Help with economics!!?

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1 .
If leisure is a normal good , an increase in wages results in an income effect that causes the amount of labor supplied :
A) increase.
B) decrease.
C ) remain unchanged.
D ) changing in a way which can not be predicted without additional information.
2 .
If leisure is a normal good, the labor supply curve is upward sloping :
A) in all possible wage rates for all individuals .
B ) only when the substitution effect exceeds the income effect.
C ) Only when the income effect exceeds the substitution effect.
D ) under any circumstances.
3 .
The non-wage labor costs include :
A) hiring costs .
B ) the costs of training.
C ) the costs associated with employer-provided health insurance provided to all workers.
D) All of the above are correct.
E) None of the above is correct.
4 .
In the two-period model discussed in the text , a company has some of the training costs if payment of wages , Wo is
A) equal to MPO - Z.
B ) greater than MPO - Z.
C ) less than MPO - Z.
D) None of the above is correct.
5 .
As a result of the existence of specific training signature , it is expected that:
A) decrease productivity during a recession.
B ) The productivity increase during an economic expansion.
C ) the use will be more stable over the business cycle in those occupations where there is major investment in the company specific training.
D) All of the above are correct.
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No fucking clue . But no one answered , so I 'm free to be useless . B is the most common response MC , so I'm told. Or possibly C. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Seriously , sorry for this answer . Hope you have a good early, good luck.
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