Do I qualify for free care in Boston, MA if my bs Aetna health insurance doesn't cover everything? related questions

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Do I qualify for free care in Boston, MA if my bs Aetna health insurance doesn't cover everything?0red2012-08-04 07:08:02
Apparently my health care provider doesn't cover all costs. My bill could be really high with ct scan, x-rays, ultra-sounds, blood tests, etc. Will I qualify for free care or commonwealth care if my health insurance doesn't pay for most of it? Thank you!
Boston Mass. Y! Community: Should Health Care be mandated-required?2Taavon 52012-10-04 18:15:02
To: Members of the Yahoo! - which is 01 June - several weeks, Roberts ( Chief Justice ) of the Supreme Court shall render judgment in Washington DC - How do you feel that the political forces of their state ( Romney and legislators or courts ) were right in the care of mandate? in the PBS series "Need to Know" is an episode tonight explores the Mandate - How do you vote Poll: The health care question May 31, 2012 Should health insurance be mandatory? Yes no ______________________________________
Health care insurance options...i hate Aetna.?1fox2012-09-23 09:00:03
I want to buy health insurance . I am married , no children. No smoking . I think I'm mostly hose through my company I'm currently paying $ 240 a month out of my salary ... I never use ... I know it's good to have, but no other company than my current health of Aetna. (Who contempt and stop being ) Who is going to charge less for the same coverage ? The prices are ridiculous its cost me $ 2000 + a year for nothing ! Is there any alternative business that is not watered ?
How can I figure out what my Aetna health care plan covers?2Fern2012-07-08 04:14:02
Insurance is my dad, but I am covered by it. I'm trying to figure out whether to cover dental expenses ( I invisalign ). Anyone know if there is a way to find online ?
Where in the constitution does it say that people have a right to free health insurance or free health care..?0Allysa2012-10-20 02:45:34
Where in the Constitution does it say that people are entitled to a free health insurance or free medical care ?
Is it true that if people are rich enough to not qualify for free health insurance, but too poor to actually..?1Meg2012-10-18 03:15:03 for health insurance, under Obamacare they will get fined and not get to have health insurance? For example, let's say I make $18,000 a year. That is NOT rich, but I would be too poor to reasonably pay for health insurance AND support a family. So, not only do I not have not have health insurance, BUT I get fined TOO.
ANYONE NOT KNOW THE WORKS new health plan ? Does everyone get Medicaid ? HEALTH CARE IS FREE ?
What is going to happen when the Obama Care supporters realize that they don't get free health care?0Luc2012-07-25 01:54:04
In fact, they are now forced to buy insurance , if they don't have it, or pay a tax. Anyway you look at it the poor now have to pay more.
Why doesnt Obama stop pretending to be listening to other ideas on health care?1T.T2012-10-13 00:10:03
Do you think health care should be free?4Augustin2012-09-18 16:03:03
Do you think health should be free?
Why be against free health care?3loser2012-11-03 21:55:02
I do not understand why anyone would be against it. All other developed countries in the world does and works well . Taxes may be higher , but a car accident that cost $ 200,000 in medicals bills at once seems much worse to pay a couple of dollars a year . Is likely to spend more on the current treatment of what tax increases have to be . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Moreover , the set of Fox News " Canada has to wait in line " thing is BS . Anyone who has been in a Canadian hospital treated serious injury know right away (as opposed to sitting in an American emergency room for three hours before seeing a doctor ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Finally , the right seems to be forgetting that forces companies to buy health insurance for their employees is a major reason for outsourcing. If the government did that would be a great relief for businesses. The country 's largest health care provider is technically General Motors , because of this , so our rescue and pay for health care anyway. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So if you are against free health care , what is the reason? How refute each of these arguments ? I have curiosity . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also, try to do it without being angry , quoting Glenn Beck , or calling Obama a communist . It just makes you look bad . I'm looking for intelligent answers .
Did you think you would be getting free health care?0Reagan2012-10-23 23:15:52
For those who say yes , you have a little surprise coming . Buy the fucking government health , or pay a fine ..... sorry, I meant tax . Do not say barry anyone making less than 250k would see a tax increase ? He lies again to get used to it . Make 30k per year , your penalty for not buying insurance , .... only a paltry $ 2,500 per year . Heck , you can afford that. Please donate to your choice !

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