What kind of insurance would you recommend for two homes and lots near the central coast of florida? related questions

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What kind of insurance would you recommend for two homes and lots near the central coast of florida?0ZneedHeLP2012-08-04 11:29:50
I just bought a property there and wondered if tropical storms or tsunamis were covered by the regular policy and if this was something else that needed to be aware of as the owner of a new home in the area. In addition to the alligators, I've heard they are very tasty . Thank you !
If builders have lots of spec homes that have been empty for over a year, why wouldn't they want to lease?0Xanthe2012-08-01 19:11:02
Would not it be a lease with option to rent ball or at least help recover some of the money spent building, pay taxes and insurance and help pay for the interest-only loan has a majority in the property?
How do I sell my lots in Florida fast?0Tarsha2012-09-01 16:15:04
We purchased a two-lot parcel about 2 & 1/2 years ago. We have a balloon payment of approximately $11,000 due in June. We purchased the lots for $29,000, so we have equity in them, but we don not have the cash to make the balloon payment. We'd rather sell for small profit or break even to pay off the loan and get so cash in our pocket from all the equity we've paid in. The lots are on a cul-de-sac street in Oakwood Hill 3 Subdivision, Walton County Florida. Parcel ID# 17-3N-20-28080-032-0310. All utilities available: Power, Water, Phone. Existing homes on the street. There is a new fire-hydrant about 3 lots down (great for lower homeowners insurance). The Real Estate Market is slow and If we could wait a year or two, we could make some profit, but we are desperate. Can somebody please help give us some advice, or make an offer on our nice Florida property.
What should be done about the insurance and property tax crises in Florida and other US Gulf Coast states?1Geraldine2012-06-11 04:05:29
All major insurers are withdrawing from State. Insurance is simply not available to many people, even if they are able to pay exorbitant prices . The state has become the largest insurer . People are forced to state high risk that, by law , must charge prices 20 % above the going price . When I moved to Florida a few years ago , my insurance bill was $ 700. This year , I consider myself fortunate that the bill for the same home is only $ 2500. The nearest other quote is $ 4500. This is a modest middle class home in a non- flood and hurricane non-evacuation zone . The structure of property tax shifts the tax burden to renters and those who have recently moved . Tax bills of two similar houses next to each other can vary by more than $ 1000. House prices have risen so much that the state is considering building subsidized homes for the teachers because they can not afford to live here. How can we solve this problem?
How can I give birth cheaply in Florida/ East-coast area?0Kathllen K.2012-08-05 15:56:02
I got married about a month ago to my husband, a US-citizen. Now we're waiting on the paperwork but we already know we want to have children soon. Now the papers and the wedding weren't so easy on our pockets so we would like to spare as much costs as possible. We live in South Florida and we would consider to fly to another state to give birth. Back in Europe where I come from I still have got my health insurance but I don't think it's transferable to use over here. Would you recommend health insurance? Which one? If i gave birth outside the US will my child still be an American citizen because of his father?
North Carolina Vs. Central Florida?0Goldie2012-08-02 02:41:53
Where would you move to? And, why? My wife and I are seriously considering moving our family to one of these states to get out of the fast-paced, high priced living of Southern California. I'm leaning toward Florida because of the beaches and theme parks for the kids. Plus, we have some distant relatives out there as well. I think we can brave the heat and the hurricanes but, is it true that it's hard to get insurance and that property tax is really expensive and that the job market is bad? My wife likes Florida too, but says it's too risky and that North Carolina is the safer bet with it's stable economy and lower rate of unemployment. But, we've never been there, we've only read a few mixed reviews on the web about NC, particularly the Charlotte area. We know that housing is affordable in both states and that's what we're really looking for, but it's hard to decide with all those other factors. Any advice?? Thanks in advance.
What is the going price for insurance on mobil homes in florida?0a hall2012-10-01 13:18:02
want to buy a mobile home . But maybe it's wise to so.here in South Florida ?
Any suggestions on which insurance company is best to insure old homes in florida?0latonia2012-10-24 07:51:09
Any suggestions on which insurance company is to ensure the best old houses in Florida ?
Florida Requirements for Homeowners Insurance for homes NOT mortgaged.?0Jilleon2012-08-05 12:20:49
It's not me---I'm not that lucky. I'm asking on behalf of a relative. They don't want to NOT insure the home, but the home value has plummeted, as have most, and have already contacted the insurance agent about adjusting the replacement value to better reflect today's assessment, but the agent said that would not be possible because material costs are greatly on the rise due to the massive tornadoes. I am wondering if the fact that there is no mortage company requirement to be met if she has more say in how much coverage she wants. Anyone?
What kind of insurance do you need if you host private wine dinners in people's homes1Donalda2012-01-02 04:34:56
What kind of insurance you need if you receive a private dinner at home wine
Why do people move to Florida and buy nice homes when they know its going to be ruined by Hurricanes each year?0Nadia232012-09-27 00:45:04
They buy the most expensive homes too in Florida only to have it ruined by a hurricane . How safe is the master of the house to wait ? LOL
What kind of car would you recommend for a 17 year old first driver?0Burdette2012-06-12 12:13:01
I wonder what kind of car you would be better for me since I am a teenager and im begginner be my last next year, and I want to drive to school for what type of car and model year should I Wanted for a car that can be good in the insurance know my age still going to be high, but I need something that will not break my wallet is a single parent father , but he is a senior insurance is pretty cheap lol but I do not want to make your climb a lot, but what I had in mind is like a 1999 - 2002 VW beetle or a 2002 Camry to other cars that you could recommend for me would help thanks

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