home?0fabiola moreno2012-07-24 20:07:03
Seller is paying closing cost, and I have no down payment. My mortgage (including taxes, insurance, etc) is 693.00 a month.
What will happen to my money if any private insurance company bankrupts in india.Will IRDA pay my money?3Sharpay2012-08-21 02:09:02
If any private insurance company bankruptcy So if IRDA money.This pay the company may be possible to show the rate of false solvency solvency ratio for long time.The company maintains either the control or IRDA in the control of the own company
AC unit was stolen the night of our closing date. home insurance starts on the day of closing. who's liable?1heb2012-09-28 04:57:03
we move into the next day. Final walk for 4 days prior to closing. we went to the house immediately after the close and it was still fresh , but not out to actually see the air conditioning unit . We appreciate any input . Thank you.
How upset will people be over no tax refund?1Irene E.2012-07-22 08:01:02
for not being able to afford health care. The insurance will be higher than the amount of a refund. I hope this all works out.
How do I get my former insurance company to refund my money?0Brakenette2012-10-23 22:45:04
I had been using Allstate for my auto insurance since last summer and had no problems with them, no tickets or accidents but on May 19, 2010, I got a letter in the mail saying my auto insurance increased to $417 a month because they said my son had his drivers license. I called them on the phone and told them my son had taken drivers ed in Jan 2009 but never took the test to get his drivers license. He has not driven a car since he took drivers ed over 18 months ago. I told this to Allstate but everytime I called them on the phone, I would get someone in India who couldnt help me. I decided to switch insurance and went with State Farm. I went to an agent and explained to them that my son had his permit but wasn't driving and wasnt ready to practice or drive yet. They were very understanding and told me not to worry about it. A few days later, my children's grandmother passed away and my son went to go stay with my ex husband for the summer to help him ( he has a chronic illness). State Farm told me that Allstate should refund my money that I had already paid. My insurance was due on May 16 and I paid it on May 15,2010 and I cancelled with them 5 days after I paid them. Allstate is refusing to give back the money I paid for my insurance and I cancelled with them 5 days after I paid them. State Farm has told me they are suppose to refund my money and this has been going on over a month. What do I do next? I am tired of calling and getting someone over seas who has no clue what I am talking about. Sorry about the vent but this is frustrating.
A fire insurance policy has an annual premium of $780.What is the regular refund if the policy is canceled by?0kadie2012-07-02 22:06:02
if the policy is canceled by the insurance company after five months?
Home insurance policy before the closing ?0HHHHHEEEEELLLLPPPP!!!2012-08-31 09:26:02
My limit is 2 weeks , and I heard from my lawyer that I have to get the home insurance policy at closing. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1) Where I can get it? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 2) I can get a policy before ahead before actual closing ( or owning property) ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 3) How much would one? Approximate ( townhome , 2000sft , 3 bed, 2.5bath , basement , irrigation system , the suburbs of Chicago )
At closing with FS BO does the seller have to pay for mortgage insurance at or before closing?0Charmaine2012-05-14 02:07:22
I was told that when individuals in the closing must take and pay mortgage insurance home for sale. Why is that?
A fire insureance policy has an annual premium of 780what is the regular refund if the policy is canceled by the insurance company after five months0turtle2012-03-18 11:42:19
A fire has insureance policy annual premium of 780what is the regular refund if the policy is canceled by the insurance company after five months
Optometrist won't refund my money even though they've messed up my prescription twice?0Gustav2012-07-22 16:26:02
The optometrist I went to my recipe into disrepair in the first place. I went back and had returned to check for free , I ordered new glasses . We went to pick them up and they are still wrong! I tried to tell the office staff , but I will listen . He became very rude, said give me a week and then return. Well, I could not see anything for what he called the same day asking what I have to do to fix it, or if I can get a refund. They said they may not return the money, but can be plastic lenses in the glasses that probably solve my problem , according to them. I have bad astigmatism and polycarbonate lenses (which are cut thinner) to fit in my paintings. If I get plastic , which can not be cut and will be huge thick ugly glasses ! ! They were very rude to me again, told me not to give my money back. Moreover, they "accidentally" disconnected me during a phone call :/ Is this normal for eye care places , they refuse to refund your money ? I am a graduate student with no insurance . I paid about $ 300 for all this, and I have to end up finding a new eye doctor to go right now to have a prescription .

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